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worrying children

Hi there after some advice my LG ia 3 years old and gets obsessively worried over little things for example the past few weeks its been asking if her teeth have fallen out some days she says it over and over I feel so sorry for her no matter how much reassurance she gets she stick asks over and over again!!  Or if she's eating something in a wrapper she asks of she has swallowed the wrapper.  She cries going to nursery which she has been going to for a year and a half incase she has an accident or incase she falls over and grazes her knees (shes never done either)  apart from the little worries she will climb up anything in the park jump into pools whizz round on a bike and comes from a big loving family spends alot of time with me as im only part time thanks for your help xx


  • Hopefully it's just a phase my eldest was similar, such a nervous little girl and so shy she would cry at the drop of a hat and scared about everything. She started to come out of her shell when she started school n now at almost 6 she's a complete mad head lol happy active popular confident little girl. Just keep reassuring her Hun x gl x

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  • Try to give her your love and make her comfortable first to believe in real things.

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