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First day at school

Well Tom started school today.......image I wasn't very happy,but he was!!! He has had a great morning,it is only nursery which is 5 mornings 8.50am-11.20am but still he looked ever so grown up this morning!!!! Couple of pics to show you of my baby image big boy now!

Look at the nervous smile!!!! Think that was us getting over excitedimage


  • He does look well in his uniform.  You'll get used to him being away, and it will do him good too.
  • Ahh lovely pics!     He does look grown up.   I think they seem to change all of a sudden.

    Hope he had a brilliant morning and you survived! 

  • What a very handsome chap!  i hope he had a good first day. 
  • Thanks ladies,yes he has had a lovely couple of days,really enjoys it,few tears from others when it's hometime,which I always think will set him off but no he's been fine!image

    He told us a teacher thought he was kind today,bless him,he'd helped tidy up in the snack area!!!! Doesn't do that at home mind you!!!!!!!!!

  • oh bless him he looks so grown up. Hope your keeping well. x
  • I'm fine thanks hun,very well,looking forward to December when I join the club of being mum to three boys!!!!image how are you guys?
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