As requested......

I nearly collapsed with shock when i just downloaded this pic!!!



  • i got my oh to guess how far gone you were n he said 7 months! thats 1 big baby in there!
  • OH my goodness!!!!

    Your bumps grown since i saw you at the babyshow!!!!!
    you're looking really well caroline and that top's lovely!!!! x x x
  • OMG Caroline that is one hell of a bump there! Are they sure your not hiding another two or three in there

    BTW that top looks lovely
  • I look huge!!! I think Gareth is in for a surprise!!

    Tasha, this is my "maternity uniform" from last summer. I wore this outfit in varying shades with linen trousers!!

    OMG Claire!!! 7 months???? More like 3!!!
  • Hi Caroline.

    That is one impressive bump for 12 weeks I can't believe it. Like Tasha says, you are looking well.

    Take care, xx
  • Gosh caroline i bet you can't believe your back in those clothes so soon??!! xxx
  • Thanks Zoe! I feel fantastic! I little tired but then that would be due to getting up at 5am with a bouncy Bronwyn!!

    No Tasha. I have a double wardrobe full of my normal clothes that I was hoping to get some more wear out of! Especially as some still have tags in as I bought them just before I found out i was pregnant! I had packed my maternity clothes away in a box at the bottom of the wardrobe!!!!
  • wow what a great bump!!! And looking rather blooming too
  • wooooooooooowwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    thats all i can say


  • WOW Caroline! Can't imagine how big you'll be towards the end of the pregnancy!
  • omg cant belive how big you are how are you
  • O.................M........................G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have grown a little since the baby show! I take it everyone knows now?!!!!
  • Thanks, I have spoken to Gareth and boy is he in for a surprise! He thinks that I will still be at the "just looking podgy" stage!!!!

    I have just realised that I am easing myself off the sofa like a heavily pregnant woman!!!! Oh dear! I can see me needing scaffolding by the time i get to 20 weeks, never mind 40!!
  • No Emj, there are still people who don't know. I have only told my parents, gareth's mum and mum told my auntie! I haven;t seen them much!

    Going to a Christening in June on Gareth's side of the family and as gareth's mum is keeping it a secret, I think there will be some surprised faces!!!

    I did get your text, thanks!!
  • They will be shocked!!! i take it the kids at school have guessed?!! x
  • omg - wow - wow for 12 weeks lol

    this is me at 34 weeks - i will get hubby to take a new one but i wouldnt say ive grown much more

  • Omg, that bump is amazing!!!!!
    Just showed John, he can't believe you're only 3 months!
  • Caroline, that is a fab bump, you look really fab! I lived in vest tops and shrugs like that either with my jeans or linen trousers last year. I think its lovely to get back in your maternity clothes!!!
  • Oh my Caroline, that is one impressive bump.

    I must say you are looking really well and i do like the top you have on xx
  • Amber, you have such a lovely, neat little bump. As it's geting close to your due date I want to wish you well. Hope your labour isn't too long.

    xx Zoe xx
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