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Pregnant? Fancy testing Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Stretch Marks Range? Sign up here



  • I am 16 weeks pregnant due 24th July 2019! This is my third baby ☺️

  • 12 weeks today, would love to try and keep stretch marks at bay 

  • Hi I’m 23 weeks pregnant due on 5th June & I already have a 2 year old. There are 2 things I’m desperately trying to keep at bay, stretch marks & an outie belly button! 

  • I am due 2nd June.. 23+4 and I would love to try this product.. but I don't have any stretch marks as I have been using other products to help with these.

  • Yes please! I am 21 weeks pregnant, my due date is 20th June and I don’t have any other kids xx

  • Ooo yes please I would love to try it out! 

    Im 16 weeks 1 day 

    I’m due 24th July and this is my first baby 

    thanks xx

  • I would love to be part of this! I'm 25 weeks and my due date is the 17/05/2019.


  • Yes mama in need for butter and relaxing smell!  Palmpers perfect way of doing this after a relaxing bath! My daughter loves helping me put palmers on mummys belly great way of bonding! Thank u palmers ! Due 1st July ! image

  • Please! :) Im currently 21 weeks pregnant due 16th June (fathers day :)) This is my first  child xx

  • Oh yes please. On my fourth pregnancy and this time have popped so much! I am lucky enough to have quite good skin but the prospect of the extra stretching this time hangs over me a bit! Plus I’m busy and tired and pamper opportunity or money saving one would both be very welcome!

    thank you!


  • Hi I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant and I'd love to try these new products image Thank you x

  • Hello! I'm 12 weeks pregnant on Saturday. My due date is 24th August and it's my first baby. Thanks! :D

  • Should have said! 22 weeks pregnant due 9th June! Thank you 

  • Should have said! Currently 22 weeks pregnant due 9th June. Thank you! 

  • I would love to try this please, this is my second child and my body could really use some TLC. Xx

  • Sorry should have said am currently 15 weeks pregnant xx

  • Yes please this is amazin, I’m 20 weeks pregnant. Due the 3rd of July. this will be my first child so crazy experiences ahead. Xx

  • Yes please. This is fab. I’m 20weeks pregnant and this will be my first baby so crazy experiences ahead!! 

    due 3rd of July! Summer time baby yey! 

  • Thanks everyone for signing up to take part in this product test. 

    We will be emailing all chosen testers TODAY week, so please do keep an eye on your email inbox and look out for an email from Chloe Minghella (check your junk folder!). 

    We're going to lock this thread now, so more peeps don't sign up as the recruitment for this product test is now closed. 

  • Emails have been sent to testers - Nic1989, we hope you see this message but your email address seems to be wrong - please drop me a PM about this if you can. 

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