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When did your lo stop napping altogether?

My lo will be 3 next month and has been having a 1.5-2 hour nap in bed at around 11 everyday. Recently, he's been really hard to get to bed, kicking up a fuss and sometimes sleeping, sometimes not. He does seem tired without it, but I'm wondering if it's time to stop trying. I hate to see him struggling from being tired during the day, but would he quickly get used to it? I'm kind of thinking he still needs a nap and is just being a typical defiant toddler, but I'm finding it so stressful trying to get him to bed (and praying that he'll go!) that I wonder if it's worth it.

Just to add, he wouldn't sleep in the car, or on the sofa etc.

When did your lo's stop napping? And did they quickly get used to it? Did!


  • Hi, My YS is now 2 and is doing the same (never been much of the sleeper) And my ED did the same when she was about 2 and a half!!! Ive taken it as time to stop. He still occasionally falls asleep in the car ect, and Ive brought his bedtime forward an hour for a while...hes still sleeping to the same time he used don't take my word on that one haha x
  • Lo is 30 months, and has within the last 2 weeks started to drop his nap. At the moment he will nap one day, not nap the next day, nap one day, not nap the enxt day etc. I remember this being the way it was when he went down to one nap a day from two naps too. he didn't do it overnight - it was quite gradual.

    On the days when he has had a nap, he is much more difficult to get to bed, and it takes at least half an hour of playing up before he will settle and he doesn''t fall asleep until about 7:45 or 8 o clock. On the days where he hasn't had a nap, he goes down at 7 o clock no bother and sleeps really well. When he does nap, it is for about an hour after lunch.

    I do notice that he does get tired at about 3:30/4 o clock, but I give him a little snack then, and that perks him up. And then he's ok. I have also started giving him his hot meal at lunchtime, when he's more perky to eat it, and giving him a cold meal (sandwich, pittas and dips etc, cheese and crackers) for his dinner, and that has worked well.

    Tbh, I find it easier on the days when he doesn't nap, as I know that bedtime will be easy and that he will be asleep for 7. So I am finding it better than I thought I would!x
  • my dd1 is 42 mons n still has naps after school. she started school at 2 n was allowd 2 nap before lunch but 1ce she turned 3 phased it out.

    but if she has a long day at school she'l nap for about an hr after school n there days she has no nap n definately sleeps longer n still goes to bed at 8pm n sometimes doesnt settle till bout 9pm cos i hear singin or talkin to herself in bed till she falls asleep

    so think they r all different n find wot works 4 each whil my dd2 is 22months n still has 2hrs power naps in the day although she's startin her sisters school in jan would be allowed to nap jus before lunch as they start the day at 8.20am for bout 45mins pik up at 12.30 n will still hav the 2hrs nap in the pushchair to pik her sis up at 3.30pm
    n doesn even get disturbed by her twin baby bro's crying

    not sur if my girls hav jus got the sleepin bug. lol!
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