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Fancy road-testing the new SEAT Ateca with for a fortnight? You could win £100 for your feedback!


We are looking for 3 families with children under the age of 13 to join our latest MadeForMums product test, and put the SEAT Ateca through its paces. 

To be in with a chance of being a tester, you need to have 1 or 2 children under the age of 13, a smartphone, a clean driving licence AND you need to post a reply on this thread, telling us about your family in no more than 250 words (please see the following paragraph for details you MUST include in your post)

When you tell us about your family, you must include, please:

* Your age, and the age of your partner (if you have one)
* The age of each of your children and whether they are a boy or a girl
* The make and model of the car you own currently (if you own one)
* Whereabouts in the UK you live
* The make and model of your smartphone
* Any other details you’d like to share about your family life (house, pets, things you like to do etc)
* Why your family would be a great choice for testing this car

If you're chosen to be a tester, we'll send you a SEAT Ateca to road-test with your family for 14 days between 5th and 18th October 2016. Then we'll ask you to give your feedback by answering a few simple questions and posting up some pictures, on a special (different) Product Tests feedback thread. We’ll also ask you to keep a separate diary of your road-testing experience, for which we'll give you £100.

The Seat Ateca is a new SUV that’s designed with modern parents in mind. It’s been given a 5-star rating by What Car? and, according to Top Gear, is sharp-looking, well finished, with lots of room, and useful tech – including wireless charging, hands-free boot opening, parking assist and welcome lighting.

(Please note that comments made on feedback threads and in the road-testing diaries may be used in further marketing by SEAT.)





  • My husband and I are both 35 and live in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  We have a nine month old son, and currently drive a VW Golf 1.9TDI.  I have an iPhone 5.

    We are regular travellers to family both in Northern Ireland and Scotland.  We have to travel an hour west to my husband's family, and on the ferry to get to Scotland to my family.  

    We are selling a property that I own in Edinburgh - I'm Scottish and moved to NI as my husband is Northern Irish - and hope to be in a position to upgrade our car to a family car / hybrid / 4x4 before Christmas.  It would be great to review this car because it would help us in our decision on what to buy!  

  • My husband is 34 and I am 35years old. Our two girls are 10months and 3years. They have isofix car seats.

    Our current car is a Mazda 5, would have loved the seat Alhambra if we had the extra cash.

    We live in Plymouth. We own iPhone 5s. We both have clean licence. 

    We have a black lab and we are always off on jolly's to the beach, moors or bike rides. Our car is spacious to accommodate a pushchair and a dog so we would certainly be able to give a realistic view of what a family needs. jeff is also a youth worker and we use our car to transport them about as well. 

    I love driving different cars, if I can borrow a friends car I often will. I am a confident driver and having a Mazda 5 I am used to the size. we both drive mini buses as well. 

  • I am 35 and my hubby 36. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and hubby has an iphone 5. We have a son aged 4 who has just started school, and a 2 year old daughter. They both have isofix car seats which can also be used with the normal seat belt if necessary. 

    We live in a costal town in Norfolk. Hubby works full time, and I am a teacher 3 days a week.

    I would love to test drive the seat as we currently have a Vauxhall Astra 2 litre diesel and are looking to upgrade it within the next 12 months. We could give an honest review of how it fits into our busy family lives!

  • My husband (32) and I (37) have a 10 year old son who we ferry around to numerous activities per week. My hubby and son love to go fishing so a car would ideally fit in their rods and bait boxes. I am a social worker so I drive around a lot completing visits! Because of my job I rely on hands free calls and modern tech would make it easier and more enjoyable driving around the county of Lancashire! We currently have a Renault Megane and both have iPhones (mine an SE and my hubby a 5S). 

    We love to go on lots of days out and therefore comfort and reliability is key for us! I feel that we would be able to road test a car to the max and determine whether it really is of 5 star standard as described by what car? We will also comment honestly upon whether the car is suitable for modern, busy families and discuss whether the tech really is 'useful' as described by top gear! 😊

  • We'd love to test drive an SUV.  We are a family of three, I'm 44, my husbands 42 and our daughter is 11.  We currently have Audrey the Audi A3, Simon the Seat (Ibiza) and Rudy our campervan!  Andie (it's a girl 👶🏼) the Ateca would be welcomed into our family to enjoy a two week holiday.  We'd have lots of fun travelling to and from work and school with lots of friends in and out of the car, up and down the motorway and round lots of Staffordshire lanes!  If I can bear to be parted she may get to go fishing or swimming.  I'm sure Andie would love to hitch up with my iPhone 5SE, my daughters 5s or hubbies Samsung? We would look after her and be very honest about her behaviour and if she's really good we might adopt her!

  • I would love the chance to road test this car, we have been looking into a new family car for months and its a dilemma with so many cars out there something reliable and big enough for our 2 kids would be ideal.  Me and my fiancé Nina have 2 amazingly beautiful kinds Oliver who has just turned 3 and is loving nursery and Charlie who is 7 and big into football, so a big boot for all his kit is a necessity. 

  • I am 29 and my husband is 32.

    I have 2 boys and 2 girls age ranging from 7 months to 15 years.

    Volkswagen Touran

    North West

    Huawei Y330 - U01

    I have a big family and the space in my car is not big enough for all of our stuff and its is really cramped and we use our car daily as we are always going out visiting family and going shopping so space is vital.

    I am looking to buy a new car so this would be a perfect opportunity for me to test the car out

  • Hi I am soon to be 50, and am separated from my husband, I have 2 children a boy aged 10 and a daughter 19. I currently drive a Ford Focus 1.6 sport. We live in a town called Otley in West Yorkshire. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6

    As a family we love going walking in the Yorkshire Dales with it being on our doorstep. My son loves Karate, football and swimming.

    We would be great at testing the versatility of the the SEAT Ateca, plenty of hills around to test in on, my son goes to a village school 3 miles away so would be able to see how it handles the small country roads around here as well as the towns of Harrogate, Ilkley and Leeds. 

  • I am 37 (soon to be 38) and my husband is 40. We have four children -21 year old son, 14 year old daughter, 8 year old son and the newest member of the family a 10 week old son (We like big age gaps! 😜). We live in Wales and currently drive a Nissan Quashqai when out as a family and we have a Citroen ds3 which husband uses to commute as it's slightly small for us all because of booster seats, isofix bases and prams. We have years of experience between myself and my husband of the pros and cons of different vehicles especially when it is related to its family friendliness. We would love to try out the Seat and with school runs, baby classes, shopping and life in general it will be well tested! I have the apple iPhone 6 so plenty of pics can be taken too

  • Apologies, i entered earlier and did not fully read the lists (sorry)

    My family consists of 2 children Oliver aged 3 and Charlie Aged 7, my partner is 29 (30 in a few weeks) and i am aged 39.  We live in Carlisle in the north of england (very cold) and have done all our lives.

    We currently drive an old ford focus which is due an MOT really soon, we have been looking at a new family car recently to replace our existing on its last legs car, we have been looking at a Nissan Quashqai, something with a bit more space and nicer to drive and above all safer for the kids, which is why i think we would be fantastic road testers with us in the market for a new car we would be able to vigorously test it, and with my other half going places with the kids would get the mileage in aswell.

    I currently have an iphone 6 which has a fantastic camera and is an amazing phone, if you have one already im sure you will agree.

    Thanks for the chance

  • Both myself & my partner are soon to be 34. We have a bouncy baby boy aged 7 months.

    We currently drive an old slightly battered Seat Ibiza which we are hoping to upgrade in the new year so testing the SEAT Ateca would fab.

    We live in Poole, Dorset and love getting out and about exploring the local coastal and nature areas.

    We have an iPhone 6 (me) and a Nexus 6P! Both amazing phones!

    We have a cat named Claus, unfortunately he hates car rides so will not be available to test the Ateca. We love spending time with family and friends and travel over the country to spend time with loved ones. We have a large family and there are lots of children so we always have the little ones in our car. We also like a Sunday roast and have been visiting quaint pubs around the county in search of a decent one!

    We think we would be a great choice to test this car as we have a versatile lifestyle and love to explore the open roads!

  • My family includes myself Natasha, I am 28. My partner Gareth is 30 and my Daughter Keira is 7

    We live in whitehaven in Cumbria and have a cat called Boots

    We both have Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphones

    We would love to test the SEAT Ateca as we are looking at getting a new car in the next year or 2 and this one looks amazing

    I dont drive, my partner does and we currently havd a Seat Ibiza which we have had from new, now 8 years ol

  • I am 32 and my husband 29
    We (almost) have 2 sons one is 2.5 years old and the other will be born this week!

    I drive a Skoda Fabia he drives a Smart FourFour

    We live in Morpeth Northumberland

    My phone is an iPhone 5S his is a 6
    We are looking for a new family car which willsee us through ferrying two boys around in the coming years. We enjoy weekend trips to the coast and visit family in rural areas of Northumberland every week. Husband loves to drive in general. I'm currently on maternity leave so could really test this car getting out and about with 2 kids. 

  • Thanks to all who have volunteered to be a tester so far.

    Just popping on to say that we have just edited the opening post to include the dates when the chosen testers will be sent their cars to do their road-test: 5th to 18th October. The cars will be delivered to the tester's houses but, to be chosen as a tester, you would need to be available to receive the car and do the testing within those dates.

    Do please keep your replies coming: there's still time to sign up for your chance to take part in this amazing product test!

  • We can do those dates. lisa

  • Yeah those dates are good with us x

  • Hi!

    Sounds like fun!

    I am 40 and so is my husband, I have a Son aged 6 years.

    We have a Golf GTI and we live in Staffordshire

    I have an I Phone 6S

    We live in a rural village so a car is a must, we have a Dog and we are always busy away or walking in the nearby Peak District.

    We would be great to test drive because we get out there all the time, we are fun and be would surely put the Seat through its paces

  • Dates are good for us!

  • Hello :-)

    I am 33, my partner will soon be 37. we have four children,,,3 girls ages 7, 6 and 4, and a little boy who is 2years old.

    My current car is a Mitsubishi Outlander Warrior. 

    We live in Chesterfield along with our big brown dog Leah *Woof. Leah is also 4 ha ha.

    I am the proud owner of an iPhone 6. 

    Living in Derbyshire, it offers a diverse range of driving opportunities from towns, motorways, close to major cities, the Peaks, teeny tiny villages to meander around...the list goes on. It offers plenty of opportunity to see how the Seat Ateca handles in a variety of situations. 

    I am a busy mum of four beautiful children, so school runs, shopping, swimming lessons, visiting family down the M1, will help me review the vehicle to see how it suits a large family with young children. Plus,  I am more than convinced the children will help me in offering an honest review should we be lucky enough to test this SUV for you, as lets face it, kids can be brutally honest ;-) 

    Thanks in advance, and kind regards,

    Charlie and family xxxxxx

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