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    This is the summer dress my daughter tested out for me. This was for 7 to 8 years. The fit was good for this age giving plenty of room for my daughter. This was my daughters favourite. I agree as I think it is a good length. It looks cool for the summer months perfect for the summer weather. The quality is a good standard, quite a thickish hard wearing material and it washes very well so much so it hardly needs any ironing if at all.

    Next up was a pleated greyskirt, a short sleeved blouse and a red jumper.

    Now what I find very important with skirts is an adjustable waist band as my daughter has a tiny waist. This had what I required to adjust the waist but I would prefer it if this design feature was on both sides to even up the hang of the skirt. The skirt was slightly longer than I would have expected but this gives plenty of time for my daughter to grow into it. The pleats held really well after a wash and the material of the skirt is a nice thick quality which is needed to withstand playtime antics.


    This is the blouse in a bit more detail. It was pretty and girly just what my daughter wanted with great stitching details and a lovely fitted shape. Again this was slightly big but I think it is the best size as she will shoot up in the next year I'm sure. It is a great fabric which again withstood a good wash. The buttons are easy to do up, great for smaller hands. It ironed well.

    The red jumper if I am honest was far too big. My daughter had to roll back the sleeves and it just looked a little silly, like she was trying my clothes on. However the colour was great and still looked just as good once washed. It felt really comfortable and warm. It has not bobbled up so I think it will last a long time. Definitely a good deal.

    Overall to summarise what a great bargain. Thank you Tesco and Made for Mums for the opportunity to test the uniform out

  • Faith are you sure the skirt waistband isn't adjustable at both sides, the one I have is and yours looks like the same skirt.

  • 1. What do you think of the quality , fit and feel of the uniform? If you're testing trousers, how do you rate the reinforced knees? If you're testing a skirt, how do you rate the permanent pleats? 

    The polo shirt and sweater are very soft. The skirt feels sturdy and the pleats are lovely- my daughter twirled around in it for some time. The dress felt soft, but even before checking the label I could feel that it was synthetic (it had no cotton content), which was disappointing. The dress was a 4/5, and although my daughter has only just turned four and is not big for her age, it was far too small. We tried to put it on, but couldn't zip it up. The sweater was a little tighter than I would have chosen to put over a polo shirt, but she could get it on and off ok and the skirt adjusted well with plenty of room to grow.

    2. How did the As New Technology jumper wash – in terms of colour, fit and fabric/hand feel?

    The jumper washed well- kept its colour and shape and didn't bobble, but it was only one wash and two days of wear, so it is hard to comment on bobbling. It stayed soft to touch and supple from a line dry.

    3. The uniform you tried cost no more than £15 in total. How does that rate for you on a value-for-money front?

    I wouldn't buy 100% synthetic clothes that fit around the upper body of a child that gets all sweaty, and the dress size was too small, so I wouldn't recommend the dress for those reasons (although if you are choosing off the rails you would just go a size or two up), but the rest of the uniform was good quality and value, and I would happily buy certain those bits of uniform at Tesco.

    4. What does your child think of the uniform?

    Eleanor did not like the dress once we'd nearly taken her ears off to remove it, but everything else, she loved! She was able to scramble about and do all the things she enjoys in them and felt like a proper big girl!


    The dress, jumper and fitted blouse all fitted lovely, apart from the skirt as it was to big around the waist for my petite daughter. The skirt does come with elastic inside to make it smaller. After I did this it fitted but seemed to be all gathered. After wearing them for a few hours it still looked like she just put them on. I washed them on a 40 Eco wash. And popped them in the dryer. They all came out lovely and soft. Best thing is I didn't even have to iron them. The jumper kept its colour with no fade whatsoever. My only concern is the jumper is slightly thin and would probably just been used for a summer jumper. Also I struggled to get the zip down on the dress. But after a few times it's not stuck since. This could have been because it was new. Out of ten for all I would give them a 9/10 my daughter liked the dress the most

  • 1. What do you think of the quality , fit and feel of the uniform? If you're testing trousers, how do you rate the reinforced knees? If you're testing a skirt, how do you rate the permanent pleats? 

    The quality of the whole uniform is brilliant, apart from the skirt.  I first received age 9 but was too small for my daughter so I then received size 10.  The size 9 jumper fitted perfectly and was really soft.  The size 10 jumpers (received a thick one and a thin one) were huge.  The size 9 skirt would have been perfect if it had fitted as was a pleated school skirt.  The size 10 skirt I received was not a school skirt for a child my daughters age, it was a stretch feel straight skirt that went past her knees.  If the size 10 skirt was like the size 9 skirt it would have been perfect.  I didn't receive a dress so couldn't test this.  I cant comment on quality compared to cost as my items didn't come with labels on.

    2. How did the As New Technology jumper wash – in terms of colour, fit and fabric/hand feel?

    The jumper washed perfectly and was as soft as it was when I received it.  The colour hasn't faded and it still fits just as well.

    3. The uniform you tried cost no more than £15 in total. How does that rate for you on a value-for-money front?

    If I had received a skirt, top, jumper and dress I think for the quality and price it is very good value for money. I will be buying the uniform for when my daughter goes back to school. Although I will be buying the items that I should have received i.e pleated skirt and dress.

    4. What does your child think of the uniform?

    My child didn't like the skirt, but she liked the feel of both the jumper and top.  It was just a polo shirt like what she has but she said they were both really soft and felt nice.  I think she would of liked the skirt if the pleated one had fitted.

  • Thanks to all those who've added their feedback – and brilliant photos! – in the last few days.

    We just have 3 testers still to feed back. There have been some postal issues getting their uniform to them, so we're going to leave this thread open till Monday to give them time to do a proper test. 

    Thanks very much, everybody else, for your patience!

  • Here are my post wash pictures, having seen the skirt on now i think i need to run the iron over it to smooth it a bit but the pleats are ok.  I could get away with it but do like things to look as if they have been ironed even if they haven't and this skirt has a crumpled look about it.

  • I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and feel of the uniform, especially the trousers. The reinforced knees are brilliant. We tested the clothes at our local park so they were well and truly put through their paces. My son tripped over on a gravel path at one point and I think the knees would have been ripped in a normal pair of school trousers but the knees were surprising still intact.

    the clothes all washed well. they still felt true to their size and shape afterwards. None of the colours ran or faded.

    The quality of the products you get for such a low price is really outstanding. I would normally expect to  pay a lot more. I wold definitely recommend them to a friend.

    my son (age 5) said he really liked the trousers as the clip was easy to open and close and he didn't have to mess about with buttons when he needed to loo.


  • Thanks so much for all your wonderful feedback everyone.

    Now's the moment when we announce the winner of the £100 F&F vouchers.

    We've put the names of everyone who's posted feedback into a hat and the winner we've picked out is....


    Congratulations! We'll pop you a mail to sort out sending you your vouchers.

    And thanks again to everyone else: your verdicts on the uniform and your gorgeous pictures are all super high-quality stuff. Please do look out for the next product tests we run: you're all obviously a great bunch of testers!

  • Oh wow, just logged on and seen this that's really made my day. , I never win anything so am well chuffed... That's the kids sorted for winter clothes.

    Thank you very much made for mums xx

  • Would love to lest the school uniform for my kids 

  • Sorry, mum6936: this product test is already closed. (We should have locked the thread, actually, to make that more obvious; we'll do that now).

    Please do look out for more product tests – coming soon!

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