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Fancy testing the new SmarTrike Recliner Infinity 5-in-1 trike? Sign up here

Hello. We are looking for 15 parents of children aged 10 to 24 months to join our latest MadeForMums product test, and put the SmarTrike Recliner Infinity 5-in-1 trike through its paces.  

To be in with a chance of being a tester, you need to have a child between the ages of  10 months and 24 months AND you need to post a reply on this thread, letting us know the age of your child, whether you have a boy or a girl and whether you’d prefer a purple or blue SmarTrike Recliner Infinity.

If you're chosen to be a tester, we'll send you a SmarTrike Recliner Infinity in either purple or blue (we’ll do our best to match your preference but we can’t absolutely guarantee it). Then we'll ask you to give your feedback, by answering a few simple questions and posting up some pictures, on a special (different) Product Tests feedback thread.

You'll get to keep the SmarTrike Recliner Infinity after the product test – and everyone who gives quality feedback on the feedback thread will also be put into a draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher.


The SmarTrike Recliner Infinity, £129.99, is suitable for children aged 10 months to 3 years, and is 5 trikes in 1 – moving, as your child grows, from pushalong recliner to stroller mode to guided trike, training trike and finally classic trike. It has an easy-to-manoeuvre parent handle, a padded reclining seat, 3-point harness, and extendable UV canopy.




  • Hi Helen,my little girl Faye has just turned 24 months and would love the opportunity to test one of these!A purple one would be lovely if chosen thanks!

  • Hi Helen!

    Oliver is 11 months old today and would love to try this trike, it looks amazing! If we were chosen a blue one would be preferable! 

    Thank you!

    xx xx 

  • Hugo Blaze is 11m old 

    We would love blue please!! 

  • would love to help

    i have a little boy Cameron who is 1 on the 17th of October and Harry who turns 2 on the 22nd of October 

    would love a blue on for my little man.

  • Hi Helen, 

    My Daughter Eliza is almost 23 months and would be delighted to give the SmarTrike Recliner Infinity 5-in-1 trike a try - it would certainly make taking her big Sister to school a lot more fun. I also have a 4 month old Daughter who could make great use of it afterwards!

    Purple would be nice, but we'd definitely be happy with either colour.

    Thanks in advance x x

  • Hi Helen 😊

    My little Brodie is 1 on 2nd October. Where has this year gone!! Anyway he loves watching his big brother Emmett on his scooter and i think he would love to try and keep up with him on this!!

    We are very gender neutral when it comes to colours so any would be fab if we are chosen! Thanks for the opportunity 😍image

  • Hey Helen 

    Could i be considered? Lyra is 1yr now been looking into getting one of these but just dont have the funds purple would be great tho not fussy :) 


  • Our wee Harrison is 23 months. He's such an active wee boy and is obsessed with anything with wheels!  I'm sure he would have a ball testing the SmarTrike! There is plenty of tarmack all around our house that we can take him round to explore! We also have a caravan at the coast which would be a great place to try out the trike.  

    Any colour would be great!

  • Wow what a fab opportunit. My daughter who is 2 would absolutely love test out one of these and it could then be saved for baby no 2 due in January. We would love the blue one pleass X

  • We would love to test for you, my youngest daughter has just turned 9 months ( will she be near enough 10 by the time a product arrives?) And she is so active this would be a great alternative to putting her in the pram - as she hates it ! We have been looking at these online but like another mom said : funds are an issue so would love a chance to feedback for you.

    Any colour is fine if we are chosen 

  • My little girl is 20 months and we'd love a purple one to test :)

  • Hi i have a girl alysha aged 19 month. Would love to try a purple trike To test if we are picked please x

  • Hello, my name is Monika and my daughter Lily is 10 and a half months. We would love the opportunity to test the new 5 in 1 SmartTrike Recliner, preferably in purple. Thank you.

  • My little boy Daniel who is nearly 23 months would absolutely love to test this smart trike. We live opposite a park so I know he would have me over there everyday on it.

    blue would be the preferred colour.

  • My daughter is 19 months old and would prefer a putple trike. Thanks

  • My little man is 18 months old and is about to become a big brother. He would love this in blue thanks.

  • Hi there,

    My son Logan is 20 months old and we would love to put the blue one through its paces. We will use it regularly and give constructive honest feedback.


  • hi helen,i have a little girl age 16 months,id love to try a purple SmarTrike Recliner Infinity please

  • My son is going to be 18 months old at the start of October and I know he'd love to test this out for you. He'd love the blue one if chosen please.

  • Almost 10 months, at the beginning of October. We have a boy and don't mind either colour. 

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