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Fancy testing a Zinc Flyte scooter worth £70? Sign up here


We are looking for 10 parents of children aged 4 to 8 years old, to join our latest MadeForMums product test, to test out a Zinc Flyte Midi scooter.

To be in with a chance of being a tester, you need to have a child aged 4 to 8 years old, and you need to add a reply on this thread, letting us know your child’s age, sex and preferred style of case, which you can choose from here*.

If you’re chosen to be a tester, we will send you a Zinc Flyte scooter worth £70. Then we’ll ask you to give your feedback by answering a few simple questions and posting up some pictures on a special (different) Product Tests Feedback thread. Everyone who leaves quality feedback will be entered into a draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher.


Zinc created Flyte: a soft, squidgy, but sturdy suitcase scooter, to let kids travel in a fun way. The Zinc Flyte was born to make every trip an adventure. 

* Although we’ll try to make sure you receive your design of choice, this may not be possible at time of product test



  • Hi I'd like to test the scooter please, I have two daughters aged 5 and 8, I would like either the owl, panda, doll or pink z design.

  • Hi I have an 8 year old boy who would love to test this scooter! He is autistic and so struggles on a 2 wheel scooter but most 3 wheel scooters  are too babyish. These look perfect ! If he is chosen he would love the cyclops or shark one 😃

  • My son is 6 and he would love this! He scoots for England but hats pullin a case round an airport lol We go away soon be great to try! Looks amazing! Cyclops or Pacific shark look fab!! 

  •  lyla who is 5 nearly 6 . Would love to test this product she loved the panda or the owl 😍

  • I have little girl, age 5, Daisy who would love this, Owl or Panda look great. 

  • Girl, age 7 years who would like Owl or Power Pink.

  • Hi my son Harrison would adore this scooter! Great for holidays say or scooting around when we visit our caravan at weekends!

    Boy. Aged 4. Snapper the shark or Cyclops would be ideal! 

  • Any of my 3 girls would absolutely love to test this, they are aged 4, 6 and 7 and they would all love Olivia the Owl or Polly the Panda 

  • My 6 year daughter would love to try this... Polly the panda would be welcomed in to our home :)

  • I have Lexi-Beau who is 5 she would love to test this scooter, she is a huge owl fan so the owl one would be fab but she would be happy with any girls ones. Thank you. X

  • I have a 8 year old boy who would love the shark design with a newborn baby and first trip to Spain next month this would be ideal.

  • Hi made for mums yes please my Max (boy) is 7 years old and would love to  test snappy the shark out :)

    He scoots everywhere and the carry case will be extremely useful for all his bits to free up my hands!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to be a tester

    MMA 🤞

  • hello.i have a 7year old girl and she would love the owl design please

  • My 6 year old son Thomas would love to test the shark, Cyclops or Pacific blue design.


    My 5 year old daughter Sophie would love to test any of the designs as she just loves to scoot (and put things in bags/cases/boxes).

  • My daughter would love to test one of these! We are looking for a childs case as we are going on a few holidays in the next few month. 

    Age 4, girl.

    She would be happy with any of the girl designs :)

    Thank you 

  • My daughter age 6 would love to review this product. After showing her the pics she loved the Polly the Panda design. Going on our holidays soon so would be great to show pics of her using this. Please pick us!!!!

  • Isaac would love to review snapper the shark, hes 6 and trying extremly hard to ride his brothers scooter but struggles with 2 wheels 😀 

  • i have a 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son who would love to test these. Either Polly the Panda or Snappy the Shark would be our choice.

  • I have a 7 year old who would love to be a tester for this scooter she loves the camper van style one 😍

    she thinks they are extremely cool and would use it on nice days to go back and forth to school 

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