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Fancy testing Baby Dove Rich Moisture products? Sign up here


We are looking for 24 parents with a baby under the age of 2 years to join our latest MadeForMums product test, and try the new Baby Dove Rich Moisture range.

To be in with a chance of being a tester, you need to have a child aged between 0 and 2 years, and you need to add a reply on this thread, letting us know your child’s age.

If you’re chosen to be a tester, we’ll send you 6 products from the Baby Dove Rich Moisture range, including Rich Moisture HTT Wash (200ml), Rich Moisture Lotion (200ml), Rich Moisture Shampoo (200ml), Rich Moisture Wipes (50pcs), Rich Moisture Nappy Cream (45g) and a Rich Moisture Bathing Bar, worth a total of £11.39, for you to try on your baby. 

And then we’ll ask you to give your feedback by answering a few simple questions and posting up some pictures on a special (different) Product Tests feedback thread.

You will get to keep the Baby Dove Rich Moisture products after the product test – and everyone who leaves quality feedback will be entered into a draw to win the £100 shopping voucher.




The Baby Dove Rich Moisture Range, made with hypoallergenic formulae and fragrances, goes beyond mildness to keep your little one’s delicate skin healthy and give your baby rich, moisturising tip-to-toe care.



  • hi I would love to be considered My son is 14 months old

  • Sounds great. I love dove products I was planning on trying them up next time I was due to stock up.

    My son Patrick is 14 months old.

    Fingers crossed.

  • Yes please! We would love to test these products. My little girl suffers dry skin sporadically so I'd love to see how this helps, she also still has a little cradle cap so would be intrigued as to whether the shampoo helps with this at all. My daughter is 17 months old ❤️

  • hello, I would love to be considered my son is 9 months old

  • Hello

    I would love to try these products on my daughter who is 4 months old with odd patches of dry skin and a little cradle cap. 

    Thank You! 

  • Hi! Me and isabelle would love to be able to test these! Always love testing new products and giving the best feedback I can! Isabelle is almost 11 months old :) She suffered with really dry skin when little and it's slowly fading but would be good to find out if these products help get her skin nice and smooth again! 

    Thank you for considering us and if you picked us we would be very grateful! X

  • My little girl Heidi is 6 months old and would love to be a tester!

  • Hugo-Blaze is just 17m old  XxxxX

  • We'd like to take part :-) Jenson is 11 weeks old x 

  • I would love to take part. My daughtet is three and my son is 9 weeks 

  • My daughter Rose is 8 weeks old would love to give these a go. She has a bit of baby acne at the moment 

  • i would love to take part and review it, my son Shawn will be 4weeks on Sunday. 

  • Hi, I would love to try these out on my daughter Florence; she suffers from dry skin and I've just not found the right product to help her yet. X

  • My 1 year old and I would love to be considered 😘

  • Hi, would love to be considered. My little Penelope is 5 months old xx

  • Hi there! I'd love to try these with my son. He is 1yr old  (birthday is 24.03.16) 

  • We'd love to help :) My little girl is 10 months old x

  • Hi, I would love to try these out on my 4 month old daughter Florence; she suffers from dry skin and I've just not found the right product to help her yet. X

  • We would love to be considered.  My little girl is nearly 14 month. 

  • My daughter is 10 months ano my son is 4 years. I love dove products i use them on myself and think they're the best!! 

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