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Pregnant? Fancy testing Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Stretch Marks Range? Sign up here



  • Yes please currently 14 weeks 2nd child no stretch marks with first but can see slight lines with this one

  • Oh yes please I would love to test , I am 15 weeks tomorrow , I have twin girls that are age 2 😊

  • Hi there, I am 19 weeks pregnant, due date 30 of June and have already two beautiful daughters. I am in desperate need of beauty treatment!

  • Hi, I am 24 weeks pregnant. Due on the 10th April. This will be my 1st child


  • Oh this would be fab!!! I'm 21 weeks pregnant, due on 19th June 2019 and this will be my first baby. Thank you! x

  • Kirby93 ,

    Just to let you know, that would make you 31 weeks if you're due 10th of April ;)

  • Sadly I am to far gone for this competition as I am 36 weeks pregnant  But I am using coco butter daily on my expand belly and used it on past pregnant belly.. Great stuff and I love the smell. 

    Good luck to all expecting mummy's to be.. Xxx

  • Would love some pamper treats! Am 29 weeks, due on 22nd April. It’s my first!

  •  Hi, I'm 19 weeks pregnant. Baby is due 23th July!  This is my first child. 😊

  • I'm 14 weeks pregnant, due 22nd July. i have one child already. 

  • i am currently 14 weeks pregnant and my due date is 12th August and i can't wait! so excited as this is my first child!

  • Yes please! I am 15weeks and 3days today! My due date is 28th July 2019 and I am pregnant with my first child. This week I am especially excited as my little bump has suddenly started to appear but I am feeling nervous too about my body changing and getting stretch marks and I would love to be given the chance to try Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula to help with the appearance of stretch marks as my little bump continues to grow!

  • 25 Weeks with Number 2! Due 20th May. Yes please.

  • Yes please, i m 24 weeks, due end of may. This will be my 2nd child. Would love to participate and leave perfect reviews afterwards ! 

  • yes please..would love to be part of this.I m 17 week pregnant.due date 18 july.

  • Hi I'm 22 weeks due June 6th - no other children would love to try this product 😍😍 thank you x

  • Hi All 

    12 weeks pregnant . First Time mum would Love to try to these products 

  • That would be amazing indeed. I’m a social media blogger, 13 weeks pregnant, due date 22/08/19, with my first little monster!

  • Have Been pregnant and desperately want to make my stomach, legs and boobs a little smoother and lest stretch marky (if that;s even a word).

    Although I am proud of my stretch marks they can be quite unsightly. 

  • I'm 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby (little boy) and due 2nd June

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