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Fancy testing the Joie i-Anchor i-Size Combination Car Seat? Sign up here

Hello. We are looking for 10 parents with a baby or a child up to the age of 4 to join our latest MadeForMums product test, and put the Joie i-Anchor i-Size Combination Car Seat, worth £175, through its paces. 

To be in with a chance of being a tester, you need to have a baby or child aged 0 to 4 years, and you need to post a reply on this thread, letting us know the age of your child and the make, model and year of manufacture of the car you’d be testing the car seat in.

If you're chosen to be a tester, we'll send you the Joie i-Anchor i-Size Combination Car Seat, worth £175, plus the Joie i-AnchorFix Car Seat Base, worth £115, for you to try out. And then we'll ask you to give your feedback by answering a few simple questions, and posting up some pictures, on a special (different) Product Tests feedback thread.

You'll get to keep the car seat (and base) after the product test – and everyone who gives quality feedback on the feedback thread will also be put into a draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher.

The Joie i-Anchor i-Size Combination Car Seat pictured below, £175, is an extended rearward facing seat, meaning your child can travel for longer (up to 4 years old or 18kg) in the recommended rearward-facing position. It’s installed using the i-AnchorFix base (sold separately), has deep padded sides, multi-position headrest and harness and newborn support with removable layers to custom-fit each child.


You can read more Joie car seats here.



  • Hi, not to sure if it fits with your  requirements but I'm happy to help if I can, I have a 4 yr old daughter and baby is due in few weeks ....we drive a 53 reg discovery 

    Many thanks x

  • Love the new I-size seats. It's about time legislation changed as rear facing seats are far safer.  I have a 5 week old and a 2 1/2 year old and I would be interested in testing the seat.  I currently drive a Citroen Grand Picasso (58 plate) and a Skoda Rapid (65 plate).

  • I have a 9 month old and a 2 year old, so would be happy to give it a try. I drive a VW touran on a 05 plate.

  • Ah this would solve my needing another car seat! Have a 16month old and another due in April lol! Would be tested in a Ford Fiesta 2006 model.

  • This is the car seat we have been looking at we have a baby boy that us is 6months old and nearly grown out of his 0+ Joie Car Seat. We have a 05 Fird focus arc

  • image

    apologies its actually an 09 ford focus

  • Ooh we'd love to test this one! We are hoping to buy another car seat soon and have been looking at this one. My little one is 9 months and I drive an 11 plate Mitsubishi ASX

  • We have a 7 month old who is just about outgrowing his group 0 seat, and I am really keen to keep him rearward facing as long as possible! - I would love to try the Joie i-Anchor in either our 64 plate Audi A3 or our 60 plate ford C-max.

  • My son is 9 months old and would love to test a quality car seat for you, our son is in the top 2% for his height and the picture looks great for his size. We have a Ford Focus, 2012 model. We travel a lot to see our family who live 250 miles from us so the seat would get plenty of use for feedback. 

  • Following my earlier post, I've just shown the picture to my nearly 3 year old DD and she is also keen to have a try in the seat too!

  • What another fab deal!

    our little ones almost 9 months and we drive a 08 plate Vauxhall Astra and 59 plate seat Ibiza 

  • Hey I have the joie twin buggie and love it. I would love to be considered for this hour car seat for one of the twins as I think of the buggie is anything to go by the car seat will be great:)

    i drive a seat Ibiza it's a 60 plate x

  • Hey I have the joie twin buggie and love it. I would love to be considered for this hour car seat for one of the twins as I think of the buggie is anything to go by the car seat will be great:) my twins are coming up 6 months old :) 

    i drive a seat Ibiza it's a 60 plate x

  • Hi

    Baby due on Christmas day, would be happy to test...I drive a BMW 320d 2003; and could also test in our other vehicle which is a Renault Kango van, 2008.

    Have been looking into the safest car seats and see that some countries legislate for rear facing, interesting that the UK don't! xx

  • I'd love to try this car seat as the next stage car seat we used for our son isn't rear facing, my daughter is 5 months and out car is a Peugeot 207 and a 59 plate xx

  • Hello 😊

    We would love to test the Joie I-Anchor I-size car seat! I have been looking at it every time we go out! It looks so comfortable! But most importantly - it is the safest! I love the fact that it allows you to keep your baby rearward facing for up to 4 years! My baby boy is 4 months old and we have a Vauxhall Insignia 2014 model. I have been reading about it online for quite a while now, as my little one needs to go in the next stage car seat! Lovely product!

    Thank you for the opportunity ☺️

    I will be checking this thread and my emails every hour now ☺️

    When it's the closing date? 

    Thank you xx

  • I have a really busy November with my little one - need to take him to Oxford and London 😊 I will keep my fingers crossed ☺️ xx

  • Hi would love the opportunity to test this!I have a nearly 14 month old daughter and our car is a 2014 Ford Fiesta image

  • Hi we would love the opportunity to test this car seat. Our daughter is 1 year old  and the car we would be testing it in is a 53plate hyundai getz. 

  • Hi there! I really would like the opportunity to test this lovely carseat. We are almost at the stage of having to buy a new one for our 8 month old son. Finances are really tight at the moment, and it really is going to be a massive chunk of our menial monthly income when we buy the carseat. 

    I would love to be able to write a review and be part of testing such an important piece of safety equipment. 

    We drive a 57plate VW Passat estate   

    Thank you for the opportunity; fingers and toes crossed! 

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