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kinda O/T - 1st pets

We've bought Spence a fish tank and 2 goldfish for his 3rd birthday. He loves them but if he had his way he would feed them hourly cos he loves watching them snatch the food as it floats down.
He also chose their names...Humf (a Black Moor) and Penny (a Calico Oranda). I think it's so cute!

In a couple of years we'll get him a rabbit or guinea pig but at the moment our garden is unsuitable for a hutch.

Has your LO (can we still call them LO in pre-schooler?) got their pet and what is it called?
What was your first pet?
I had 2 guinea pigs - Coco & Caramel.

Liz x


  • hi there

    we have two cats (had them before ds was born). They had always been quite wary of lo when he was little but they are getting better and I now keep finding them on his bed!!

    Cats are benson (14year old tabby) and Harry (4 year old rag doll with one eye!!)

    We also bought Shea his first fish a few months back, a black goggly eyed which he called Mike (after his oldest cousin in Canada) and a gold one (which he called Tom after Mike's younger brother)!!

    Hubby would also like to get ds a rabbit but it will be who'll have to clean it out so I'm arguing that one at the moment!!

    When I lo I had a bassett hound called Lucky and a burmese cat called Misty. we also had 200 racing pigeons (my dad still does), 10 chickens, a goat and a pond full of frogs and fish
    I love animals and hope Shea will too!!

    totally off topic but did you know thats how you work out your porn star name?.....take the name of your first pet and put it with your mothers maiden name!! my porn star name would be Misty Rutter!!! it always makes me laugh!!!!

    Claire x
  • LOL @ the pron star names. Mine is Coco Wallett and Spencer's will be Humf Drew.
    My SIL's is Trevor Clark!
  • we have 2 cats and a dog

    murphy and tawney are the cats and beanie is the dog,she gets on so so well with Lennon,like peas in a pod where as the cats dont like to be annoyd which Lennon doesnt do to them but hes to hyper for them,they just sleep most of the time anyway :lol:

    My first own pet was a gerbil called bubbles but we had a red setter called shane also

    im after another dog next year,a bulldog so dont think i couldnt convnce hubby to get anything more lol ,we dont have grass in the back garden or id love a guinea pig but id also love to get rats again,they in my opinion are the best rodent you could buy for a child,hamsters are offy bitey and gerbils are hard to handle too but i had 5 rats when i was younger and they are fab,and so clean

    if i had my way tho i would have loads of animals,im animal mad and i really want a goat :lol:
  • oh we also had a giant fish tank,with about 20 fish but the cleaning is a bit much and we moved and didnt have anywhere really to put it so we gave it to a family with a little boy who has learning difficulties,he loves it so we know it went to a good home image
  • We have a 6 year old Basset Hound called Howard. Poppy loves to 'walk' him (it's def him walking her but hey ho!) and feed him too. She kisses him good morning and good night and when he was in hospital almost a year ago, she cried for him most nights.
    They have a wonderful friendship and I love to watch them together!
    I grew up with a Golden Retriever called Kestrel and a Great Dane called Paddy, as well as numerous ponies and horses over the years!
    My porn name would be 'Gumdrops Pert'!!!
  • lol mines would be bubbles gurr :lol:
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