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Little tykes ocean explorers crawl and pop turtle product review


imageimageI just did a product test on this and my son nico loved it :) he is nearly 8 months and he was holding the shapes and working out where they go and he was laughing and giggling while the music played when the turtle starts moving he was starting to attempt to crawl it was very useful for him as he's only just learning to crawl it's a great product for babies his age he seemed to enjoy playing with it as it has bright colours :) it's ideal for belly  time and teaching baby hand eye coordination and how to crawl I would re commend this product to anyone with a baby 6 months plus i would rate it 10-10 stars :) thankyou for the opportunity to review this product my son had so much fun and he will keep using it :)


  • Hi Gemmanico

    Thanks so much for writing all this up - glad you and you Nico enjoyed our product test!

    We're afraid, though, that you've put your feedback in the wrong place.

    Could you please repost it on the official feedback thread (click on the pink link to get there), where you'll see there are some questions we need your answers for?

    Sorry to ask but we can't enter you into the prize draw for the rest of the toys unless you post your feedback on the right thread and answer the 'official' questions.

    Hope that's OK - just shout it you get stuck!

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