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5+2 and spotting

Hi grls, well, since getting our BFP over a week ago I have had pretty much constant pain/cramping. In fact, it started about four days before BFP. Has felt like I'd eaten too much!!

Anyway, just had a snooze this afternoon, as I'm exhausted, and when I woke I noticed some red spotting. It's vry light but I really am not sure what to do.

I have a scan booked for next Saturday for when I'll be six weeks. I know they can't see the heartbeat until six weeks anyway, so is there really any need for me to go and see anyone before then???

This would just be the cruelest blow. Over three years of ttc and this is our first BFP following IVF.....


  • Hi Honey

    I know i'm g/c but i'd still go and get checked especially of ur having pain cramping. I'm sure its nothing and just part of the PG process but better to get checked.

    I had a bit of bleeding in all my PG and everything was fine so there's no need to panic.

    Lets us know how u get on, u still have my email if u need me.

  • Thanks Lilac*. Will wait until tomorrow I think and see if it stops and if it hasn't I'll pop into the hospital.

  • MrsHopeful, I had a lot of bleeding at the beg of my pregnancy. They discovered I was haemorraghing close to my placenta but the bubs was fine. If it gets heavier or the cramps get worse then I would suggest a trip to hospital or ring the mid wife just for peace of mind, but bleeding is a lot more common than people think so don't panic too much. I really hope the spotting has stopped for you and you feel more at ease. xxx
  • Hi ladies and thanks for your response Rachie.

    The spotting is so very light, not even noticable until I wipe (sorry TMI!). So, I have decided not to go and see anyone at this stage. I will buy another ClearBlue Digital. It should say 3+ weeks now.......

    I have my scan on Saturday so would like to be mentally prepared for bad news if there's going to be any so another test might help me with that. On the other hand, it'll help me relax if it's all OK on the test!!

    Cramps are still here but they are slight, like they have been for two weeks. I just don't know........I'll keep you all posted though.

    I REALLY do hope I can stay with you all.

  • hi mrs hopeful, how are you now? i had some bleeding too when i was 15 weeks it is so worrying, mine was low lying placenta, which has moved up now but still anterior. hope everything is ok with you and bubs. let us know how you get on
  • So I did another CB test this morning and it said 3+ weeks!! I am soooo pleased. At least it would seem bean is here at the moment and hormones are measuring correctly.

    Role on Saturday for the scan. I reckon I'm going to be a nervous wreck through the first trimester!!! And maybe the second and third too!!

  • Hi MrsHopeful, sorry for G/C'ing, but just wanted to let you know your not alone. I have just found out I'm pregnant after our first round of IVF, but started bleeding the next day. It isn't heavy and its brown - lots of people have said this can be normal and lots of women get it, with healthy babies at the end of it. Going to the clinic tomorrow and hopefully they will give me good news. I've got everything crossed it will be fine for both of us xxx
  • Lorimumto2, sending you lots of good luck vibes for tomorrow. How far are you now? We can go through this together!!! xx
  • Thank you! My EC (and the day that ICSI was done) was Tuesday 27th, so i believe i will be 3+6 today (?). Its awful to have to go through IVF, then to have all your dreams come true, then have to go on for days, maybe weeks (until the early scan) thinking it might all be ripped away. I am sure we will both be fine, but at least we know we have eachother going through the same worries. Hopefully saturday will come round fast for you and it will all be nothing to worry about. xxx
  • Hello hun,

    Glad the ladies have been able to give you some reassurance. Spotting in pg is very common at this early stage could even be implantation.

    Im sure everything will be fine for both you ladies, we suffered 4 mc before this baby, from my own experiences none of them were as you'll describe.

    Hope Saturday comes round super fast for you.

    Lots of love xxx
  • Hi Mrshopefull, how are you feeling today? I hope you've had no more spotting. i had my blood test today, when we got there and described what was happening, the nurse said it didn't sound good. I spent most of the day, waiting for the results, crying my eyes out. I rang up at the time they asked - 4pm, and got some excellent news! They look for a level at 50 or higher at the stage, and mine is 93!!! She said that the bleeding was a worry, but hopefully that will stop (haven't had any since this morning so fingers crossed), and that 93 is a high positive and I should be very happy with it. I am having another blood test on Thurs to make sure that the levels are increasing, but she said that after todays result it wasnt essential - I still want it though to put my mind at ease - PMA! I cant believe the last few days, it is horrible, as you know unfortunately, but we have a glimmer of hope now. Even though we only started chatting yesterday, we are in the same boat, and I am sure we will both come out the other side together.

    Lorraine xxxxx
  • Hi Lorraine!! That is fabulous news!!! I bet the day took forever for you. Poor thing. I'm not surprised you were crying. Sometimes people aren't very sensitive of the situation, especially when you've been through what we have to get to where we are.

    I haven't had any more spotting and it really was so very light I am keeping positive. That and with the extra test I did yesterday.

    Fingers crossed for you tomorrow and I will definitely keep you posted about how we get on on Saturday.

    Really glad you had good news today.

  • Fantastic news from you too!!! Really pleased you having had any more spotting, and all the signs look good. No, the nurses had no bedside manner and not sympathetic towards us at all, we couldnt believe their clinical nature. Luckily we (hopefully) dont need another round, but if we had of done, we would find a different clinic! Its brilliant at what they do but seriously lacking in people skills.

    I'll be looking forward to your update on Saturday, what time is your scan? I'll be thinking of you xxx
  • Hi Lorraine, scan is at 9.50am so at least I don't have all day to wait!!! Am properly terrified. This is our first too so even more so, I think!! Will keep you posted. xx
  • Good luck for today, xx
  • aw mrs hopeful not sure if youd remmember me but just wanted to say a wonderful congratulations on your news and if it makes you feel better i had a lot of cramping with ds2 which panicked me so much as i had none with ds1 but it was just him getting comfy and stretching out his wee home , your babies just getting comfy lol good luck for your scan xx
  • Just a quick post to say i haven't forgotten about tomorrow, and I'll be thinking of you with everything crossed at 9.50! Dont forget to update us xxxxx
  • Second what Lorimumto2 says.

    good luck tomo will be thinking of you xxx
  • Hi hun been thinking about u today hope everything went okay.
  • Hope everything went ok today, had everything crossed xxx
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