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Is DS hyperactive?

I've been worrying lately that DS shows signs of hyperactivity but DH says he's just a normal, curious kid.

He is four, very bright and mostly happy but he is on the go from the moment he gets up to the moment he goes to sleep at night. He talks non-stop to anyone and everyone, asks questions about everything, cannot sit still to spend a decent amount of time on a task before walking off/getting up from the table to go and do something out. Strangers always comment on how much energy he has and how he must tire us out (he does!).

He has no patience and when he does lose his temper, he really loses it. At his worse, following a tantrum on the train, we left the station and he let go of my hand and made a run for the road!

When we are out with other children, he always seems to be the "naughty one", running around the place ignoring me and DH and I feel that other parents are judging us. We've tried reward charts and time out amongst other things to help his behaviour as well as taking away toys, TV etc but nothing seems to work.

We're due to have baby 2 in the summer and I wonder whether I should talk to my GP about it.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


  • has been a while since you posted , but does he attend nursery? you could discuss his behavior with them and work together to help him to show more acceptable behavior and learn to acknowledge his feelings and how to control them. we have just introduced an american system in our nrseryPATHS (google it!) but in simple terms itis helping a child to see how their behavior affectd them and others and that being angry etc is fine but its how we deal with these feelings that is important.

  • Even if he is hyperactive,  he is only 4. He will learn to regulate himself even if it takes longer. Sometimes one just has to except the way ones kids are without wanting a label
  • Hi, my friend had the same problem with his three year old son. Later, she learned that the whole thing is in the food that the child eats, namely, in the amount of sugar contained in the food.
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