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3,5 year old cries on the way home from school nursery

My 3 and half year old cries on the way from school nursery. I don't know what to do now I was considering contacting my health visitor about it. She wants to keep playing with other kids and gets really upset by the fact that they have to part. I try to reassure her that they will meet again the following day and play but then she starts screaming and won't calm until we get home. I am thinking that maybe me and my husband are not doing something right in terms of keeping her entertained at home because she is an only child. We do have family times and we do outdoor activities like going to parks and playgrounds when I can with her.

I am at uni at the moment and picks her when I can but my husband picks her most of the time and complains all the time about her behaviour on the way home. The other thing that hurts me is that she is the only one who seems too keen on playing after school and other kids want to stay with their parents and walk home. I feel bad when she is ignored by other kids when she wants to play with them on the way home. I also wonder why she does not understand it is time to go home.
At home she is totally happy and content most of the time. Why can't she understand tand cooporate and walk home:.

Can anyone out there advise? I just want both of us to enjoy school runs, what can we do?

Any ideas are welcome.


  • aw hun, hugs, don't really have any advice for you but didn't want to not reply....

    My son is 3 years 8 months old and has attended school nursery since January, he can sometimes be a nightmare getting him to go in the direction you want him to, stubborn comes to mind :L . What i started doing was having a wee treat for him on the way home or waiting at home, distraction is sometimes the best cure, maybe tell her once we get home we can make cakes or draw a picture of what she did today at nursery, we usually talk about nursery on the way home and what he had for snack etc, then we are usually at home.

    I know it's not the best thing to give them sweeties but maybe have a wee pot of snack for her walk home, tell her she was a good girl today and can have a special treat, make her look forward to the walk home....?

    I hope it improves for you x x

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  • i had the same problem with my toddler. he started pre school at 2.9 months and would be fine walking home but he would start playing up as soon as we got to the drive. even if he still had his 'treat' in his hand he'd start crying. once i finally got him in the door he'd just lay down screaming and shouting. this would start my 1 year old off and i got to the point where i felt like it wasn't worth the hassle taking him to pre school any more. i realised he was just over tired so as soon as we walked in the door i got some milk warmed up for him and let him have a nap. wasn't good timing as far as naps go but it would calm him down. i felt that he really didn't want to be at home. then what i did was, each time we were getting ready to leave for school and on the way to school i'd say to him, 'where you going now?' (school), and what are we going to when we get back?' (come in nicely, don't cry, play, have some thing to eat etc.....) it seemed to work and within a couple of weeks he was coming in without a problem. tiredness is such a horrible thing and i can understand that a nap at 4pm is really not a good time and thay can wake up even more cranky.
    i hope that this problem sorts itself out for you as i know how draining it can be.
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