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School uniform!

A bit of a pointless post really, but I got Lily's school uniform as she starts nursery in Sept..and when she tried it on she just looked so grown up! Brought a tear to my eye as I really don't know where the time has gone. She can't wait to start, nearly every day she asks if she's going to nursery today lol.

Anyone else's LO starting nursery or school this Sept?



  • it so exciting! freya is starting pre school in sept, she has phoebes old uniform which i have got out for her. phoebe is going into year 1 now so buying her uniform wasnt quite as exciting as it was last year when she first started school but she was still excited about getting new school shoes with toys in the bottom! x
  • Yeah ym88 Lily loves the uniform, she keeps wanting to try it on! She has grey pinafore dress and the white polo shirt with a red cardi, it really suits her.

    Flickaty, we've still got to buy some shoes, and Lily is a shoeaholic like her mum haha- neither of us can wait to go shoe shopping lol!

    It's very exciting, though she has a phased start which don't really think she needs- she starts on a Thursday, goes for 1 hour which I stay for. Friday it's 2 hours on her own, Monday it's the ful 3 hours. I know she won't want to come home after an hour on the 1st day! Is it the same for your girls?

    My younger daughter is starting playschool on the same day Lily starts nursery, luckily my hubby is off work so he can take Evie and I can take Lily. Just can't believe my babies are all grown up!

  • yep my ds starts on friday :cry: full time makes me so sad and this probably sounds odd but i feel a little bit like ive lost the control now ...i mean where we can have family days,holidays etc :cry: i have his uniform just got to get new shoes on fri!! more expense!! image
  • my son will be starting nursery in october (was meant to be january but school are now not doing january intake)
    now im pregnant with no2 i dont want to try his uniform on because i know i will get hormonal and cry for about a week!!!
  • Aw Jaynie, it brought tears to my eyes when Lily had her uniform on, and I'm not even pregnant! I would have been blubbing for about a week if I'd had pregnancy hormones added to the mix! When is your baby due?

    Aerosmith, how did your DS get on on his first day? Hope he enjoyed it and it went smoothly for you both.

  • yes my dd1 is startin a new skool on tuesday 9am - 3pm as we'v jus movd so had 2 order the uniform n still need 2 buy shoes tomorrow n dd2 is startin nursery 2morow too for 4 days a wk 1pm - 6pm so i can get tim alon wit the twins. am stil teary as they r both so grown up but a little worried bout dd2 as she's only turnin 2 in oct but can be a handful so i hav enuf tim 2 put the twins 2 bed n tim alon wit dd1 to help wit home work n other stuf before dd2 gets bac as dad wil be pickin her up after work.

    wow where has all this time gon
  • Shea starts pre school nursery the day after his 3rd birthday on the 29th September. he'll be going 4 half days.
    when I went for a settling session the other week none of the kids had any kind of uniform on but I was hoping they would to save his own clothes!!! so now i'm not sure what to do cause I don't want him wearing a uniform and being hte odd one out!!
  • the uniform at freyas pre school is optional, she only ever had one set which was age 3 to 4, when she started going more days and also grew bigger i just brought her some really chea[y clothes to wear as was cheaper than axctualy getting the uniform. i have been given some more of the pre school uniform by my friend so should have enough to last freya. x
  • Amelia ( as soume of you saw on toddler) started yesterday. She went for an hour with me. Next day is te 26th Sept. I will stay for ten mins then go but leave her for 2 hours. She is going 3 days a week 8 till 12. Gulp!!

    She is def my last baby and i cannot beleive she is all grown up.

    d xx
  • Kara started playgroup last monday. She was 3 on the 16th and started on the 20th. She got on brilliant. She is in 2 1/2 hours 4 days a week. As she has Type 1 Diabetes I was a bit worried but the school is being very good and helpful. She does have a uniform which I love. It is so cute and makes her very grown up looking.
  • for any mums with children starting in Jan, asda has got a sale on some items of school clothing (online) i got LO's uniform other night 6 blue polos and 5 trousers for just ??????15 delivered.
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