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He's so big!


Just a little story to keep this forum ticking over...image

We went shopping for some winter stuff for the boys last weekend. Now, Spencer, 3yrs 1mth, has always had a big head (98th centile for head circ) but even I was surprised when we started trying winter hats on him. In Mothercare the 3-5yrs hats just sat on the top of his head so we ended up having to get 6-8yrs!image He's just 3yrs old! Good lord, he'll be in adult sizes by the time he's at school.

Liz x


  • bless him, phoebe my eldest has a big head, she has been in 6-8 year hats since sh was 3 or 4. shes 5.5 not and luckily she has grown into her head now.x
  • I've always had this issue with Shea, I thought he had a big head but now i'm thinking shops are making them too small!!

    Back in April I went to buy some sun hats for him and in tescos ended up buying 10-14years!!!! He was 2 1/2!!!

    Dread to think what i'll be buying this winter with him just over 3!!!
  • We have the same problem with our oldest Alfie. He has always had a big head (started with the birth ouch!!) He is 3 1/2 but his hats are for 9year olds and he has to have bigger sunglasses as well. Another problem we seem to have is t-shirt neck holes - they never seem big enough so we have to really stretch them to go over his head and we only buy jumpers with a zip front so it allows extra head space.
    They dont think about different head sizes when making kiddies clothers
  • Oh yeah, neck holes are a nightmare! I'm surprised Spencer still has ears, poor thing. x
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