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May i join? Lexie started pre school on monday

Hi my dd1 Lexie was 3 in oct and started pre school on monday and loved it image she only turned round to tell her little sister she couldnt stay lol she is going 5 afternoons a are all your little ones enjoying pre school?


  • Hi, my lo started last week and loves it. Glad your lo likes it too - isn't it funny how busy they think they are now lol!

  • yep Lexie thinks its great she paints every day plays with sand sits down in groups im not sure what for lol but she really enjoys it wish they started them earlier maybe 2 and a half,as my mum has looked after the girls for the last year as finances werent great so had to take Lexie out of nursery things are a bit better now so looking into putting Leah into nursery two afternoons a week shes 2 in march i think she needs it shes got such a quick temper lol.i feel like im back at school though when a teacher asks to talk to me lol but she did say that Lexie is so happy and is a joy to have so thats good image
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