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Lyclear Head Lice Treatment Shampoo: the feedback thread


This is the feedback thread for those of you who are testing the Lyclear Treatment Shampoo, as part of our latest MadeForMums product test.

Your product should be speeding their way to you right now! While you are testing the product, please remember to take some pictures of whoever is being treated.

Please give us your feedback on this thread by answering the following 4 questions:

1. Please tell us who you’re treating for head lice and how old they are.
2. What did you and/or child think of the shampoo? How easy was it to use? (Please upload your picture here. To upload a pic, click the little camera icon at the top right of the 'Add your reply' box)
3. How effective have you found Lyclear Treatment Shampoo at getting rid of the lice and nits (eggs)?
4. Would you recommend Lyclear Treatment Shampoo to other parents? If so, please say why.

Everyone who leaves quality feedback and answers all 4 of our questions and posts pictures (and is part of our product test) will be put into a draw to win a £200 Amazon voucher.

Thank you so much – and good luck!

Note: Any comments and pictures you post on our Feedback thread may be used by Lyclear in future marketing material. Lyclear’s Treatment Shampoo, £14.99 for 200ml, is clinically proven to kill up to 100% of head lice.See full Ts&Cs here



  • Hi.
    I was treating my entire family. I have added a picture of my daughter who is 6. She has very long and thick hair and we have struggled to kill all those lice and eggs in the past.

    Used the Lyclear shampoo this morning and I am actually really very surprised at how well this works!! Easy to apply and left no yucky residue. Easy to lather and wash out. Only had it on for about 20 mins and washed off with amazing results. Not like having to wait 6+ hours with the other treatments i have tried.

    Her head is free of lice and most of the eggs. The shampoo also helps to loosen the eggs from the hair (she has a lot of hair so I gotta go back in and finger pick them out).

    This is the first lice treatment that has actually done the job first try! All other ones I tested before has to have a repeat treatment 7 days later and left the hair feeling greasy and dirty. Lyclear also cleans the hair pretty well. I will most definately use this product again if needed. 

    [Additional comments provided from tester via email, posted by MFMHQ]

    I would most definately recommend to other parents. It's very easy to use, and, very fast acting. Most products just now have you waiting 6+ hours and you have to repeat the process a week later. It also has a lovely smell to it, only product I have found that didnt make my daughter gag (she has autism and she gags at smells,  textures etc) Will definitely use Lyclear again if needed.


  • Pic didn't attach Michelle - please try again or email it to us [email protected] and we can upload it for you. 

  • My phone hates me today. I have emailed the picture 

  • All done for you 😊

  • Hi, I treated my 11 year old daughter and myself. We liked the shampoo smell because it wasn’t too chemically and didn’t last for days like some other brands. This is the first one I’ve tried that got rid of the nits first time. We will definitely use this again for other outbreaks.

  • Hi alitone, thanks so much for the feedback. To make sure you are entered in the draw to the win the £200 Amazon voucher, we need you to post a picture of testing the Lyclear and also answer these questions please.

    3. How effective have you found Lyclear Treatment Shampoo at getting rid of the lice and nits (eggs)? 
    4. Would you recommend Lyclear Treatment Shampoo to other parents? If so, please say why.

  • We were treating my 3 year old and mum and dad. She has very curly thick hair which is a nightmare at the best of times. I was dreading her getting nits and remember from years ago having them myself and how hard they were to get out. Lyclear shampoo was so easy to use. It lathered very well and rinsed out well. There was no offensive smell and no tears from my 3 year old. Having the nit comb inlcuded was a great help and I found I easily remove the dead lice and although it took a long time I got the eggs out (most of them). I do believe she is now free of head lice and I have recommended to my friends with children as this was a very quick and effective shampoo. image

  • Please tell us who you’re treating for head lice and how old they are. My daughters aged 5 and 8, and myself and my husband!
    2. What did you and/or child think of the shampoo? How easy was it to use? Very easy to use, we have used it before and found it very good. 
    3. How effective have you found Lyclear Treatment Shampoo at getting rid of the lice and nits (eggs)? Very effective, usually have to repeat after 7 days but that's because they often go back to school and Get reinfected!
    4. Would you recommend Lyclear Treatment Shampoo to other parents? If so, please say why.
     yes, very easy to use and effectiveimage

  • I am treating for head lice Miss Lyra Bootle, aged 5 years. When asked to voice her opinion on the Lyclear Treatment Shampoo, she commented that it was ‘yucky’ and didn’t want (Lyclear Treatment Shampoo) to get in her hair. When questioned further, in the defense of Lyclear, we both agreed that she didn’t in fact like any shampoo or hair products in her hair generally, often shying away from ‘hair-wash day’. My first impression of Lyclear Treatment Shampoo was that it was costly, and I was looking for a cheaper method that I could turn too should there be an incident of lice and nits, which never materialized – read on. I thought it was probably the most renowned shampoo for purpose on the market … there are other brands, though this one for me is probably the most well-known, with accompanying proven results, at home. The previous trials with other competitors products endured a 2-3 times application for one case of nits. There are electronic lice removers, though from reports these can be costly and difficult to manage, start-stop remove 1 x head lice and continue. This shampoo is far the more traditional method, and I feel happy for the excellence as has proven desired results. I believe the ointment is non-harmful to humans … if any were to get in the eyes or ingested. I feel it’s safe to use, from young to old. It was very easy to use the shampoo, though I found the nit comb difficult and time-consuming, with tangles an obstacle, and pain-inducing for child.

    I have found Lyclear Treatment Shampoo proportionately effective over time and on this occasion. After due time spent using the nit comb after application several lice and nits were identified and removed subsequently. I have tried other brands and Lyclear Treatment Shampoo has outperformed successfully as the brand of choice for our family. Easily accessible from stores in the area. As previously stated other brands have been tried, though now tested and trialed at home, Lyclear Treatment Shampoo is now and has been in the past the brand of choice for our family. Leading results trialed and tested with great efficacy, for both young and old.

    Based on these successful findings I would truly recommend Lyclear Treatment Shampoo to other parents. Moreover, the ‘Shampoo’ side of things is by far the more traditional, and for this reason I feel is probably the most effective method. The treated aspect would include the remedial compounds necessary to effectively treat against nits and lice. Also, from other trials, Lyclear Treatment Shampoo has proven itself, from family experience. Lyclear Treatment Shampoo can always (often) be found in leading supermarkets, stores, and therefore with a proven product, I can continue in the usual way, without frequent upheaval from recurring nit situations. No, with Lyclear Treatment Shampoo, I can be assured that my child may not experience discomfort due to lice. The child also needs to be able to continue in their daily routine, without the interruption of nits and lice. For these reasons I feel Lyclear Treatment Shampoo is a quality product, that I may go back to time and time-again. I can rely on Lyclear. With such a problematic scenario, I would recommend Lyclear Treatment Shampoo to other parents … for the effective treatment and management of lice and nits.


  • imageimageimageimage

    1. I used it to treat myself, my partner, my 8 year old and 4 year old.

    2. I found it super easy to use! No horrible smell like many other brands, particularly liked the nozzle bottle!
    3. I found it really effective in combination with the metal comb, the shampoo worked on any I happened to miss with the comb as I was going through so when I went to repeat the comb the next day all the other lice were already dead! 
    4. I would 100% recommend this brand to a friend, no nasty smells, no leaving it in for hours/overnight and I personally found it 100% effective.

  • 1: I used the Lyclear shampoo treatment on my 2 boys aged 7 and 9

    2: The boys had no Problems with using it , a comment from one of them was it smells like mentos ! It does smell much nicer than any other treatments I’ve used before which makes the unpleasant experience better deal with , so it doesnt upset children even more 

    3: It was very easy to apply and the comb included was very useful at removing the dead nits and the eggs after rinsing the hair , very effective treatment 

    4: I would highly recommend this product particularly for children that get upset easily by the unpleasant smell of other treatments that can be purchased, it makes it less distressing for the parent and child , I shall certainly be purchasing more in the future   

  • I used the treatment on Dahmia age 9 we thought it was very good and left Dahmia hair very soft and shiny it was so so easy to use. This product is very effective and worked well.I would recommend this product to other parents because lyclear eliminates head lice and eggs and is very sensitive lyclear has been clinical tested to kill head lice it has been proven to kill head lice 100%in clinical trials.lyclear works in 2 ways - by suffocaring and dehydrating the lice and doesn’t contain any insecticides.image

  • imageimageimage

    Hi, Thank our for the opportunity to try this product. We have tried a number of different brands and havnt had much success, however this product was definately a lot easier and quicker to use, and has actually made a difference.

    my answers to your questions are as follows...

    1. Please tell us who you’re treating for head lice and how old they are. 

    I have treated my two children. My daughter aged 8 who has very long thick hair and has repeatedly suffered with Headlice for some time, and i also treated my 11 year old son, although there was no evidence that he was suffering with Headlice at this time.

    2. What did you and/or child think of the shampoo? How easy was it to use? 

    i was very impressed with this shampoo. First of all, I liked that it is a shampoo. I have used other branded products in the past where they have to be applied and left on for hours, and then washed off and it is such a lengthy, messy process. This was straightforward and easy which made my daughter agree that it is the best one we have tried. The instructions were easy to follow, the bottle was easy to use and hold, and the actual shampoo was easy to apply and was nice and foamy. Even the smell was fine, which is something we havnt liked in the past with other brands. Washing the product out was quick easy and it left the hair in good condition, which is important with long hair, as it can’t be so difficult to comb through, but I found it ok to comb afterwards and my daughter didn’t do any complaining which I saw a good sign! I loved that there was a comb provided in the box too, this is so helpful if you don’t have one, or have lost one, and also saves having to buy one. 

    3. How effective have you found Lyclear Treatment Shampoo at getting rid of the lice and nits (eggs)? 

    I have found this treatment shampoo very effective. It was quick and easy to get rid of the lice and although my daughter still has a number of eggs stuck to some hairs, I will get these out in time. I don t think ive ever known a product as effective as this after one use. I’m really impressed.

    4. Would you recommend Lyclear Treatment Shampoo to other parents? If so, please say why. 

    Yes. I would recommend this product because it is simple to use for the parent and child. It is quick to use and it really does work.

    Thank you


  • I have treated  my 10 year old girl and found it very easy to use and very effective  I would definitely recommend this product and use it myself again 

  • I treated my 7 year old Son with the product . I found it easy and effective to use , it doesn't run down the face or leave hair oily like other products I have used and it actually works. My son didnt mind having it on , no moaning...great product. ????

    [Additional comments provided from tester via email, posted by MFMHQ]

    I would definitely recommend Lyclear to other Mums . It is easy to use , effective and my 7 year old didnt complain unlike other times when I have used different products.



  • Today i treated  my son aged 6 and myself . And my daughter aged 11 will done this evening ( photo of her to follow ) 

    I'm really impressed with this it smells amazing , it's the 1st time I've used one that my son hasn't complained about the smell or that it makes  his head feel warm and  itchy . He normally gets panicked it's going to drip in his eyes again I've had none of that as it's quite thick  .  I have long hair and have found in the past other treatments dry out very quickly so when it comes to the combing through part I struggle to get a comb through without it being getting tangled or feel like my hair is being pulled out, it also hasn't irritated my hands when applying. It appears to have removed everything from his hair and with ease , added bonus no fussing with washing it out then having to re wash again with normal shampoo . Big thumbs up from him and me , I would definitely buy this in the future and recommended to others ????


  • I used this on both my girls hairs due to the length I found the coverage was very good and covered all of the hair. 

    The product it self was easy to use with very clear instructions and simple to use. 

    The shampoo was not smelly like most brands and foamed up quite well, the comd was very handy and had nice long prongs to pull out the dead nits. 

    Washed out very easy and didn't leave a greasy looking residue on their hair. 

    Overall very happy with the product.

    [Additional comments provided from tester via email, posted by MFMHQ]

    I am nearly 9 months pregnant and the formula was safe to use around me.
    I would recommend this product to parents as its fast working and easy to use.
    Although I had to reapply after a week due to finding some newly hatched crawlers I would still use this on a need to use basis. The shampoo is fast working and doesn't leave a slime greasy residue. 

  • I applied the treatment to my 6 year old daughter. We were both very optimistic as to whether it would work having tried another brand the day before which wasn't successful. We were both quite surprised at how pleasant the shampoo actually smelled, not a chemical smell like many others.

    The instructions were very simple and straightforward and the treatment was very easy to apply. We waited 20 minutes before returning to the bathroom and continuing to follow the instructions. Upon rince time (using the showerhead) i got such a shock. The lice and eggs were literally rincing out into the bath, ive never known this to happen before as those eggs are quite stuck onto the hair, very well impressed.


    The nit comb which is included in the box was the best ive ever used and didnt hurt my daughters hair half as much as others. It was very effective too at removing the remaining lice. 

    And that was it all done, it only took 1 hr from start to finish. I dryed my daughters hair and again to my amazement her hair was lovely, shiny and soft not greasy like sum treatments leave it. Ive checked my daughters hair every day since the treatment was used and shes headlice free. This product is 100% effective and we would highly recommend others to buy the treatment if they have headlice within there home. I will also add even though my daughter has very long hair only half the treatment was used so we have half left if needed in the near future. Bonus!



  • Hello  This the first time I made a treatment for lice with this product LYCCLEAR and I am full of happiness i am 28 years old my head was full of wounds from the lice itching my daughter and my mom the same I was ashamed of the persistent itching,I put different products on my hair but they did not die; and were born small red lice and this causes me lots of pain in the head. But I am so thankful to this site i found this on the Facebook page i want To say BIG THANK YOU for that you give me a chance to try it and now I am free I am feeling happy the shamppo is easy to use and for 15min die all lice and nits and despite the wounds in my head it doesn’t hurt me it’s nice and easy when you wash your hire I am more than happy to recommended it to all my parents friends and defiantly I continue to use this LYCLEAR product for me and my family it worth to use it for lice and good valu for money this will be my favourite product from toda I already send one for my mom I bought one in boots and send it i feel my self so lucky with this product I am not scratching anymore THANK YOU THANK YOU SO SO MUCH



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