my 40 week bump and symptons???

not entirely sure on early prelabour symptons as i was induced last time but i was getting excited up till last night cos i had basically spent most alot of the time on the loo for the past three days (sorry if tmi lol) but then yesterday i start with hot head kinda fluey iykwim and still like that this morning. bit quesey and bit fluy and been toilet twice again. i have since found that flu like symptons can be part of early labour so im excited again lol - anyone else had this???

below is a pic i took yesterday - in the mirror pmsl

anyone else had problems getting on here last couple days???




  • oooh Amber how exciting!!! The day after boxing day 2005 I felt like I was getting flu (Tate was due on New Years Eve), Terry was working and Tom was off at my Dads I became really achy absolutely exhausted and took myself off to bed. The early hours of the next day i went into labour 3 days early was so pleased!! Tate was born at lunchtime on the 28th December! Hope this could be the start for you. Let us know!
  • Oh, could be any time soon!

    Lovely bump, i looked like that at 6months!
  • Oh thats a lovely bump

    Its so exciting - dont forget to keep us updated xx
  • What a lovely neat bump, I am so jealous!

    I can't help with your symptoms as I had a C section with Bronwyn as nothing was happening 24 hours after my waters broke. Sounds promising though!!

    Good Luck!!
  • ohhhhh i hope it is. ive been sleeping all afternoon as just felt wiped out - luckily daddy finished work early and has been amusing the little man.

    would be so brilliant if it is - ive got everything crossed lol
  • they are similar to symptoms i had with josh and isaac and went into labour within 24-48 hours with both. good luck
  • how exciting Amber!! Can't wait for the im in labour post!!!
  • Hope things are starting for you Amber , good luck. Keep us posted.
  • It's nice to see a pic of you with your bump Amber.

    I have said before but good luck with the labour. Can't wait to here all about it.

  • wow don't you look good pregnant. not sure on syptoms, i got the runs before my labour, but thats all i can really remember.
  • Ahh lovely bump Amber sounds like things may well e starting for you!

    Take care xxx
  • Good luck Amber sounds like baby may well be here in the next few days. Thats a lovely bump too. I had to keep dashing back and for to the toilet when i was in labour so sounds like you may well be in labour soon. xx
  • What a great bump!!
    It really does sound like baby will be here soon!!

    Good luck xxx
  • Lovely bump! All the best and can't wait for an update.

  • God wheres your bump,i was about that at 6mths.
    I was totally different as i was on a total high during the week i went into labour with riley,sorry not much help but lets hope its the start of something.
  • hi amber , best of luck with your labour!!
    ive heard of both symptoms in early labour, my mil was telling me about them. she had similar with my hubby and his sis.

    i didnt have either with mine, bu heres hoping its neamrly time for you.
    take care.
    kas xx
  • Good luck, can't wait to hear all about it!!
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