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Britax B-READY product test: the feedback thread



  • Yay it arrived! ūüėÄ


  • Mine arrived today, went to the park in the car. Just about to go out again for a walk. Looking forward to reviewing it. X

  • Mine has arrived but we're away for a few days for Christmas so won't be able to review until 28th or 29th - hope that's ok?¬†

  • imageYay mine arrived luckily my nieighbour is honest it got addressed to the wrong door number but got to me in the end :) can't wait to try it¬†

  • Hi not received mine yet either hope it comes soon I can't wait to try it out and do my feedback xxx

  • imageimageimageimage2. Starting with this number as phone won't allow upload of pics if written text first. Matthew & Amelia slept throughout our stroll to Asda & back. Amelia seemed overshadowed by Matthew's cot but didn't seem bothered. The velcro support straps were accepted by both without any fuss. Not sure how well they would fit older babies though ¬†(they look just right on my 6wk old twins ). It must be comfortable as neither twin disturbed, even when going over the tactile paving.¬†

    1. My first impression of the pushchair was that it was bigger & heavier than expected  (it's actually heavier than my OBaby double pushchair ), otherwise it looks smart. 

    3. The pushchair was fairly easy to push although the two carrycots made it feel very long & this made corners a bit more awkward. The adjustable handle did help make it a comfortable height for the entire outing. The brake was so simple on & off it was a godsend. 

    4. I love the ease of the 'click & go' system, it really is a simple click on & click off. The adjustable handle meant for comfortable pushing height throughout our stroll. The zip on the basket made it easy to access as well as ensuring that nothing fell out.

    5. The extension adapters were really easy to click on & click off again, no different to adding the cots themselves. 

    6. I am not sure if I would have bought the carrycots myself  (they are an 'accessory' that needs buying separate from the pushchair ) but would have probably just used a Britax carseat  (all supposed to be suitable though again need buying separate from the pushchair ). For us twin mums the required additional products mean that this pushchair becomes rather costly which is why I would recommend leaving the carrycot & just use the car seat in its place 

  • image

    1. What did you think of the Britax B-READY when you first received it

    When I first received my pram I thought it was very bright but I love the colour. The base itself is rather heavy but to me that says safe. The basket space underneath is what made my day, there is so much room for shopping and day to day items that I wont have to struggle with pushing the pram and carrying bags all at once.  

    2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair? 

    Grace loved her first ride in her pram, she fell asleep almost instantly and stayed like this for 2 hours. Even once she woke she just lay there settled for another hour or so. The safety strap feature is fabulous and puts my mind at ease because the pram is heavy so takes a little bit more of an effort to lift on and off kerbs so can be a bumpy ride which Grace actually enjoys. 


    3. How do you find using the pushchair? How do you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

    Alrhough the pram is heavy its actually comfortable and easy to use. The handle bar can be adjusted to the perfect height for both myself and my partner. Its also easy to put up and put down for storage. The manoeuvreing of the pram is simple and actually goes where you tell it too (unlike my old pram that tends to turn right on its own). The carry cot is also easy to attach and take off again which I like 

    4. Which features of the pushchair do you like the most?

    Definitely the brake system, so easy to use and no messing round getting on and off public transport and holding the queue because you cant take the brake off. Also the basket is another favourite feature as i do a lot of fetching and carrying with Grace so this is ideal.

    5. If you tested the Britax B-READY with more than one child in it, how easy was it to adapt the pushchair to carry two children?

    I have not used this feature

    6. Would you recommend the Britax B-READY to another parent or parent-to-be?

    I have actually recommended this pram to a friend of mine who will become a mother for the second time in March and she has actually purchased one and is waiting for the delivery. She will not be disappointed

    Thank you for allowing myself and my daughter test this pram, I am very grateful.


  • Hello

    Thanks for the opportunity to test the Britax B Ready, we had fun!

    1. What did you think of the Britax B-READY when you first received it

    I liked it, it was easy to assemble without looking at the instructions (it's similar to my Uppababby Vista). The only thing I couldn't get was the fabric seemed a little off, it never really fit snugly on the velcro, perhaps a zip would be better? 

    It seemed very sturdy and had a generous basket. I wish that my baby was a little older so that I could have use the toddler seat too, that looks fantastic.

    2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair? Please post up the picture(s) of your baby in the pushchair 

    She loves going in the pushchair and she slept soundly. The gap between the fabric at the top and the hood was quite large and I worried that she'd be getting cold, but she seemed fine.image

    3. How do you find using the pushchair? How do you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

    Once I remembered to lock the front wheels on uneven terrain it was great! It pulls off centre with the swivel wheels on our terrible pavements, but the problem was quickly rectified - user error!

    I found it easy to manoeuvre round the supermarket one handed.


    Another big surprise was how easily it fit into my C Max boot. I didn't have to collapse anything. If I needed more space in the boot I could have removed the wheels and collapsed the carrycot.


    4. Which features of the pushchair do you like the most?

    I like how narrow it is at the back (a major annoyance with my pushchair) and the multi position handlebars. The basket is also pretty big. I managed to get a £40 supermarket shop in it no problems, although the back of the basket doesn't feel too sturdy, the lighter stuff went in there and I put the heavy stuff at the front which feels more secure.


    5. If you tested the Britax B-READY with more than one child in it, how easy was it to adapt the pushchair to carry two children?

    N/A I only have a week old infant

    6. Would you recommend the Britax B-READY to another parent or parent-to-be?

    Yes definitely, it's a great pushchair and the price is good value. You get a lot for your money. 

  • I still haven't received the pram? x

  • Hi KG 101, oh no, it should definitely have arrived by today, the latest, from Yodel (You've not had a 'while you were out card'?)

    We'll look into this as soon as the office reopens on Tuesday next week. Please do keep us posted should it arrive tomorrow.  

  • Hi Danielle still nothing , hopefully it will arrive today maybe as it's now ¬†normal working day? will let u know and no no delivery card ect :( x

  • Hi KG 101, so sorry it's still not arrived. We are looking into this today and will let you know as soon as we have some news.¬†

  • 1. First impressions - lovely bright red colour, very solid design. Pram sits quite high which I liked and accessories were included.¬†

    2. Baby (just 4 months) seemed comfortable in both the carrycot and pushchair attachments. See smiling pics! He is a relatively big 4 month old so I'm not sure how much longer the carrycot would fit him, but it is certainly longer than some carrycots as some of my Moses basket sheets were not long enough to fit the mattress.



    3. The pushchair feels sturdy and is easy to manoeuvre. The wheel base width is wider than my current pram, especially at the back, so not so good for fitting through aisles in shops or through narrow hallways like mine. The base is also relatively heavy to lift.

    4. I like the brake with the red/green indicator so you can see whether it is on. The clip in / clip out mechanism is very smooth and the carrycot is quite lightweight which is an advantage if you want to carry in a sleeping baby. The mattress also felt very comfortable and the soft restraining strap seemed like a good idea. 

    5. N/A - only one baby

    6. Yes I would definitely recommend the B-READY to other parents, as long as fitting through narrow spaces was not a priority!

    1. What did you think of the Britax B-READY when you first received it?

      The pushchair was well packaged. Fairly easy to construct although we ignored the instruction book as it seem to make it harder. It really wasn't very clear.

      Once the pushchair was put together I was very impressed. It's very smart and solid. Really like the look of the pushchair when it has the carry-cot on top and second seat underneath. The basket is large and I like that it can be accessed from the front.

    2.  How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair? Please post up the picture(s) of your baby in the pushchair (to upload a pic, click the little camera icon at the top right of the 'Add your reply' box)

      We tried all the different set ups. Our baby is only 12 weeks but we tried the carry-cot and the seat. He usually isn't keen on being pushed in a carry-cot but was very content in this one as you can see in the picture. I think the strap made him feel secure.

      His favourite is the seat though. He's a very nosy baby so enjoys being sat up looking around. The seat on the B-Ready is lovely and high so he had a good view. My toddler is three and really enjoyed being sat in the second seat. Unfortunately there is not a lot of leg room. My son is quite short for his age and he fills the seat. I think a larger toddler would find it quite a squeezeimageimageimageimageimageimage

    3.  How do you find using the pushchair? How do you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

      As a single pushchair it pushes very easy and is very easy to manoeuvre. Although my husband did say he prefers air filled tyres.

      As a double, it is heavy and harder to push but that is no surprise and not like other doubles I've used. Actually I would say it's easier. We have four children. Our eldest has special needs and is prone to behavioural problems and also no danger awareness. I often have to hold her hand when out walking and doing this whilst pushing a pram can be very difficult. I'm was very pleased with how easy it was to push one handed, even as a double. As I said it is heavy and I would probably not find it as easy on a hill (yet to try that) but on a flat path it was quite easy.

      4. Which features of the pushchair do you like the most?

      We have to agree with the other reviews, the brake is brilliant! So easy to use. Also like the flap at the back on the seat so you can keep an eye on baby/toddler.

    4. 5. If you tested the Britax B-READY with more than one child in it, how easy was it to adapt the pushchair to carry two children?

    5. It was very easy to adapt. We were sent the adapter for the carry-cot and the infant carrier. Unfortunately we do not have the infant carrier but the adapter looked very simple to attach. The adapter for the carry-cot is a good addition. It pushes the carry-cot forward so the second seat at the back has more room. This is a good idea. The adaptor just simply click in and the carry-cot sits on top. Very easy.

    6. 6. Would you recommend the Britax B-READY to another parent or parent-to-be?

    7. Definitely. It's a pushchair that grows with a family. I really like it as a double pushchair. It's doesn't seem as big and clumpy as other pushchairs. The second seat fits closer to the pushchair than other doubles like it (Phil and Ted for example) so it doesn't feel as long.

      The only fault is the price. With all the additional things needed, carry-cot, second seat etc the cost will mount up. That said it still more affordable than other travel systems. 

  • 1) first impressions was nice pram impressed with ¬†size of basket oh put pram together he done it in no time I liked the black fabric as can be unisex ¬† 2) Kane tried the layin down carry cot and was comfy in it he loved the other part of push chait though as his nosey and liked being able to see around him lol ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 3 ) I found it very easy to manouve my oh was impressed with it too I think having the big back wheels helped ¬†when I had the carry cot part on it was quite hard to get shopping out of the basket though ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 4) I was impressed with the brakes and how easy it was to reverse the seat ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 5 ) ¬†n / a ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 6) would recommend to other mums really strong chassis and love that can be used if had more children really good price pram that will see baby through will add pics on the weekend oh had them on his phone thanks again for opportunity for testing it out¬†

  • imageimageKane on his way out :) my oh was really impressed with pram too for the height of the buggy he prefers it to the one we have ūüôą

  • Thanks everyone for posting your feedback so far.

    The prize draw for posting feedback is going to be a little bit delayed as we’re just waiting for a couple of stragglers whose buggy delivery got delayed.

  • 1. When I first opened the britax b-ready I panicked slightly having to put it together because the instructions weren't as simple as I thought they would be. turns out it's actually very simple to put together but the instructions could of been better. the size was quite a shock. I'm only 5ft 4 and was worried it would be much to big for me but the handle is adjustable to a certain extent which makes it much easier. the carry cot also looked extremely padded and for my youngest and overall I was impressed.¬†

    2. My youngest falls asleep and is out for the count i take that as good sign she's comfy. My eldest isn't quite as content but i think that's more to do with her being very poorly when we've used it and not to do with the push chair. 

    3. Surprisingly light even with two children and the pushchairs size! Easy to turn and great to push. That being said the height of it does effect how easily I can get up and down curbs. 

    4. My favourite would be how easy it is to remove the seats. it makes getting children and the pushchair into the house so much easier. I have steps up to my front and back door so its really made the morning school run go a lot smoother. 

    5. I have used the britax b-ready for two children but unfortunately I haven't used it for one so swapping between the two I can't comment on. I can imagine it would be very easy to change to just one seat though. My only worry with the carry cot being underneath is it can sometimes look wobbly. I've had my partner check and re check its all connected properly and it is. 

    6. I would recommend this pushchair to anyone that is looking for a pushchair to fit two children or wants the option of using it for one or two children. Personally I think it's slightly to big to buy for just one child but for a taller person it would be great all round. My 6ft 2 partner has finally found a push chair he can push comfortably so for anyone taller than me you'd love it.

     image One poorly princess. Haven't had a chance to hang around taking pictures unfortunately its been to cold for my poorly family 

  • When I first received the Britax Be Ready I found it well packaged and very simple to assemble¬† , although I didn't like the colour¬† , I feel like it looks a lot darker that advertised ( I got the steel grey).

    My Baby loved riding the pushchair I loved how high it was and she seemed to be very comfortable.

    Personally I loved riding the pushchair , I have a bugaboo cameleon and found the britax so much more enjoyable and easy to push , I find this pram to be ideal for anyone who enjoys long walks , I myself enjoy walking off road so this pram makes life so much easier with the way it manoeuvres and feels ready sturdy to push.

    For me my favourite feature of the Britax Be Ready has to be the bulkiness of the pram I found it a large pram and so ideal with the huge capacity of the basket below.....(my Chihuahua fits comfortably in it along with my shopping lol). I also love how simple the break system is to use it has to be the best feature of the pram not to mention the simplicity of folding the pram down.

    I would and have recommended this pram to mums to be already as I believe the Britax Be Ready to be cost affective  , its a lovely pram with all the ideal features any parent and child need at an amazing price although if I could pick again I wouldn't have gone for the steel grey as I do find it very dull and doesn't do the pram itself much to follow on my post below.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to test the Brtiax Be Ready I was not at all disappointed with the usage of the pram.

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