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Sleepyhead Grand product test: the feedback thread

EDITORS' NOTE, ADDED ON MARCH 12th 2018: Since we ran this product test on MadeForMums, some safety concerns have been raised about using baby sleeping pods and nests with babies under 12 months. You can read more about this in our 'safety questions about baby pods and nests' article.



This is the feedback thread for those of you who are testing the Sleepyhead Grand for us as part of our latest MadeForMums product test. (If you're testing the Sleepyhead Deluxe, please leave your feedback over on this thread.)

You should all have received your Sleepyhead Grand by now (if not, it's definitely on its way!) and have had a chance to test it out – and take a picture of your child using it.

So, please can you now give us your feedback on this thread by answering the following 5 questions:

1. What do you think of the Sleepyhead Grand pod when you first received it?

2. How do you find using the Sleepyhead Grand? Where/how do you use it most?

3. The Sleepyhead pod you’re testing costs about £149. How do you rate that as value for money?

4. Would you recommend the Sleepyhead Grand to a friend?

5. How do you think your child likes the Sleepyhead Grand? Please post up your picture of your child sleeping/playing in the pod with your reply (to upload a pic, click the little camera icon at the top right of the 'Add your reply' box).

Everyone who leaves quality feedback on this thread (and is part of our product test) will be put into a draw to win a £100 Love2Shop voucher.

Thank you so much - and good luck!

The Sleepyhead Grand pod (for 8 to 36 months), pictured below, £149, allows soft, safe sleep in various types of cots, travel cots, junior beds and single beds, as the bumpers act as a bed guard, preventing your child from falling out. It can also aid the often difficult transition from cot to bed.. It comes with a fully removable, machine-washable cover and is available from John Lewis and the NCT.







  • Thank you for letting us test this product. 

    1. When it arrived I was really suprised by the size, it was a lot bigger than I thought. I was pleased that the support with a proper cushion rather than a blow up support like some supports. 

    2. We love the Sleepyhead grand. My daughter sleeps on it on the floor every night. Before it arrived she was sleeping in her cot bed with a blow up support. She would wake up a few times a night. Since she has been sleeping in the sleepyhead; she has slept through each night and slept later (until 7). Every night when she goes to bed she asks for her new bed. We have found the sleepyhead very comfy and secure. It is very well made and easy to wash. It also helps her to keep her covers on every night because they don't make her too hot as they rest on the side support. It is also easy to take away on trips as it comes with its own bag. Excellent product. 

    3. before we tested it out I thought it was expensive and a novelty item. Now we have tested it, I think it is well worth the money. 

    4. Yes without questu on, I would recommend. 

    5. She loves it and sleeps so much better every night. She calls it her new bed and is excited to go to bed every night. 


  • Thank you for choosing us to test this product. We received it later than we should have so unfortunately we weren't able to test it in a hotel like planned (we will be taking it away with us on our next trip though) but it has been used everyday since we got it.

    My first thoughts were wow this is huge (looks much bigger than the picture) where am i going to put it? My daughters first thoughts were wow its huge, it must be for me, quick open it (she can't talk yet, so i'm guessing)image                 

      We are finding using the sleepyhead Grand, well just grand! It is a great piece of kit once we figured out the logistics of where it would fit, we didn't look back. We mainly use it in the cot (we hope to use it to transition to a bed in a few months) but do use it in the front room when day time naps are taken there or when she wants to cuddle up with a book.      image    

    We are loving using the sleepyhead, and i think its even improved her bedtime sleeping pattern a little but I still wouldn't spend £149. Purely because I don't have that sort of money to spend on a pillow. This is a great product to use on the floor for nap times or in the cot at bedtime, but you wouldn't be able to use it long term without an additional mattress (like you have in a cot or on a bed) So for me it is just too expensive no matter how much we like it or how good it is .

    Yes I would recommend the sleepy head grand.

    My daughter loves the sleepyhead, when it is down stairs she takes books with her and sits in it to read them          


    And upstairs in her cot she usually stays where i put her (before the sleepyhead she would roll around loads) and when she wakes up she sits in it playing nicely until I get her up.

    image  image  image

    Tested by Elizabeth (18 months) 

  • image

    Thankyou for letting us try this product as my daughter is a restless sleeper and I was excited to see if this could help her settle at night.

    1.When we received the sleepyhead I thought it looked great and really comfy and was of good quality.

    2.When we tried putting it in the cotbed,it was slightly smaller than it and we weren't sure whether to put it towards the top or bottom of the bed,so I wrote on the sleepyhead page and was advised to put it to the bottom.We let Faye sit in it before bed to get used to it and she enjoyed sitting in it whilst watching in the night garden.She settled for sleep well in it,but as she likes to turn on her tummy to sleep she struggled to get turned,and when she did she couldn't get comfortable to turn her head to the side as it was against the edge and couldn't settle over to sleep again so had to remove it from the bed unfortunately.


    3.Its a good product and think it is adequately priced but just wasn't for us unfortunately.I think for a child that doesn't lie on their tummy it would be great as other than that it was a good product.

  • Firstly I would like to thank you for the opportunity to test this product. My 8 month old daughter has reflux and is a very restless sleeper and we have tried quite a few products to help her sleep better so we couldn't wait to try this! Unfortunately it was sent a bit late for some reason and arrived while we were away for a few days so we've only really been able to use it for the past week And didn't get to test it while we were away.

    I was surprised by the size and weight of the box when it first arrived. When I opened the package I noticed it came in a protective cover which is great for travelling with. The quality of the actual product is fantastic. Well made and definitely superior quality covers. I was very impressed. At the same time though the weight and size are also an issue perhaps if you intend to move it about or take it away anywhere like we do. 

    As mentioned my daughter has reflux. Her reflux is worse at night when she lies flat and when she sleeps she is very restless. It takes a while to get her to sleep and she kept moving about her cot ending up stuck in the corners and waking up and taking ages to go back to sleep again. We were really hoping the sleepyhead grand would help stop her moving about so much and help her sleep better. 

    We weren't disappointed as on the first night she went straight to sleep and slept right through! She looked so comfortable and slept so soundly! 

    Here she is in the morning!


    For the next few nights it was exactly the same but then we have had a growth spurt which means she's difficult to get to sleep again but once she is finally asleep she sleeps soundly. I use the sleepyhead for daytime naps on top of our bed as she won't settle unless I lie with her. She goes to sleep a lot faster than usual and naps longer and sounder. 

    For us, and knowing how much of a difference it has made to my daughters sleep I would have bought this product for sure but I still think it's a bit too expensive. For most people I would imagine the price would be a big turn off and especially the price of the spare cover being taken into account - reflux means a lot of puke so a spare cover is a necessity. If it can't be any cheaper then at least a spare cover should be included. 

    The manufacturers state that the product would be good for transition to a bed and the sides would act as bumpers. I don't think they would be high enough for that.

    Overall I would definitely recommend it and I have already done so on some of the reflux forums I am a member of. Most importantly for us though my daughter is obviously a big fan of her sleepyhead grand and it gets a big thumbs up from us!


  • Thanks for your great feedback – and wonderful pics! – everyone.

    As the product test is now over, we're going to close this thread to further posts.

    But, before we do so, we can announce that we've put all the testers names into a hat, along with the names of the testers who posted feedback on the Sleepyhead Deluxe, and the winner of the draw for the £100 LovetoShop voucher is rmarks. Congratulations! We'll drop you a mail with all the details. 

    Thanks again to all our testers and testing volunteers. We're sorry you can't all win! But do please keep your eyes peeled for more MFM Product Tests in the future.

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