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Aldi School Uniform: the feedback and review thread



  • We received the package and my son couldn’t wait to open and get it on. His first comment putting on then polo shirt was that it was the most comfortable one he had ever worn and couldn’t he keep it on forever!!! So a definite winner. The trousers were size 7-8 years, he is 8 years, 10 months and quite slender answer these came up a little large, but did fit! Now the socks .... since he’s been around 4 years he has ALWAYS had an issue with socks. We have to buy specific seam free ones on line which aren’t cheap, however he out these on and he has worn them every day since. You do not know how happy this has made me. They have changed things completely. He says they are so comfortable!

    1. Quality and durability- excellent on all counts, the shirt especially feel sorry much Moreno expensive quality.
    2. Value for money - amazing. More than happy and would def buy.
    3. What does child think? He loves it, especially shirt and socks. Socks have been a game changer for us!
    4. Yes! The quality, value for money and great after washing! I will Be buying all mine from Aldi! 
  • Hello everyone. Thanks so much for all your fantastic comments and pictures. 
    We will be selecting a winner next week and will reopen the thread to post the winners name then. In the meantime, we're locking this thread. 
  • Hello everyone. Thank you all again for taking part in this product test. We're sorry it has taken us a little longer than expected to announce the winner. The winner of the £200 Aldi voucher is @xgembeanx - we'll be in touch soon about your prize. 
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