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hi all
just wanted to ask you all how old your kids were when the started to write their name..
as maisy (3 n half) started nursery i have been trying to help her but she doesnt seem interested..
she know what letters her name has in it and recognises her name but thats it.


  • Hi Rachel,

    Jack was four in April and he started writing his name about July/August time. There's no rush if she enjoys drawing just let her do that for now. One of the comments i've had from school is how nice jack holds a pencil/pen and i'm sure it's because he's been allowed to 'explore' with them on his own.

    Zoe x
  • hi zoe
    her school have said the same thing.. how well she hold her pen i agree its because she has been drawing for ages.

    i just wanted another opinion as kids in her nursery have started to write there names and maisy started school later than they did, i just dont want her to miss out..
  • I felt a bit like that when i saw some of the children writing their names until i found out they were about 9 months older, it's a big gap at this young age.
  • Hi Rachel,
    Like Zoe says, a few months can make a massive difference at this age. I really wouldnt worry. Maisy does excellently in other areas doesnt she? A lot of children only learn to write their names when they go to school or just before. She will soon learn, just take it slowly with her. If she feels you are trying to force it with her, she may not bother at all.
    Take care
    Kas xx
  • Hi Rachel
    I work in a primary school and the infant teachers actually prefer it if the children can't write their names when they start school, they feel the children haven't got into bad habits and can be taught the correct formation of the letters.
    I would let her have fun with her pencils, etc and if you want to encourage her, you could write her name on a piece of card and get some tracing paper so that she can start practising going over it.
  • Hi Rachel. My boy is the same. He recognises his name and knows most of the alphabet. He's just not intersted in writing his name. It doesn't help that i'm left handed and he's right handed as i cant show him how to hold a crayon properly x
  • Hi Andrea,

    I wouldn't worry about that as they hold a crayon how they feel comfortable with it. Jack looked like he was going to be left handed and i'm right handed so i just left it up to him to find a way to hold a pencil and he holds it lovely. Since he's started school and writing more he's going for his right hand although the teacher has noticed every now and then he does opt for his left. Also, my husband is left handed and holds a pen very strange but he's got lovely handwriting, so again don't worry.
  • thanks Zoe
    that makes me feel quite normal. Guess we all want our children to progress and learn quickly and not be behind others. He's only 3.5 so plenty of time to catch up x
  • hi all
    thanks for replys there great..
    started to do her name in dots so that she can join them up she thinks its great .keeps asking to do it because i think she thinks it abit of a game
    the kids in nursery with maisy at the moment are older that her as i found out before they broke up for half term...
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