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Right way to deal with sensitive child

My son turned 3 in march. In general he is a very confident,happy, well behaved 3 year old. He is however quite sensitive in the sense that if anyone even slightly tells him off (and I dont mean raise their voice and shout, just say something like no we dont stand on there, get down) he will say "I'm not naughty! And he will sob and sob and there is no consoling him. He is obsessed with not being 'naughty' yet I have never ever told him he is, I'm always telling him he is a good boy when he is doing something good and I never say he is naughty or raise my voice if I'm telling him to stop doing something. Also if any of the other children at childminders say anything such as 'your being mean' even just in a playful way he will sob and sob.  
In a way I'm glad he is bothered when I discipline him as it's better than him not caring at all and I'm glad he is sensitive and kind but 
A) I'm not sure how I should react when he cries when I tell him off, should i console him or just walk away and ignore? 
B) I dont want other children when he starts school to pick up on the fact that they only have to say something slightly mean to him and he will cry as I dont want him to be a target to bully...should I be doing anything to toughen him up?? 
Anyone else have or had a similar child?
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