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Why is she like this?

Summer turned 3 on Thursday (where has the time gone? she is a happy, confident, clever little angel most of the time. But when it is bed time she is like the devil. Getting her up to bed is a nightmare in itself. I let her choose some books which can take forever then she'll throw herself on the floor and have a tantrum. In the end i have to carry her up and threaten to not read her a story before she will calm down.

i have always wanted to read to her before bed time, but i end up having to read about 7 books, then sing two songs then still she is asking for kisses, cuddles, more books , light on, etc etc. In the end i shut the door and come downstairs ignoring her.

I tell her about 30 mins before its bed time. We watch all the programmes she wants to as that to me is her quiet time before bed. Daddy says just leave her but 9 times out of 10 i'm left to put her to bed so he doesn't understand or even care what i go through. Daddy said i should just ignore her but 9 times out of 10 i'm left to do this by myself so doesn't know what i go through or care!

Yesterday i started a sticker chart and one of the things she is rewarded for is going to bed nicely.

What am i doing wrong? Any advice would be great thanks michelle xxx


  • Sounds like your doing the right thing to me!
    When you enter her room, do you talk to her??? You need to try and show no emotion, just pick her up put her in her bed and walk out. Do you have a good incentive at the end of the sticker chart??? Maybe a sticker chart just for sleeping, do it stages...sticker for brushing teeth, giving mummy a kiss, listening nicely to a story...then she is in a good mood, then a sticker for 10 mins not getting out of bed etc.....then a treat when she has achieved a full night of stickers.
    Just some suggestions xxx
  • Yeah my son does this this too it's just an attention thing and it is really very hard my husband used to get really annoyed with me but like you say unless they are going to make lo actually go to sleep it's difficult.
    Having said that we've started making a joint effort to get them to bed ad it works better - so say lo always wants attention from me and I give inanx go back up and get drink or whatever then nowmy husband will go and say no mummys sat down now and already read your stories it's time to go to sleep. This has really helped because he's not as soft as me and it's helped me be firmer too.
    It will get better as she gets older. Have you tried Reading stories before bathtime or songs and then having a limit for bedtime. Our routine changed recently frommoving house and putting boys in together so we now let them have 2 stories each and then they are no longer allowed to keep lamp on it's lights out with only a night light on this has made a huge difference!!
    Maybe make bedtime half hour earlier - will give extra time for stories and her tantrums may be cos she overtired
    nit sure if any of that will help but I know what you going through and it's a nightmare so good luck!!!
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