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Britax Affinity 2 product test: the feedback thread


This is the feedback thread for those of you who are testing the Britax Affinity 2 travel system for us as part of our latest MadeForMums product test.

You should all have received your buggy (or it's speeding its way to you right now!). Do have fun testing it out with your baby and please also take some pictures of your child in the buggy.

Then, please give us your feedback on this thread by answering the following 5 questions:

1. What did you think of the Britax Affinity when you first received it?
2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair? Please post up the picture(s) of your baby in the pushchair (to upload a pic, click the little camera icon at the top right of the 'Add your reply' box)
3. How do you find using the pushchair? How do you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?
4. Which features of the pushchair do you like the most?
5. Would you recommend the Britax Affinity to another parent or parent-to-be?

Everyone who leaves quality feedback and answers all 5 of our questions (and is part of our product test) will be put into a draw to win a £100 Amazon voucher.

Thank you so much – and good luck!

The Britax Affinity 2 is suitable from birth (if used with matching carrycot or infant carrier, both sold separately). It has front and rear suspension, height-adjustable handle and, with its integrated Click & Go car seat receivers, it is travel-system ready. Comes in a choice of 6 fabrics and 3 chassis colours.  


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    Hiya!! Thanks so much for sending us a pushchair. So far we have been to a Christmas fayre, the garden centre and out on a dog walk as well as countless times round the living room to try and get the little one off to sleep! We have really enjoyed trying it out. Please find below feedback to your questions: 

    1. What did you think of the Britax Affinity when you first received it?

    really impressed. It was so simple To put together and was up and ready to use in no time at all. I love the colour packs because I think it's great that I could buy another one if I wanted a different colour at any point or if this one got broken without having to buy a whole new pushchair! There did seem to be a lot of packaging though, an excessive amount in comparison to other pushchairs. 

    2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair? Please post up the picture(s) of your baby in the pushchair (to upload a pic, click the little camera icon at the top right of the 'Add your reply' box)

    dexter loved riding in it, he fit in it really well with plenty of room to grow. He's slept in it very happily when being pushed around and continued to snooze in it when we've got back to the house! I haven't used the tummy strap as he didn't like being strapped down but other than that he's been really happy in it. 

    3. How do you find using the pushchair? How do you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

    ive used other pushchairs that are easier to manoeuvre with one hand, this one is quite heavy one handed but is fine with two and is managable with one. It's very easy to push and the adjustable handle is brilliant, I'm over 6ft tall so this is essential for me! Really comfortable to use and I'm so impressed by how easily it goes up and down, putting it together and in and out of the car is a doddle and so much easier than other pushchairs I've used. Really impressed with it generally, the only real negative I have is that I wish the basket at the bottom was bigger as there's not much room in it. 

    4. Which features of the pushchair do you like the most?

    the colour and the ability to change it. How easy it is to put up and down. The mattress that my little one is laying on seems really comfy and cushioned. Absorbs the bumps of the road well, good strong brake. 

    5. Would you recommend the Britax Affinity to another parent or parent-to-be

    yes definitely!! being able tonjust clip it all in so quickly and effortlessly is the biggest selling point for me! 

  • heya MadeForMums💙✨

    we received the buggy Friday evening.. the weather has been awful this weekend and morgan is full of cold so he has stayed in! He is full of smiles again today 🤗 As of tomorrow we will be testing the buggy! It looks so comfortable and sturdy, we can not wait to get out and about! 

    Thankyou again for sending us the BritaxAffinity2 to test, we shall be on our travels as of tomorrow!

    image Excited we are💙🌟

  • Ooh, loving the pics, ladies! 

    Glad you're excited Chlooepee: looking forward to reading your feedback...

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    1. What did you think of the Britax Affinity when you first received it?

    We were so excited when we received the pram! Thank you so much for choosing us. Our first impressions were how much packaging there seemed to be, and my husbands exact words were, "This is going to take hours to put together!" We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was, and how quick it took. We thought it looked striking yet sturdy, and the colour pack in red was really vibrant.

    2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair?

    I have to say Ezra took a while to really warm to this chair. We found the carrycot to be a bit on the snug side so maybe he could sense that? He usually falls asleep straight away in our other pram and it took him abit longer to settle to sleep. We found the carrycot to be very 'open' which has its pros and cons. It means we can see our babies easier, but it also means baby might not feel as secure as in other buggies. We also noticed his chubby cheeks vibrating as we went down the high street, something we'd not noticed before in our other pram. The carrycot part has a Velcro strap to keep baby secure in there and he loved being strapped in which was I thought a lovely extra.
    3. How do you find using the pushchair? How do you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?
    I found the chassis quite a bit heavier than expected. I'm 8 weeks post c section so lifting heavy things isn't recommended for 6 weeks and then we're meant to take it slow. I definitely wouldn't have managed lifting this in and out of the car due to its heaviness. I also found that I couldn't use it one handed as well as other pushchairs I've had a go on. Although there is a lovely feature on the handlebar where it fits one hand in, which does help to try to do it one handed to be fair. It corners well and turns easy (even in a crowded New Look!) and the brakes are good. I did find that once I'd hung the change bag on the handle it made it pretty impossible to reach the brakes with my foot, I physically had to walk round to the side of the pram and manoeuvre my foot in the mechanism to reach the brake. Maybe a brake on the handle would be better? The handles adjust which is great for different heights. The carrycot is considerably smaller than we expected and even folds down a little until it's attached to the chassis, so there's a lot more room in the boot. Although it means the carrycot can't be put on the floor and used as a makeshift bed for the baby. You need two hands to lift up the hood on the carrycot which is REALLY awkward, I wish it was just one handed, as you have to put it up every time you use it and put it down every time you need to put it in the boot! But all in all, especially for its price, the Britax Affinity 2 is a really good sturdy pushchair with some good features and a few annoying bits.

    4. Which features of the pushchair do you like the most?

    I like that the rain cover folds down really small so that you can keep it in the basket at the bottom without taking up too much room. And the fact it has an opening on it so you can teach in and touch your baby without having to remove it quickly. I really love the idea of the colour pack, even if I'd bought a blue one for my boy and then had a girl later on I could just buy a colour pack in a more girly or neutral colour without having to buy a brand new pushchair. I like how small it folds down, I definitely have a lot more room in my boot compared to my other pushchair. I like that there's a zip on the carrycot hood which opens to a mesh so that you can let a lot more air through, I think that will be really handy on hot days. I also like the wipe clean handle bar and the fact that it adjusts for different heights too.

    5. Would you recommend the Britax Affinity to another parent or parent-to-be?

    I definitely would recommend it to my friends. I think for its price range you won't get a better more all rounder good pushchair, obviously if you want to spend double you may get a lighter pram, with better suspension and easier to manoeuvre but I think this pushchair has everything you need for your new arrival and more at a very affordable price. 

  • Hi there! Thank-you so much for choosing us to test out the Britax Affinity 2! Here is our review:

    1. What did you think of the Britax Affinity when you first received it?

    We were so excited when our Britax arrived and couldn't wait to unpack it! It came in 3 simple packages, the colour pack, the carrycot and the pushchair/chassis. Me and my partner found it relatively easy to put together although some of the instructions weren't clear and we ended up readjusting the straps before the colour pack went on which was incorrect and we had to start over. However apart from this it was fairly straightforward and it looked fab when it was all put together!!

    2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair?

    Heidi instantly loved riding in the pushchair! She looked really snug and cosy in it and it was much more compact (but still spacious) than my current travel system. She fell asleep within minutes of being in it which made for a nice peaceful lunch out lol! We didn't use the Velcro strap on this occasion but I like the idea of using it perhaps on more hilly walks. Today we went to a restaurant and to the shops and she stayed asleep the whole time :-)


    3. How do you find using the pushchair? How do you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

    I absolutely loved how easy this pushchair was to manoeuvre! It felt sturdy yet light to push compared to my current pushchair. As it is quite compact, it was easy to get down narrow aisles and very easy to turn corners etc. The handle was really comfortable to hold and I like the fact it is so easy to adjust. It was also very easy to fold down and put back up again although it didn't seem to 'lock' very securely when it was down and I had to carry it by the middle bar to put it in the car rather than the handle. I like the fact the brakes are on one side as it was easy to use. My current pushchair has the brake in the middle and my changing bag always seems to get in the way...this was a lot easier to use.

    4. Which features of the pushchair do you like the most?

    The features I like most are the cosy and compact carrycot as my little one felt safe and snug in there. I like the fact it feels so smooth to push and the bumps in the road didn't seem to affect this as much as my other pushchair. I also like the fact its so easy to fold down. This is great when you're on your own! I also love the overall look of this travel system...the colour and size is perfect!

    5. Would you recommend the Britax Affinity to another parent or parent-to-be?

    I would definitely recommend this travel system to other parents and parents to be. It has so many good qualities and is a very quick and easy system to use...ideal for new parents who have never even pushed a pram before!

  • Hi ladies!!! We only received our gorgeous pram on Monday so haven't got a proper test yet bit over the weekend we should get out and about and I'll get a review sorted. Thanks again made for mums!! Myself and Arlo adore his new buggy!!! Britax did good with this one!!



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    1. What did you think of the Britax Affinity when you first received it?

    I had only bought a second had pram before so to have one arrive in a box was so exciting!! 


    When I looked at all the equipment I thought it would be really difficult to put everything together but it was much simpler than I thought. As I was unpacking and looking at things I had lots of thoughts about the different parts so I will break it down like this; 


    Chassis - Modern and stylish in white. Folds down to a perfect size to fit in a smaller car. Really sturdy and simple to use. 


    Carry cot - I felt like this looked comfortable and I loved the Velcro strap.. (although my friend said it looked like a straight jacket).. Love the size of the carry cot as at 11 weeks and 2 days Meredith still had lots of room. 


    Pushchair - I love the pushchair and the reclining positions. Meredith looked comfortable in the push chair when in the house. 


    Colour pack - I chose black as it goes with everything. The parts were simple to fit and felt well made and cushioned.


    Wheels - Feel like the wheels nearest to me are a bit bulky and they make it hard to get the pram out of the doorway. Love the suspension on the front wheels. Not as easy on corners as other prams. 


    Handlebars- Love the adjustments for different heights. My husband said it's not made for really tall people - that's his only bug bear..



    2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair? Please post up the picture(s) of your baby in the pushchair 


    Meredith isn't a fussy baby which is great so she didn't get upset or anything. She loves snoozing as you push her around.


    I think with the zipped part on top of her blankets it felt super secure and snug in this freezing weather.

    3. How do you find using the pushchair? How do you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre? 


    I have a daily struggle of walking my dog whilst pushing the pram but with the affinity I found it much easier to manoeuvre. It was easy to control when pushing with just one hand. In icy conditions it didn't seem to skate at all. 


    We do two miles at least per day so we have really put it to the test!


    The suspension makes it easier to go up and down kerbs and it doesn't seem to disturb Meredith at all.


    Corners aren't as easy as the pram I was originally using but apart from that the bonus of suspension outweighs the jerky corners.

    4. Which features of the pushchair do you like the most? 


    I would say that the ability to manoeuvre the pram with one hand is of great use to me and also the compactness of chassis when folded down. 


    I also like the reclining position of the pushchair for younger babies. 


    5. Would you recommend the Britax Affinity to another parent or parent-to-be? 


    I would recommend the affinity for its style and chassis. 


    It's a great value and good looking travel system and I felt it was really sturdy and safe. 


    The colour pack idea is perfect as I get bored easily and for £65 they are great value too.. Absolutely love the lagoon green colour so may treat myself one day. 


    For small car users it's perfect as it's so compact. I'm not having to put the chassis in the boot and the carrycot on the back seat.. we can have more than two adults in the car now! Great work imageimageimageimage

  • Thanks so much for letting us test the pram MFMs ❤️👍

  • Hey all! Putting together a nice little review for the travel system. my family are down tomorrow so we will be out and about in the pram getting a good feel of it!😍 Will post the full review Sunday night👌🏾

    Morgan yesterday LOVING the coseyness! we had literally just left the house where he was awake lol!


  • Hello thanks for letting us test the travel system :)


    1. What did you think of the Britax Affinity when you first received it?

    i was really happy with the pushchair. Once I got it out of the box it was simple to set up (i am rubbish at things like this but managed it quickly). The carrycot frame was quite tough to pop up  but it is very sturdy. It doesn't take up a lot of space and it is very easy to fold down and back up.

    2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair? 

    Amalia used to fuss when we popped her in the pram we were using but in the affinity she was quite happy. She liked looking through the gap in the fabric where the handle is on the carrycot. 

    It's very cosy and the dark interior helped her nap, even in the house which is unusual  for her. 

    The strap across the middle is good and the mattress seems quite comfy. Her head did seem to wobble around  little bit while we walked ib the pram so maybe something to support the head would be good in the carry cot; however  this may be normal in a carrycot it's just our original pram had fabric cushioning her head.

    3. How do you find using the pushchair? How do you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

    its very easy to push, and it turns neatly. it was easy to push on and off the bus, even round the seats and poles. Easy to push one handed as well. My mother in law had a go too and found it light to push.

    The brake is easy to reach with your foot. Its a bit tricky fitting stuff in to the basket when the carrycot attachment is on as there is not much of a gap between. 

    The handle is simple to move to different heights which is great as my fiancé is tall. It's a bit tricky to put up and down the carrycot hood, I seem to  have to twist my hands an odd way to push both buttons in.

    4. Which features of the pushchair do you like the most?

    my favourite feature is the click and go system as it makes it so easy to install the carry cot/pushchair attachments. I have ordered a compatible car seat. 

    I like how easy it is to push and turn, even one handed as it's handy for shopping and walking outside.

    5. Would you recommend the Britax Affinity to another parent or parent-to-be?

    Yes, the colours are nice and it's simple to set up and use. 

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    1. What did you think of the Britax Affinity when you first received it?

    We were so excited to receive the travel system, I had done a bit of investigating online and saw that the majority of reviews were really positive and I couldn't wait to put it to the test myself. I went for the colour pack and chassis in all black, mainly because I'm fussy and wouldn't trust myself with white. I knew I couldn't go far wrong with black, it goes with everything and my muddy walks and beach treks wouldn't have as much of an impact on the chassis if it was black! My dad helped me put the pram together just because I wanted to make sure I was doing it right.. it was so simple! That simple I was convinced I had done something wrong and a wheel was going to fall off on my travels or something haha, but no! We were all good to go, that's how easy it was to put together!

    I won't lie, when I first put the pram up I was in two minds a bit. I thought that in comparison to our current travel system it was quite bulky and assumed it would to be awkward to fit in my car and harder to push, heavy etc, but ooooh how wrong was I? Very. I can now fit all of the pram in my boot. I don't have to put the carrycot on my back seats AND it's so easy to dismantle/collapse! Wooo, I feel like a winner!

    2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair?

    Morgan took really well to the pushchair. He can't fully support his head yet so we are still using the carrycot! The padding in the carrycot is amazing, it seems more comfortable than the mattress in his Moses basket which is amazing. And that's not including the belt, what a genius idea! Morgan loves being swaddled, he's a bit of a colicky baby and my health visitor suggested swaddling him as a comfort! I totally feel the belt has this effect, he was so contented and chilled on all of our strolls, and on all different types of terrain; sand, bumpy paths, grass! Brilliant.

    3. How do you find using the pushchair? How do you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

    This is also what I was worried about! My current pushchair is very light and super easy to push, I didn't think anything could beat it.. I was wrong, again! The Britax Affinity 2 pushes so easy, and is extremely sturdy.. this must be why it looks slightly chunkier than my current pram! Going up and down pavements feels so much safer, as though it has barely any impact; the baby wasn't waking or jerking around like he usually does when we have to cross roads etc! It's also easy to control with one hand which for me is ideal when we take our Yorkshire Terrier on walks with us too (or even more importantly if I wanted to eat a pasty on my way home at any point😂.) I found on the beach the Britax was also a lot easier to push over the sand, especially if I wheelied it in the process!😂 This travel system is just generally effortless to get around from A to B! 🙂

    4. Which features of the pushchair do you like the most?

    As mentioned above I love how comfortable Morgan seems in the pushchair, it's very sturdy and a piece of cake to manoeuvre. It's easy to collapse which for me is brilliant & the basket underneath is a fair size too. I'm glad I chose the all black, it's very smart and a lot of my friends passed comment on how it looks like it will last longer as Morgan gets bigger! He's already 12lbs4oz and 2feet long at only 10weeks, he's going to be a big boy and I honestly think the Britax will suite his build for a longer period of time.

    5. Would you recommend the Britax Affinity to another parent or parent-to-be?
    Definitely. I have no reason not to, I love this pram and most of all if Morgan could talk I genuinely think he would say he loves it too!💙✨
    The only couple of things I might fault about the Britax Affinity 2 is how high the handle extends too (or in this case I guess doesn't?) and also the complexity of the hood. I think the handle should be able to extend a bit longer -past the point it does already- just for people that might be that little bit taller, or for mums who like wearing heels and might feel they are slouching slightly to push it along. And with the hood I find it quite tricky to push the buttons in and lift it at the same time; I seem to be doing funky twists with my fingers to get it up and down.

    Thankyou so much for choosing us to test the Britax Affinity 2 Travel System.. We are extremely grateful and absolutely love it!!

  • So last week i received the Britax Affinity 2 Pushchair to review. I thought it only fair to write as honest a review as possible and hopefully help possible future Britax pram owners decide for sure whether to go for this pushchair! Hope you enjoy. 



    First impressions were good! I found I was able to assemble to pram and carrycot without referring to the instruction manual. However the colourpack wasn't as straight forward to attach. The instructions supplied weren't overly detailed and I found myself referring to YouTube, especially for attaching the canopy. 

    Once assembled the pram looked very stylish and modern. The colour (flame red) along with the white chassis looked great and I was very happy with my colour choice. I couldn't wait to get out and about and put it through its paces, both in a country setting as well as an urban area!


    I purposely went out on separate occasions with Arlo in both the carrycot and pram attachments. Arlo isn't yet 3 months but since the pram lies flat and can be rotated to parent facing he was as comfortable in either option. 



    Arlo loves this pram. The suspension makes for a comfortable ride and I find it easy to get him to sleep when we are out and about. The raincover is large and easy to attach which is an added bonus in this unpredictable Winter weather. 


    This is a modern, striking, sleek pushchair but as with most things it had its negative features aswell as it's positive.  


    EASY TO HANDLE, PUSH AND MANOEUVRE  - this is a light and nippy pram. The rubber middle on the handle bar makes it alot easier to drive one-handed (very useful when you also have a 2 year old toddler who constantly wants to hold your hand!)  and the wheel lock at the front (stops wheels rotating) is useful on longer walks in our local forest where the terrain is rougher. 

    SUSPENSION  - makes for a smooth ride for baby even in rough ground. This is very useful for myself as we live in the middle of nowhere with frequent forest walks with the dog! The suspension makes the pram ideal for both urban and country areas making for a versatile unit... a big positive in any mummies book. 


    CANOPY - I noted the canopy has 50+ uv protection. This is an excellent feature. It is a large canopy meaning babies head is sheltered at all times and the mesh insert allows for viewing of your little one (when unit is facing away) as well as circulation of air. Only issue I had was with the carrycot canopy attachment. You almost need 3 hands to adjust it. Two hands to push the button either side and another to move it up or down... I end up having to bend over and use my chin! Not ideal. 


    5 POINT HARNESS - easy to lock, unlock and adjust, and the colourpack snaps onto the straps; a great idea as keeps colourpack in place. 

    BRAKE - the colour icons on the brake are great for helping you work the brake. The brake is effective and is easily reached.


    HANDLEBAR - height adjustable. This is useful for 5ft3" me aswell as 5ft9" hubby. Very simple to adjust. 


    RAINCOVER - as mentioned earlier this is large and simple to put on in the sudden downpours we are so used to experiencing g in the UK. 

    RECLINE - although the handle to do this was stiff to start off with, this got easier with use and I feel that overall, as a function, the one handle adjustment is excellent and a great feature of this pram.  I feel there are plenty of recline options available to you and I like that if I decided to put my little one in the pram that I can lie them flat if needs be. 

    APRON - great idea.  This keeps all your bits and pieces in the pram i.e blankets, rattles etc. and looks very pleasing to the eye. 


    SIMPLE TO FOLD UP AND DOWN - I especially like that you have the option to fold down the pram and chassis all in one go. This option isn't available with the carrycot attachment but it's not difficult to detach the carrycot from the chassis atall.  However the release buttons for the wheels are very small and discreet... I kept having to look for them. This is a tiny negative in an overall very smart piece of kit!

    FRONT AND PARENT FACING PRAM - excellent for parents of younger babies that you have this option for peace of mind. Very easy to turn the pram attachment if required.  

    COLOURPACK - this is an excellent feature. This allows for the ability to talk ur the pram to you. The range of colours is great and by purchasing an extra colourpack you can change up the look of the pram when the mood takes you. It also keeps the pram covers underneath in great condition. Big thumbs up!


    CARRYCOT- I like that the carrycot attaches to the chassis at a very slight angle. This makes the carrycot great for use with reflux babies. The tummy strap is a great safety feature and the mattress is very soft and comfortable for baby. 



    BASKET - although larger than some other makes of pram it's still not the biggest. It is quite hard to access with the carrycot attached, aswell as when the pram attachment is parent facing. 


    FABRIC BUMPER - I think this would be easily marked and I question whether having this changed to a leatherette bumper (like the handlebar) would be an option to consider? 


    My favourite aspects of this pram are as follows;

    COLOURPACK - The colourpack allows you to personalise your pram to you. This makes the pram feel unique to your own personality which adds to its appeal. If you get bored of a certain colour then just change it! 

    EASY ASSEMBLY - when you have 2 children having a pram that is just as quick as easy to assemble as it is to disassemble is important. This pram ticks all the boxes as far as this feature is concerned. It's not too heavy so it's easy to lift in and out of the boot. 


    Yes I would reccommend without hesitation. There are a few minor hiccups in the model that require adjustment but this doesn't deter from the he fact that this is a very smartly engineered pram and one that I look forward to using for the next couple of years. Although Arlo has been the only child to get a go in the Britax Affinity so far,  my 2 year old can't wait to get a go! Thanks madeformums for the opportunity to discover such a fabulous pram! image


  • Firstly- thanks for giving us the opportunity to test this lovely product!

    1. What did I think at first?
    Set up was easy enough (I did it by myself ), though it was a little tough getting the support frame in place for the basinet. It felt sturdy and well put together, and I liked the look of the chassis, especially the leather handle grip. And I love the red colour pack - I walk A LOT and I felt like we couldn't be missed Hank's to the brightness!image

    2. How'd the baby find it?
    Even family members commented on how quickly our boy fell asleep in this! It's so cosy and squishy in the basinet- he loves it. It also seems to keep him very warm and keeps the breeze out on these cold winter walks! I also don't know if it's meant to be like that, but the basinet is on the slightest tilt- and my baby has a fair bit of reflux, but has only spit up a couple times in it- I think that helped!


    3. How was it to manoeuvre?
    Ommmgggg that suspension! It pushes like a dream. It's so smooth and the means a less bumpy ride for baby- handles corners very well and it's a bit narrower than my previous pram so I didn't struggle to get through doors!

    We really got a kick out of how smooth and easy it was to push. The first day I kept making my husband push the pram across the roads to feel how little it rattled and how soft it landed.

    Other great features that I loved were:

    The air flow vent- I wish I had that in summer! The option to let the air in but not the sun and the bugs thanks to the mesh is a fantastic idea!

    The break! Ok this is lame, but I'm an Aussie who loves her thongs (flip flops to all you sniggering Brits 😝) - and I love that I don't have to lift the foot break with the top of my foot to get moving. You just press your foot on the red or green depending if your parking or not.No more sore feet!image

    The adjustable handle. I'm vertically challenged and I like my hand tilted downwards, but the hubby prefers it up, so it's great we are both sorted!

    What I didn't love:
    The only thing I could fault was the hood of the basinet could be easier to move up and down- it was a little stiff and awkward to move -but apart from that- it was amazing.and I wouldn't have minded a little more storage in the base of the pram :)

    Would I recommend it?

    Absolutely. I wish I had have found this sooner. Perfect for new mummies. This is definitely replacing our current pram and will definitely be using this for baby number 2 as well!

  • imageimageimageimageimage

    So I got to try out this pram, and I fell so lucky to have done so. Thank you so much! I'm really enjoying using the pram. 

    Here is my review,

    1. What did you think of the Britax Affinity when you first received it?


    I was excited to put it up, I thought it looked good but basic. It was Packaged very well. Took seconds to put up. Didn't even look at instructions. 

    2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair?

    It took me a few days to get Nyla out in the pram as the whole house was ill. But I did use it for her to go to sleep in (as I already had it made). It's been a god send. See sleeps surprisingly well in it, I honestly think the strap make her feel very secure. She loves it, I can't  wait for her to use the next stage 

    3. How do you find using the pushchair? How do you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

    I had no real issues pushing it, or getting the pram to go where I needed it to go really. It is easier to push with two hand then one. I found when I had to hold my sons hand, I had to put more effort into the pram. 

    I'm 5 foot 10, and the handle is PERFECT for my height. The carry cot is slightly low for my height, but I can't complain as it's still easy to get my baby in and out. 

    The brakes look good, with the colour coding. It's easy to put in and out of brake. But...I'm not confident how safe the brake is. There still is a lot of movement with the brake on. Over time. I would dread to think how good it would be.

    Folding the pram down: 

    I have a Renault megane , it fits in my boot perfectly with room for shopping. 

    I can put it down very quickly and put it back up just as quick. The only thing that slows it down, is when the hood is up, and I have to push the buttons to put the hood down. (This really bugs me). 

    The carrycot fixes to the base with no trouble. I do think the carrycot is heavy though! Not an issue, but thought I would point that out. 

    4. Which features of the pushchair do you like the most?


    I LOVE the fact it has a "theft protection" I have never seen this before, a major plus! 

    The handle has great grip. The material isn't the kind to get dirty quickly. A quick wipe can keep it on great condition. 

    The carrycot: 

    I'm really impressed with this design to look at. The red and grey complement each other well. The carry cot is padded to perfection, the padding is so clever and comfy looking. I love the extra strap for the baby. This would make me feel at ease, that my baby is safe and secure, and very comfy. 

    It is a small carry cot though. One more month and I will put Nyla in the next seat anyway. But on the contrast, I like how small it is, as newborns seem swallowed up by some carry cots. The quality of the material and finish also caught my eye. It looked lovely, even down to the stitching and zips. 

    The base: 

    The white colour is lovely in my eyes. The shape is smooth and looks modern! The wheels are not to large for the frame. But large enough to ensure the pram is sturdy and safe. I found the front wheels only worked well when they were free moving, but I guess the lock is for different tureen. 

    The basket is an okay size, but it is a good size for the price. I would have preferred bigger personally. 

    The hood:

    It looks great and works amazing when up, I love the extra fabric to protect baby from wind and sun. 

    I really struggle getting the hood up and down with those buttons. I think that should have been build a lot easier. You need too hands and it's really silly in my eyes. When Nyla cries, I have to use two hands to get the hood down just to get her out.



    It's a good pram, and good value for money. I really like the pram. I'm so impressed with how smooth it is to push. Effortless for me. I love how it's a good size for a taller mum. I love the anti theft. I like how easy it is to move around and get up and down curbs. The basket is an ok size.  I like the white base, and love how easy it is to collapse minus the hood. 

    My main issue was, the brakes. I have had second and 3rd hand prams with better brakes. I know the pram can't go anywhere, but I could push the pram forwards with the brakes on. In colder weathers, with icy floors, I do worry!

    Other then the brakes, this pram would be a perfect pram to use until Nyla needs a stroller.  It looks the part and delivers a high standard! 

    5. Would you recommend the Britax Affinity to another parent or parent-to-be?


    I think I would recommend it, it ticks so many boxes! I can tell it's a pram that will last me a long time,  it's easy to us and its a pram that my baby loves. Surely that's the main thing Anyone need a pram to do. 
  • Hi, sorry, I've been so poorly this last week so have only now got around to writing this.

    Firstly, thank  you so much for giving me the opportunity to review the Britax Affinity 2.

    Here goes:

    1. What did you think of the Britax Affinity when you first received it?

    I was so excited when I received the pram, like a kid at Christmas hah! The pram came in three packages and I couldn't believe how easy it was to put together, just a few clicks and the carry cot and wheels were ready to go.

    The instructions were a little bit confusing but we managed it be using a little common sense. I'd say that the pram would be great for those new to the pram game and don't own a tool box!

    2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair? Please post up the picture(s) of your baby in the pushchair (to upload a pic, click the little camera icon at the top right of the 'Add your reply' box)

    Nancy loved how snug she was in the carrycot. It's a fair bit smaller than the usual size which is nice in some respects but I'm not entirely sure how long she'll get out of it before being moved up to the seat unit, which isn't ideal.

    The tummy strap is a great feature as I often get the heebie jeebies going up and down curbs with my current pram. 

    I think Nancy felt really assured riding in it as she could see me clearly the whole time. Quite often she's hidden away in the carry cot of our current pram so I like the height of the pram and the visibility of my baby.

    3. How do you find using the pushchair? How do you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

    As mentioned, the pram is quite heavy handed in terms of maneuverability. Sometimes it veers off when using only one hand, but it's not too much of a problem.

    It isn't as smooth a ride for the baby but, to be honest, I think this helped Nancy fall asleep and I wouldn't say it affected her comfort at all.

    4. Which features of the pushchair do you like the most?

    I really liked the height and snugness of the carry cot. The Tummy strap is a great safety feature and it put my mind at rest when negotiating curbs.

    I also really like the extended canopy on the seat unit and how easy it is to change the seating arrangements from carry cot to seat. 

    So imageimageimageimageimageeasy to fold up and down so a great option for those doing school runs etc.

    The buttons for the foot rest and canopy are a bit of a pain and took a bit of practice to master.

    5. Would you recommend the Britax Affinity to another parent or parent-to-be?

    YES! For the price, it's incredible quality and very sturdy. My little girl was obviously very comfortable the entire time she was in it and with a roomy shopping bag (something all pram manufacturers seem to lack these days!) I'd say it was a great all-round pram. 100% would recommend!

  • Hi everyone, 
    Thank you all so much for taking part in this product test and posting your feedback. It's absolutely wonderful feedback and the pictures are amazing too. You've all done such a grand job - we can't thank you enough. 

    We're going to lock this thread now, but will be back tomorrow to announce the winner of the £100 Amazon voucher... so watch this space! 

  • Hi everyone, 

    We just wanted to thank you again for being part of this product test and to announce the winner of the £100 Amazon voucher is..... HH88! Congratulations! We'll be dropping you an email about this soon. 

    Thanks again to all our testers for your great comments! 

    You may also find it useful to have a read of what our MFM reviewer thought of the Britax Affinity 2...

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