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Braun No Touch + Forehead thermometer product test: the feedback thread


This is the feedback thread for those of you who are testing the Braun No Touch + Forehead thermometer for us as part of our latest MadeForMums product test.

You should all have received your thermometers by now and have had a chance to test them out.

So, please can you now give us your feedback on this thread by answering the following 4 questions:

1. How did you find the packaging and instructions?

2. Did you find the thermometer easy to use, both on the forehead and away from it? What did you especially like or dislike about this thermometer?

3. Would you recommend this product to a friend or relative? If so, why?

4. Anything else you'd like to mention?

Everyone who leaves quality feedback on this thread (and is part of our product test) will be put into a draw (with those who leave quality feedback on the other Braun thermometer product test thread) to win a £100 Amazon voucher.

Thank you so much - and good luck!


  • hi there

    firstly thank you for giving me this opportunity to test the produce.

     1: i found the packaging very good, clear instructions on the box showing what the product could do made this very easy to set up.

    2: the product was very easy to use and worked very well, some times it wouldnt pick up a reading but that i think was down to me holding the thermometer too far away, once i got the hang of it which only took a few try's it worked every time and gave a very accurate reading.

    3: yes i would recommend the product, not only a few weeks ago my little boy was very unwell and whilst on the phone to nhs direct they wanted me to take his temp again by placing a thermometer under his arm, which was a bit of a struggle on a 2 year old who was clearly upset, and try and hold it in place and stay on the phone just didnt work, where as a product like this i could have done all of the above with out putting any extra stress on my son, this product also works well for babies as you dont have to worry about undressing them to get a clear reading, i think every mum should have a product like this.

    4: nothing comes to mind, the product worked well and is very lightweight, the packaging explains every thing and it does what it says on the box. 

  • Hi, love this thermometer.

    1. Packaging was compact, clear and displayed the product well. Liked the fact it came with batteries so could be used immediately. The instructions were very clear, and answered any questions you had.

    2. Initially, on first use, the thermometer kept coming up with an 'Err' message, but having let it sit switched off for 5 minutes it worked perfectly, and has every time since.

    Brilliant to be able to use it without having to touch the child, invaluable when trying to monitor their temperature at night, as is the ability to turn off the sound so it doesn't beep when taking the reading.

    When used in 'touch the head' mode the texture is comfortable on the forehead and no complaints of it being 'cold' from my kids.

    Very easy to use both on and off the forehead, and especially like the colour coded reading to indicate how severe the temperature is.

    3. Would definitely recommended this thermometer as it reads so quickly and is non-invasive, my kids even made it a game and were zapping everyone...including trying to take the temperature of the cat!! 

    4. Don't think so, think that sums it all up. Thank you for letting me product test this thermometer and keep it, it'll be an invaluable addition to the medicine cupboard.

  • 1. The thermometer came well packaged (with batteries), and had clear instructions with simple ,easy to understand pictures . Just unpack and off you go!

    2. Very easy to use touching the forehead , and after a couple of attempts it was just as easy to use from the correct distance ( this took me a few tries)

      Love the colour-coded reading which makes it so easy to understand and the fact that it can be used in silent mode with a poorly, sleeping child makes this a valuable tool to own

    The only minor issue I had was that the thermometer would give a faulty reading if I didn't move the fringe out of the way , obviously it needs to read skin but a sweaty fringe at 2am could make things slightly awkward if I have to touch her anyway

    3. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone, simple to use and so unintrusive . It is a lightweight handheld size , easy to store in the medicine cabinet and I am sure would be just as useful for adults of all ages than it is for the little people

    4. Although the RRP of this thermometer may make it seem out of a lot of peoples reach I would definitely class this item as an investment in your children . Before testing I do not think I would have considered spending such an amount on one item that may not see much action (hopefully) but now I realise what a great peace of mind this will bring to us as a family with a sick child

  • 1. I thought the packaging was great. There was very little wasted space and the thermometer was secure in the box. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, though the be honest, the device is so easy to use I read through the instructions after I had already tested the thermometer out.

    2. I found the thermometer really easy to use both on the forehead and away from it. I really liked that it was so simple to use, and the colour display on the front made the results really easy to interpret. I also like that this would be really easy to use when my children are asleep  - I did try this out, and it didn’t disturb them at all. The only thing I didn’t like, was that I got a slightly different reading in temperature when I held the device directly against the head and then slightly away from the head, though this may have been because my daughter was restless (she is teething and did actually have a high temperature – seeing the display turn red did panic me a bit!).

    3. Yes, I would definitely recommend this product to a friend. Although it is quite expensive I think it is definitely worth the outlay as it will be much more accurate than the forehead strips I usually use and the results are so much easier to interpret. Based on previous experience of trying to use the strips on my son when he has been ill, he has been so fidgety, it has been difficult to see whether he has a temperature or not – I think it will be much easier with this product.

    4. Just to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to try this out. I really do think it is a great product which will be used by the whole family, and will make it so much easier to tell when my children have a temperature (and when the don’t!)

  • Thanks for letting me test this product.

    1. How did you find the packaging and instructions?  

    The packaging was nothing less than I expected from Braun, modern and catchy, no space wasted and easy to open. The instructions were so simple to follow and I liked the promotional booklet that you sent with it. Love love love the fact it comes with batteries so is ready to use immediately. I like the fact it gives you advice on the different normal temp ranges for different ages.

    2. Did you find the thermometer easy to use, both on the forehead and away from it? What did you especially like or dislike about this thermometer?  

    The thermometer is so simple to use and I love the fact it takes a reading so quickly. It's compact and lightweight and fits perfectly in to your hands. It's great to be able to take a reading without having to touch the forehead, especially with a wriggly baby. The results I got were consistent using touch and no touch functions. The light was just bright enough to guide me in the dark without waking her while she was sleeping and the silent mode is really handy. The sensor is soft and smooth and comfy on babies head. I think the colour code shown when temp is taken is really handy too. I think my favourite feature has to be the no touch function and the speed at which the temp is taken. I also like the cap used to cover the sensor and keep it clean.

    3. Would you recommend this product to a friend or relative? If so, why?

    I would definitely recommend it's a very handy piece of equipment to have. If there was ever an emergency and I was panicking and I needed to take a temp quickly I would find this very easy to use much better than a conventional thermometer. I trust the result given from this more than a standard thermometer.

    4. Anything else you'd like to mention?

    I think They've pretty much covered it all, the only other thing I'd like to have seen with it was maybe a storage case to keep it in But that's purely material. Thanks again for the chance to test!

  • 1. I liked the packaging. Simple yet stylish. I have seen similar products that you have to cut the thermometer or of plastic packaging which seems more time consuming to open and just doesn't look as good. The instruction were very easy to follow and understand. I really liked the fact that there were batteries included as it meant I could get straight to testing.

    2. The thermometer was very easy to use. I recieved the same readings using the thermometer touching the forehead and then straight after using the no touch. I really like the option to be able to turn off the sound. This meant I could check my daughter's temperature whilst she was sleeping without worried that the beeping would waken her up. I also really like the light for the no touch, meaning I could get the position right every time, even in the dark.

    3. I would highly recommend this to a friend. I think the price might put some people off but in my opinion it is worth every penny.

    4. I was a bit worried that the "no touch" wouldn't be very accurat. I compared the temperature taken from this method and compared it to an underarm thermometer I had already. The results were very similar and so much faster with the "no touch" 

    I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to test this thermometer and it will make an invaluable addition to my medicine cabinet.

  • Good afternoon,

    Thank you for allowing me to have this opportunity to test I think its important dads get to do this kind of testing as if dad can do it mums certainly can.

     1: I found the packaging inviting and appealing with clear instructions, it explained what I had to do and what the product was capable of, clear plain and simple English making it easy to set up.

    2: The product was very easy to use and accurate a few tries and spot on every time we even let our 4 year old son take the temp of his sister under supervision and even he can use it so it must be child's play.

    3: yes i would recommend the product, its a key part of any household first aid kit everyone should have one you can even use it on a sleeping baby so you can check throughout the night without waking them.

    4: Its a great product and one everyone needs, and one the whole family can use its well made and does what you would expect with no fuss. 

  • Hi, great product, thanks for letting me try it!

    1. Great packaging, easy to open without having to resort to scissors and cutting your hand on sharp plastic as on some blister packaging!  Instructions very easy to follow although it might be worth adding in that when you initially put batteries in you might get an ERR message for the first few minutes (I thought I had a faulty product as it didn't mention this in the instructions)

    2. Very easy to use although I did get slightly different readings between Touch and No Touch (very close though).  I guess this only becomes an issue though with very high temperatures.  I think it is much easier to use than an in-ear one which I already have (which most people use incorrectly).  I like the fact that it will turn different colours according to the temperature

    3. Yes I would recommend it to a friend.  Although expensive it is so easy to use, and who can put a price on their children's health!

    4.  Would be good to see a storage case with it, the cap did originally keep falling off and it may be easily lost (or 'put somewhere helpful' by a small child!)

  • 1. How did you find the packaging and instructions?

    Good. The packaging had all the information I would like to see as a prospective buyer of the product, easy to open and quite compact. The instructions were simple and easy to follow.

    2. Did you find the thermometer easy to use, both on the forehead and away from it? What did you especially like or dislike about this thermometer?

    Yes, it was so easy to use (and it has been put through its paces this last week or so with three poorly little ones..and me!) I loved how quickly a reading could be taking with no faffing about or causing any discomfort for the child. The no touch feature is brilliant for monitoring temps throughout the night without interrupting their much needed sleep! I also liked the colour coded fever guide and screen size, as well as the 2 year guarantee!

    3. Would you recommend this product to a friend or relative? If so, why?

    Yes I would as it is accurate and easy to use, although pricey, its performance and quality is reflected by the price. A great piece of kit!

    4. Anything else you'd like to mention?

    I definitely would have liked a case or handy pouch to keep the thermometer in as well as a spare protective cap. (have a feeling the one provided is going to disappear at some point!)

    Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this product test, this thermometer has been a godsend!

  • Thanks so much for the opportunity to take part

    1. I loved the smart and sleek packaging: it really looks and feels exactly like the high quality item you'd expect from Braun. It was easy to open and safely remove the thermometer and I located the batteries and guide immediately. It was also helpful having a quick set up instruction leaflet! The only issue I had was that initially I got an ERR message in the display. There was nothing in the manual so I removed and re-inserted the batteries and then it worked fine, thankfully!

    2. It took me a couple of practices to get comfortable with how to hold and positon the thermometer away from the head, but the spot-light made it super easy. When holding to the head it was very comfortable and I and my two girls love the cushioned feel! The easy to read display, sounds and colour coding meant that my girls could understand the results too despite their young ages (2 & 4). I did find the readings varied slightly between the two positons (away from/on the head) but they were minimal really.

    3. I would very happily recommend this product to a friend or relative on the basis that it provides a temperature reading quickly and simply. It is ideal particularly when checking a child's temperature at night (which is very often the case whenever they're unwell) due to the instant light-up coding display and also being able to turn off the noise. Both these aspects really make this thermometer the superior choice.

    4. Both my girls loved testing the thermometer with me! My 4 year old said she thinks it's much nicer than our old in-ear thermometer (not easy to use at all when she's had painful ears as part of her illness) and they love the simplicity of 'green' meaning they're fine, and knowing that the warning colours will mean they may need medicine. I honestly can't imagine using any other thermometer in future.   

  • 1 - I found the packaging as minimalist as seems possible these days. I'm not sure it would have caught my eye on a shelf over any other products though. The instructions were clear and easy to follow and I particularly liked the inclusion of a quick start guide.

    2 - In theory, the product is very straightforward to use. I liked the fact that it colour codes the results, it is fast and non-invasive. It's particularly useful if your child has an ear infection and you can't use an in ear thermometer. Our four month old seemed mesmerised by the light and it was certainly safer to take his temperature using this thermometer than risking him moving with an in ear one.

    My biggest concern is the lack of consistency in readings at temperatures over 38C. Testing this product coincided with our three year old being unwell with fevers. At normal range temperatures on ourselves and our four month old, I found the readings to be consistent and accurate. However, I found that there was variation of up to one degree depending on how close the thermometer was held (non touch vs forehead) and how sweaty my daughter was. This meant that I was getting overestimates compared to our two in ear thermometers; instead of reading 39C, the Braun No Touch + Forehead would give a reading over 40C which has very different implications. 

    Other negatives would be that the light is very off putting to an unwell toddler. And if I was really picky, a case or some kind of cradle to keep it in would be nice.

    3 - I'm not sure I would recommend this product since it should be most useful when a child has a raised temperature and this was when I found it unreliable. 

    4 - I like the concept of this thermometer and I feel that the colour coding aspect would be a useful addition to their in ear models. 

    Thanks for for allowing us to test this product!

  • Thanks so much for all your feedback, everyone. Really great stuff!

    We're just waiting for a couple of stragglers to post their feedback on this thread and the Thermoscan 7 one - and then we'll put everyone's name into a hat for the Amazon voucher prize draw.

    Watch this space for the announcement of the winner's name!

  • 1. I think it was well packaged with clear instructions on how to use. You can not really go wrong with it as it is so simpleto use.

    2. It was very easy to use on my little boy on his forehead and standing away from him.It was also very accurate.

    3. I would definately recommend to family and friends and Braun is a name i trust

    4. I really like this thermometer although it is a little more expensive than i would want to pay i think it is worth it and hopefully it will be used for many years to come.

  • Oooh exciting good luck everyone ????????????????

  • Hello everyone!

    Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback - and also for your patience while we waited for the last few folks to post their stuff.

    That's all done now so we've put all your names in a hat, along with the names of the people who tested the Thermoscan with Age Precision thermometer and the winner of the £100 Amazon voucher is  - drum roll, drum roll! - AngWass2.

    Well done! We'll get that sent to you as soon as poss, AngWass2.

    And thank you again, to everyone else, for your excellent testing. Here's to the next one, eh?

  • Well done huni

    cant wait for the next one xxx

  • Hello

    Apologies for the late review but I only received my thermometer last week after the deadline had expired. On the plus side, it means I have had had a chance to read through what other testers thought, which was interesting. So here are my thoughts:

    1) Packaging was good - protected the thermometer during transit but not excessive. Instructions were clear and concise, so no problems there.

    2) I found it easy to use both on the forehead and off it, on myself and my 4 children ( age 10, 7, 4 & 1).

    I liked the contactless use and the fact that I could switch off the sound which meant included take a reading off the 1 year old without waking her. I currently have an older model Braun thermoscan ear thermometer and this has been my only gripe with it that it beeps when you take someone's temperature, so so far so good with this new model.


    I tested it at least 3 times by each method ie touch / no touch on each person and wrote down the results.

    Repeatability on 3 consecutive measurements by the same method ie touch or no touch was good With most measurements by the same method being within 0.2 C of each other. However, as some other reviewers have noted, the 2 methods frequently give different average values, with the touch method giving higher figures than the no touch method. This varied from person to person but with one child (7 year old who had been sitting still playing a handheld computer game) the average difference was 0.6C.

    More worryingly, 4 out of 5 of us at some point had a reading in the yellow range 38C despite the fact that we were all feeling fine.

    The kids were tired of temperature readings by this point so I decided to follow this up on myself. Being a large family, we have a whole selection of thermometers including as mentioned the Braun thermoscan ear thermometer ( older model), various oral digital fertility thermometers and a good old fashioned shake-it down oral thermometer with the red liquid. So later that day I retested myself with all the thermometers in the house consecutively and this is what I found: whilst the other thermometers were all reading within 0.5 C of each other, the new Braun thermoscan forehead thermometer was giving a reading around 1.5C higher than the average of the others.

    I did eventually manage to sweet talk my older 2 into doing the experiment again along with the ear thermometer comparison as well as repeating it on myself and got pretty much the same results ie that the  forehead thermometer was reading up to 2 C higher than the ear thermometer.

    3) So I can only conclude that the Braun thermoscan forehead thermometer I received is either faulty or incorrectly calibrated. Either way, it does not tell you the correct temperature. So no, I would not recommend it based on my experience. I can imagine it could be responsible for a few wasted trips to A&E if you thought your child's temperature was a lot higher than it really was.

    4) I think I've said everything about it that I need to. I would add though that I have had my Braun thermoscan ear thermometer for many years and never had a problem with it, and would happily recommend that to family and friends.

  • Thanks Emma Goulding - it's good of you to post up your feedback, even though the deadline's past. That's appreciated - thank you!

    We'll make sure Braun see your comments - they may well want to have a look at that thermometer you tested!

  • Hi again, Emma. We've spoken to Braun and they're going to be getting in touch with you to arrange the return of the thermometer you've tested (so they can have a look at it) and to arrange to send you a new one.

  • Hi Helen

    No problem for leaving feedback: it was part of the deal. Thank you for giving me the thermometer to test, even if it didn't work as I expected!

    just seen your later message so thanks too for arranging with Braun to exchange it.


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