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Fancy testing Fifi & Friends baby care products? Sign up here



  • This would be awesome for my 3yr old, and 9 nine month old boys, both suffer quite dry and chapped skin so would be great to test something new, and maybe find a new favourite product that helps them :) 

  • My little one is 6 months old and would love to test these lovely products from Fifi & Friends.

  • I' love to test these products, I have a son Logan who is 5 and I'm due to have another little boy in May too 😊

  • We would love to test your products. Grace is 2 and have a 2nd due in June. 

    Thank you

  • We would love to test your product 

    darcy and Emilia 4 and 1

  • Would love the chance to be a tester. My little girl Amelia is 2 years old. 😊

  • Hi 

    I have a 17 month old and a nearly 4 year old 

  • My little boy Fletcher is 6months old and we would love to help test these 

  • Thanks everyone for signing up to take part in this product test. 

    We will be emailing all chosen testers this week, so please do keep an eye on your email inbox and look out for an email from Becci Watts. 

    We're going to lock this thread now, so more peeps don't sign up as the recruitment for this product test is now closed. 

    If you'd like to read all the feedback about the Fifi & Friends range, you can find it here. 

This discussion has been closed.

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