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Please help!!!


My DD has lost her beloved toy dog. I did a 60 mile round trip and wandered round Cardiff in the rain last night but no joy.

We're now looking for a replacement. If you have this toy at home unloved, please sell it to me. Alternatively if you can find it for sale online anywhere please link me to it.

It's from Marks and Spencer and was bought in summer 2006. It has a brown fabric collar with a bone on and beanies in it's feet. It has to be this exact one.

This is a snap of our one

this is a listing on ebay showing a new one]

I have a devastated little girl and I'm desperate!!!


  • Omg you poor thing what a nightmare- I've spent many times looking for our lost special bunny in the end we bought a spare but now the original is so worn and disgusting and 'loved' it is irreplaceable. We no longer let it out of the house unless he's staying overnight somewhere and he has to take spare bunny with him.
    I hope you have some luck finding a replacement but if you don't it might be worth taking her to a toy shop and letting her choose herself a very special new one.
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