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Did your child's nursery have a TV in it?

Hi mums, so i'm about to start looking at nurseries for my toddler - she's 2 and a bit.
I know from the last time i checked out nurseries that some of them have TV's and iPads - at first, I felt a bit peeved, like 'why should the kids be watching TV or playing with the iPad at nursery - this isn't what I'm paying for! They can do that at home!' but then the only time I found my eldest ever watching the TV was at the end of the day before pick up time. So, i guess what i'm really wondering is, how would you feel about your kids watching tele or playing the pad at nursery - is it a bad thing?


  • Hi, as a parent and also someone who worked in nurseries, I personally don't see the tv as a bad thing, depending on when it's used, and weather it's a full time or part time nursery? 

    in my sons part time nursery the tv has only ever been used once to my knowledge last year before Xmas, when not many children were in so it was like a treat...

    in the full time nursery i worked in, the tv was used for the very late children at the end of the day... a cool down period for the kids to relax before they go home to bed! A very long day for them at that point.. we had permission from parents anyway!

    as for the iPad, I would definitely say no... Yes you can get educational games, but it's still not that educational for nurseries! We used good old fashioned computers with the mouse! It teaches the kids good I.T skills for later in life and it's completely different to an iPad! My son uses the computer at nurseries sometimes, they get set turns, and I'm perfectly happy with that! They also have a big projector screen thing where you can interact with, its educational,physical, fun and way better than an iPad haha xx

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  • I honestly would walk straight out again if I saw iPads or TV in the nursery.  I will not let my child have any screen time at home while they're under 3 and I dont want them to have it at nursery. 
    They're supposed to play with other kids and be creative etc and not hang out on screens. 
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