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bed guards

how many ladies have them and what age do you think you will use them until??

my ds is 3 and ive recently thought about stop using it,we have a bed that has a pull out bed underneath,i have noticed ds isn't leaning onto anymore in the night and was thinking of taking it off but a little scared still lol,id obviously pull the other bed out just in case for the first while but i think getting rid of the guard will help in the training him for the toilet at night and getting up as its a bit of a farce getting out with it

also in toddler x


  • I'm not sure to be honest as my dd has a Little Tikes bed so is very close to the floor. She is usually hanging out the bed though when I go in before I go to bed.
    If you think he's not using it then give it a go! They do bounce when they're asleep anyway!!
  • Hi my son refused to have it from april ( he was2 in dec) so not even 2 &1/2 he fell out a few times but not hurt himself badly or even woken up
    most times. He just moved into bottom
    bunk bed and this ismuchbigger and he sleeps next to wall so he hasn't fallen out, so far anyway! I would take it off and see how it goes especially as you can cushion his fall if he does roll out you can always put it back on if he falls out lots!
    Good luck!
  • My daughter was 3 last week and I still use them. She is in a double bed and I have a fear of her falling out of the bed. She tosses and turns alot during the night and I know she will be on the floor more than enough. I think I need to be brave soon and try it.
  • wow I have only used ours at nannys so far as he is still in his cot (almost 3 but with genetic muscle condition) so no threat of him climbing out. I did wonder about taking the side down on the cotbed this weekend in fact and using the rail instead, make him feel a bit more grown up

    think I'll use it for a while yet though
  • Lexie turns 3 on the 16th and we have never used a bed guard she has only fallen out twice.we are moving Leah 18 months to a bed in a week when im off work and wont be using a bed guard with her either but i suspect Leah will end up in bed with Lexie as they share a room lol
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