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Joie Versatrax Pushchair: the feedback review thread


This is the feedback thread for those of you who are testing the Joie Versatrax Pushchair, as part of our latest 
MadeForMums product test.

Please give us your feedback on this thread by answering the following 5 questions and providing your pictures:
1. What did you think of the Versatrax when you first received it?
2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair? Please post up the pictures of your baby in the pushchair. (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).
3. How did you find using the pushchair? How did you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?
4. How did you find the fold down and compactness of the pushchair?
5. Would you recommend the Vesatrax to other parents or parents-to-be?

Everyone who leaves quality feedback by answering all 5 questions and providing pictures (and is part of our product test) will be entered into a draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher.

Thank you so much – and good luck!

Note: Any comments and pictures you post on our Feedback thread may be used Joie in future marketing material. See full Ts&Cs here.


  • 1.My first impression of the Versatrax was great. I instantly saw the size of the basket and was so impressed. The box was packed nicely and came with straight forward instructions. It was fairly easy to put together and only took me a few minutes to do so. The frame was slightly bigger than I expected but that didn’t bother me too much. 

    2.My daughter seemed fine riding in the pushchair at first. However, I did find that when she was getting tired and wanted to spread out a bit more she was slightly restricted on space. She is fairly tall for her age and her feet were hanging off the bottom of the foot rest. I do think that for a child bigger than my daughter they would struggle to have much room to move around and get comfy as it isn’t as wide as I expected or as long. There are 3 positions for the seat to go in, upright, a slight recline and the lay down position. My daughter liked all 3 of these, however when she was fully reclined lying down, the hood of the pram didn’t come as far down as I would have liked. Even when it was unzipped and extended out. I think this is due to the hood being attached to the seat instead of the frame and so it moves with the seat reclining. 

    3.I found the pushchair quite hard to manoeuvre. The wheels are big and sturdy and handle the terrain well, however I found them quite stiff when trying to get up the higher pavements and steering around some sharp bends. The pram itself does feel quite heavy which also makes it harder to manoeuvre and steer. Being able to extend the handle does help and the leather handle is nice to grip and hold onto. 

    4.I found the pushchair easy to fold down, especially with the pull of the middle strap making it a one handed fold. However, there is no clasp to keep the folded pram in place and closed once it is folded. Therefore it doesn’t stay folded, compact, or able to stand up on its own. It is also quite heavy to carry once it is folded, I struggled to carry the pram and my daughter. It does fit well in my car boot, I have a Vauxhall Corsa and it fits in that nicely. 

    5.Overall, it is a good value for money travel system and I for that reason I would recommend it. However, I do think there are a few things Joie have missed out when designing this pram. For example, it is a huge struggle to change and adjust the lengths of the harness straps. The clips are too big to fit through the small holes and so it makes it virtually impossible to feed them through without causing any damage to the pram. It is also extremely difficult to change the seat from parent to rear facing and vice-versa when the child is sat in the seat. As there are no handles on the side of the seat unit to hold on to to lift the seat unit up. Therefore, you would have to take the child out of the seat if you were wanting to swap the seat around. I think if you have a smaller/ petite child this pram would be perfect as there would be no issue on space, or the sun shade not covering the child enough. However, for a bigger and taller child those factors make it quite an unsuitable pram. I think it is definitely a pram that would need to be tested out in the shop with your child before you purchase it. Although, the pram does have some lovely features that I was impressed by. For example the huge basket and the phone holder and zip pocket inside the basket, which are perfect for small and loose belongings. I also loved that it came with a cup holder that clipped on securely to the frame. I also thought the fabric of the seat unit was lovely and padded and the material was very soft. It is quite an expensive looking material which I think makes the unit look a more luxurious style of pram.
  • 1. My first Impression of the Versatrax was how stunning the colour was, the size of the basket is huge and really caught my eye and with the zip pocket in the basket. I loved how modern the pram looked and how compact it was before I opened it all out. The leather on the handle is very stylish. I also loved the pockets in the carrycot which I have never come across in any other pram.  I found it easy to put together. 

    2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair? 

    My 16week old niece loved the carry cot it's very spacious and the mattress is well padded. She was very happy riding in the pram she slept very well. 

    My 2year old loved the seat unit and found it very comfortable even with him being very tall for his age. The seat is very wide and had a footrest that is adjustable. He did struggle a bit when I layed it back and did seem to be a bit big for the laying down position. 

    My 1year old absolutely fell in love with this pushchair. She has had her nap in this pram for the last 3days and loved it. She was very happy going for a walk and loved holding on to the bumper bar. 

    3. How did you find using the pushchair? How did you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

    The pushchair  was not the easiest to manoeuvre I didn't find it to glide around very well. The pram does go well on all terrain well but a bit stiff at times which I hope would improve over time as the pram is used more. The  back wheels are lovely and big which is great for grass and all terrain.
    It was hard to get it over thing like pushing it out the door and up and down the footpaths. 
    But overall feels like a quality sturdy travel system. 

    4. How did you find the fold down and compactness of the pushchair?

    The fold of the pram is very easy, push the button on the seat pushing the seat down and pulling the strap. I found it to be more compact when folding the pushchair in world facing mode vs the parent facing mode. One thing I did notice was there is no clip/lock to hold the pram locked once folded even with the break on, I think it would be great if they could add a clip to keep it lock in place.  

    When the pram is in carry cot mode it's light when folded and lifting in the boot. But when the seat unit is attached and folded I found it quite heavy to lift in to the boot of the car.
    I'm only 5ft so this may be why I found it hard to lift as the chassis is quite wide and heavy. 

    5. Would you recommend the Vesatrax to other parents or parents-to-be?

    Yes I would recommend the Versatrax it has some great features. 
    The carry cot is fab with lots of great features I have never seen on other carry cots  such as the storage pocket in the carry cot. Easy to put carry cot off and on. The Carry cot is very spacious and should see you through right through till u need to move to seat unit. 

    The fold could do with some improvements such as a clip to keep it locked, but overall its easy to fold and would fit it all car boots. The seat unit is fab and great for all sizes of babies and toddlers and very comfortable. It has a great size extendtable hood for coverage of the sun. The raincovers for the carrycot and the seat unit was very easy to use and stayed on well. The huge basket is a bonus for any parent, you could easily fit all you need for a day out and some shopping. The handle is great for short and taller parents however at 5ft tall it was a bit on the taller side for me but still comfortable to push. The cup holder is one of the best I have ever used, normally the don't stay on and get lost with in the first week. Overall I the Versatrax is great value for money and would be a great pram to see you from birth to 2.5years old. 

  • 1. What did you think of the Versatrax when you first received it?

    When I first received the versatrax I thought it was a very smart looking pushchair. I thought the 'laurel' colour was a pleasant alternative to the usual blacks and greys. It was also  simple to assemble and felt sturdy.

    2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair?

    My 6 week old looked very happy and comfortable in the carrycot, it was well padded and had plenty of space for her. 
    When we tried her in the main seat she looked comfortable but was much more exposed to any windy weather which unsettled her. She was born at 36 weeks and I dont think I would have liked putting her in the main seat when she was newborn.

    3. How did you find using the pushchair? How did you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

    I found the pushchair nice to use. It was easy to swap between carrycot, carseat and main unit. The fairly large rear wheels made handling and pushing easy and it had a good turning circle. The leather look handle was comfortable to hold and I liked that it was height adjustable making it comfortable for both me and my husband to push.
    The basket is a fantastic size and I really liked the zip and popper compartments! I also really liked the secret pockets in the carrycot which ment you didnt need to rummage around in your bag for keys, phone etc. 
    I didnt find the cup holder useful as it wasn't secure enough for a water bottle and i dont drink hot drinks which I imagine it is good for takeaway cups! If you're not using it, it does make the pushchair a fair bit wider which then makes it easier to accidentally knock it in to things but it can be easily removed. When it is attached it is very secure.

    4. How did you find the fold down and compactness of the pushchair?

    I liked the one handed fold, i would be worried that over time and constant use that the pull strap may become stretched/snap etc but Joie is a good brand so I would hope that wouldn't happen. It does fold down pretty small although there is no catch to keep it all together which is frustrating as when you are trying to move it around/lift into the car when folded you need to make sure it doesnt open back up!
    When you fold the pushchair it folds the basket up too (I often leave items in the basket so couldn't do that with this pushchair) but I think the basket folding helps with the compactness.
    We have a Kia Sportage so it comfortably fitted in our boot.

    5. Would you recommend the Vesatrax to other parents or parents-to-be?

    We would definitely recommend the pushchair to other parents. Joie is a respectable brand which you expect quality from. This is a quality pushchair which handles well, has some nice features, feels well built and will last the child for a good few years! It is also very reasonably priced! Thanks you for the opportunity to let us test it!
  • Thank you for opportunity to test this pram. My 5weeks old son helped me to do it :)

    When I saw boxes I was surprised how compact they been.first box I opened had carrycot in it. first thing I noticed was colour-really lovely and suitable for both genders. I loved idea about carrycot that can be folded(useful for small car). Another thing that I liked about it that hood fixes in two positions (useful with baby who likes looking up the sky). I always been thinking why carrycots don't have little pocket so mum can put her phone and keys there,so I was very pleasantly surprised that Versatrax have it. Little thing that makes big difference.also cot is very large and will last longer. Good that carrycot comes with rain cover and useful instruction.

    Than I opened next box with wheels and sitting bit. It was easy to assemble. First thing that got my attention is big shopping basket and very useful pockets in it. Again can put your belongings and not to worry about them going around whole basket. And again really nice little touch but very useful. Next what I noticed was leather handle that looks very stylish. Than I found another lovely little touch-cup holder. Must have for those early school runs. Big wheels that is good for a long walk in city or strolls in the woods and forest box I found car seat adapter s too

    Sitting bit looks very spacious and comfortable for a baby who can sit. Again accompanied with nice leather handle for kid. It's took me time to manage straps but once I get handle of it was a lot easier. Also comes with rain cover

    First ride in pushchair was very exciting for me . As it was nap time for my little boy I decided to take him for a walk. He looked very comfortable in carrycot and fall asleep quickly. He had plenty of room and slept well. Carrycot is deep and even on windy day you hardly will get any breeze inside it.
    When I started to pushing pram I thought that handle is in good position for my height,but might be a bit too high for petite mom's. It was easy to maneuver pram on pavement,but a bit tricky on gravel roads and soft ground. I needed to put bit more power to keep pram straight.

    Front wheels moves that makes easier to push pram in the corners with one hand (as I have 5year old too there is a lot of time I need to hold his hand,so it's important to be able to manage pushing with one hand)

    It's easy to fold and unfold. Folding by pulling strap and you don't need to put any clap to secure it as it's secure enough. I needed to put wheels off to be able to place pram in the boot,but it was easy to do

    I really like this pram,as it's stylish and have a lot of little features that makes difference. I would recommend it for parents and parents-to-be,but as I mentioned before I would recommend petit parents to try it in store first.

  • 1. What did you think of the Versatrax when you first received it?

    My first impression of the Versatrax was positive! I was impressed at how for the most part, it seemed to be about 80% pre assembled which was a relief. The build quality seems very sturdy too, and me and my wife both liked the way the hood works above your child's head. A nice easy to use zip up section, and little areas for peering through.

    We also liked little details, like the cup holder! The colour of the Versatrax was also very attractive, and it for the most part it seems style hasn't been sacrificed to accommodate functionality.

    A big plus was also the size of the basket underneath; so much storage space compared to some I have seen! It copes easily with a changing bag, shopping, toys and so on.

    From a constructive point, we both found it pretty difficult to change where the shoulder straps were on the seat. The instructions are purely diagram based and not always that easy to follow. I ended up looking for videos on Youtube on how to do it!

    We both felt too that the wheels are a bit on the small side. They work perfectly around a town centre, but we wonder how they would cope in the countryside.

    2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair? Please post up the pictures of your baby in the pushchair. (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    My little girl seemed perfectly happy in the Versatrax! She seemed to like how you can adjust the leg rest to dangle down or be straightened out. The straps, once set to the right position, are nice and easy to loosen and tighten up as needed.

    The recline function on the back was easy to use, and when my little girl started to get sleepy this was handy!

    3. How did you find using the pushchair? How did you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

    It seemed lightweight, yet strong at the same time, and I found handling the Versatrax nice and easy for the most part. I did find once or twice the wheels struggling to get over some curbs, due to the size of the wheels as I mentioned before. The brake was no issue to use at all, and manoeuvring around corners was no problem.

    4. How did you find the fold down and compactness of the pushchair?

    The folding design is really very clever, and I liked how easy it is to spring open. The only thing I found is that it does flap about a bit once it is folded! I think if it had a simple clip, or a lock to keep it clipped shut when folded, this would be ideal.

    5. Would you recommend the Vesatrax to other parents or parents-to-be?

    Overall I think this is a great product. It looks good, folds up really nicely and has plenty of storage space. It certainly handles well in urban areas, as for the countryside I can't be sure, as the wheels are a little on the small side.

    I definitely recommend it for other parents, who will have a lot of accessories and kit to carry around, which this product can handle easily! Plus, a cup holder for all those coffees ;)

  • 1. What did you think of the Versatrax when you first received it?

    I as quite surprised at how small the box was! Once I had opened it I thought that both the colour and the texture of the fabrics were lovely. The frame is black and really nicely finished. Often you have to pay extra for a black frame. I found it very easy to put together although I did find the harness a little bit tricky to adjust as the plastic clips were a struggle to get through the holes. 

    The wheels looked a good size and I love the cup holder! The only issue I did have was that the pushchair is quite tightly tied together with cable ties and it was quite difficult to cut them without scratching the pushchair frame. I did scratch it on one side.

    2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair? Please post up the pictures of your baby in the pushchair.

    The seat is a really large size and my son who is 2 years 4 months had loads of room. He only needed the harness on the second setting. I love that he could parent face as the foot rest is a good length. Some parent facing pushchairs are not suitable for older babies as they do not give enough leg room. The seat is nice and upright too. My son hates being reclined so this was perfect for him. He was happy to ride in the pushchair, although he has had chicken pox this week so does not look too pleased in the photos! He also had loads of room to lie down and really stretched out when he was sleeping.

    what I think is really amazing is that my just turned 5 year old daughter could still fit comfortably in the Versatrax. (She would not normally ride in a pushchair) she is within the 22kg weight limit and is around 113cm tall. The top setting for the harness strap gave her plenty of room without the straps digging into her shoulders and the hood still went over her head. In the photo the harness is still on the second height setting. What I really like is when toddler is world facing you can fold the footrest slightly under the pushchair seat and an older child can place their feet on the footrest on the chassis without the attached footrest digging in their shins.

    3. How did you find using the pushchair? How did you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

    I really enjoyed using the pushchair. The leatherette handle is comfortable to hold and the gate opening bumperbar makes it really easy to get toddler in and out. My favourite thing about the Versatrax is the massive basket! Incan fit my rucksack changing bag in as well as shopping and coats. My bag does not easily fit in my other pushchair basket and certainly not with room for shopping

    I really like the zip pocket and bottle holder too as it helps keep these bits tidy. My son has a dairy allergy so its handy to have a spot to keep his drink cup. I also like that I can keep some change and my phone handy in the zip pocket. 

    The rain cover is easy to fit and provides good coverage. I like that its not fiddly to put on and can be done quickly. 

    The hood is large and I like that it is extendable and has some venting to allow air flow.
    we go on lots of walks to the park, woods and through town and I found that the versatrax coped well with all the different surfaces. The tyres are quite large which really helps in the park!

    I did find the Versatrax a little heavy to push. I also found that the handle had quite alot of movement when going up a curb. This is probably because of the way that the pushchair folds but I feel if the pushchair was ever to have any kind of problem this is its weakest spot. 

    I found the pushchair easy to recline and the footrest is also easy to adjust. The seat is easy to turn around too. 

    4. How did you find the fold down and compactness of the pushchair?

    The fold on the Versatrax is really easy. You just fold the seat over and grab the fold strap. It only takes seconds to do. I think that it is fantastic that it folds with the seat on both ways - parent facing and world facing. Not many pushchairs fold parent facing with the seat on. The versatrax takes jp much less space in my boot and my hallway than my other pushchair which is a two piece fold. The only thing I would say is that it does not have a lock to hold it shut. It would make it easier to lift the pushchair in and out of the car if it locked shut.

    5. Would you recommend the Vesatrax to other parents or parents-to-be?

    I will be recommending the Versatrax to other parents. I think it has some really fantastic feature like the clever fold and the gate opening bumperbar. The fabrics are lovely and I love that it has a leatherette bumperbar and not a foam one. The basket is huge too! The 22kg weight limit and large lie flat seat means that it really will last you from birth till well beyond when you need a pushchair. I lobe that you can buy a carrycot and that the car seat adapters come with the pushchair to make it a complete travel system too.

    I think the rrp of £300 is a bargin! Had I not known the price tag I would have assumed it would cost much more. It has all the benefits of much more expensive pushchairs like parent facing seat, compact fold, high weight limit and nice fabrics for a very affordable price.

    Overall I think it is a lovely cost affective pushchair that will last well. If it locked shut it would be perfect!

    Thank you for picking us to test the Versatrax we will be getting lots of use out of it!

  • What a fabulous pushchair! 
    After 6 children and countless pushchairs, I can wholeheartedly say I know a good pram from one that just makes your life harder, and this one is an utter joy!

    My first impression was amazement at how narrow the box it arrived in was, which I saw as a good indicator of how Slimline the  fold is!
    As soon as opened the box the first thing I noticed was the lovely shade of sage green (Laurel colourway) and how high quality the fabrics apppeared.
    It was packaged well, everything neat and easy to find and unpack.
    Putting it together was a job that took me under 10 minutes, regardless of my experience, I'm sure a first time mum would have no problems assembling it also.
    Once it was all together, I was extremely pleased! 
    It looks gorgeous, and like it could handle anything you threw at it.
    The wheels were a particular favourite point, as we live near beaches and forests, so it really does need to handle a lot, which I have no concerns about it's ability to do so.

    The only minor issue I had was unlocking the front wheels.
    I found it quite stiff to do so, I had to give it some Welly! I'm pretty sure this was due to it being brand new and I'm expecting it to loosen with time.

    What my children thought.
    I have three children of potential pram age.
    5 months, 3 and 4.
    My youngest loves her carrycot, and I love the handy little pouches to put my small essentials like keys and money etc.
    My children are all very tall, their dad is 6ft 4, and they always end up squished in their carrycots once they get to about 4 months.
    No such issue with the Ramble XL carrycot!
    My daughter is 5 months but fitting 9-12 month clothing, and she had heaps of space in the carrycot, I've no doubt she will get the full 6 months and possibly more if she is not sitting unaided by that point!
    The seat unit was enjoyed by all three of my little testers.
    Grace enjoyed stretching her legs out over the bumper bar, and chatting to me whilst in a comfortable lie flat recline.
    I really rate true flat seats.
    I'm not a huge fan of 'bucket' seats that just tilt back but retain their position, so the baby has their legs up in the air, so a true flat recline is loved by me!

    My three and four year olds told me they were very comfortable in the seat and not squished for space at all, and my three year old adored the huge hood, pulling down and calling it her 'secret cave'!

    How did I find using the pushchair.

    In short, I completely adore this pushchair!
    It's a dream to push, even with my very tall three year old on board. Even my 9 year old has pushed it with ease.
    The wheels breeze over everything I've thrown at them, including beaches and forests, fields and urban terrains.
    The handlebar is comfortable to hold and extends to heights that are ideal for both myself (5ft 2) and my husband (6ft 4).
    The basket is AMAZING.
    I can throw in my large changing bag, the raincover, toys, spare bits and bobs and still get shopping in there, it's immense!
    I don't drive so I've also used it on public transport a lot and it fits in lovely and snugly without obstructing the aisles and with sufficient room for other prams to join it in the pram/wheelchair space.

    The fold.

    Now anyone that knows me could tell you how awful I am at folding prams.
    I'm terrible. Even after the extortionate number of prams I've tried and owned.
    It's almost a joke in this household, how bad mummy is at folding the pram.
    However, this one I can do!
    A quick tug the folding strap in the basket and it nearly collapses in half!
    I've folded napkins that have taken more effort, seriously!
    It also folds with the seat attached, which is a nice little time and space saver.

    Would I recommend it?

    From the great sized hood to the comfortable seat with a true flat recline.
    The ENORMOUS basket, wonderful durable wheels and foolproof fold for the folding challenged amongst us, it really is just fabulous.

    As I mentioned before, I'm a mum of 6, all 9 and under. Anything that makes my life less complicated is a winner.
    I can use this and know I won't need help.
    I can get on the bus, which means my family can get out of the house.
    I can fold it without yelling at my husband to help, whilst red faced and flustered and covered in sweat!
    The Ramble XL carrycot WILL actually fit your babies up until the recommended 6 months, even if they're Giants like mine, and those two little storage pockets are a lovely little touch.

    I tried really hard to find a negative, but honestly the only little issue I had was unlocking those front wheels, which is something I expect to get easier as time goes by.

    Thank you so much Joie and MadeForMums, we love our Versatrax! 👍

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    (Sorry for the scatty image posting, my phone was having issues uploading!)
  • Thank you so much for the opportunity to test the Joie Versatrax pushchair. I had a very willing volunteer in my youngest son, Owain (3months) to help me test it, as well as a not-so-willing Aled (22months going on teenager).

    1. What did you think of the Versatrax when you first received it?
    On receiving the boxes (for both the pushchair and carrycot), my initial reaction was very good as they seemed very compact and not too heavy. On opening, I absolutely loved the design and the Laurel colour was a welcome change from the usual blacks and greys that you’d see when out and about. An added bonus is the quality brown leather handle and trims which really makes the Versatrax stand out from other models.

    2. How did your baby take to riding in the pushchair?
    We tried it out with the ramble xl carrycot first, which my baby loved. It’s a good sized carrycot leaving baby plenty of space to stretch but also protection from the elements. As Owain is only 3 months old, I was a bit nervous to try him in the actual pushchair seat as he’d never been sat upright. I needn’t have worried, as the Versatrax seat is suitable from birth and declines to almost completely flat. The padded straps also felt very secure and comfortable. My baby boy loved going for a walk in his new pushchair, especially being able to sit up and look around for the first time. 

    As the pushchair states that it is suitable for a child up to 22kg, I decided to give my 22 month old son a test drive in it too. The straps and footrest were easy to adjust to accommodate a toddler, however there definitely isn’t enough headroom for a 2+ year old. My son was happy to be pushed around for a short time, but I can imagine it feeling a bit claustrophobic after a while.

    3. How did you find using the pushchair? How did you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?
    I found the pushchair lovely and easy to push, turn and brake. The wheels are chunky enough to handle most terrain but not too much so that they cannot turn easily. Also, the height of the chair and carrycot is very user-friendly, enabling you to check baby without bending right down. 

    4. How did you find the fold down and compactness of the pushchair?
    This is by far the easiest pushchair I’ve ever had in terms of folding, which can be done easily with one hand. Being a busy mum of 3 (2 under 2) I very rarely have both hands free, so this is a lifesaver! 
    The pushchair folds down as small as can be expected, and fits easily in my golf with plenty of room to spare.

    5. Would you recommend the Vesatrax to other parents or parents-to-be?
    I would definitely recommend the Joie Versatrax along with the Ramble XL carrycot. It is high quality, beautifully styled and stands out from other pushchairs available. Each and every aspect has been designed with baby and parent in mind, from the extending sun canopy to the extra large shopping basket. Joie really have ticked every box here.

    Thank you again for choosing us to test and review the Versatrax, we LOVE it!! 
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    1. When I first received the Versatrax I was very impressed with how small the box was! I found it very easy to get out the box and set up. The wheels were slightly fiddly but easy enough. It would have been better if the back material was un-affixed as it would have been quicker to adjust the straps then as it’s impossible when your child is in the seat as it’s quite stiff to undo and roll the material up to make the straps higher across the shoulders. I found the colour very attractive and was Impressed with the quality feel to the chassis and leather trim.
    2. My 2 year old so was very impressed with the pram and excited to test it out! He even fit in the under basket as it is so vast! He felt comfortable with exceptions of his knees and feet. The central bar is too low as he still likes to sit with the foot bar horizontal and this was not forgiving for his height either as his feet were crunched up. When I dropped the foot bar down unfortunately he was too short and his feet didn’t reach the foot rest so this left him frustrated with his feet just hanging.
    3. I found using the pushchair nice as it’s got a great handle bar, with various height adjustments. It was sooooo easy to turn the seat around and the fold really is superb. I found the brake and wheels locks fantastic and very simple to use and disable. Getting on and off buses was a breeze it really tips and handles well same with curbs. However it is not very good upon turning, I found it very very stiff to change directions and it’s spin on spot manoeuvre was poor, I felt I really had to plant my weight to get it to anything bar go straight. And this is where I think the quality compared to other brands really shows.
    4. The fold is very easy to do and I found once the brake was applied it stood very well on its own. The weight of the buggy is an issue as im 5.1 ft it’s very long banging against your leg as you try to lug it where you want it, there is no way I could hold my child ,a changing bag and the buggy, which for me on public transport is a must!
    5. I would recommend the Vesatrax to other parents or parents-to-be, dependant on their budget. It is a good sturdy buggy with a great fold and a vast hood and shopping basket. However that is the end of my compliments and if there was more budget I would go for a different buggy with a smoother ride and more leg room for my child as I do not think this would go the distance in age and a stroller would then need to be bought.

    Was great on all terrain

    As you can see he has no room for his knees
    it did fit on the bus fantastic 
    just not enough room for his feet 
    not comfortable but good basket Space  

    As you can see his feet struggle to fit on the ledge or the bottom foot rest
    thank you again for letting me test the buggy out. 
  • What did I think of the Versatrax when I first received it?

    I loved the Versatrax packaging - not a huge amount of plastic and not loads of individually boxed/packaged parts which made putting it together really quick and intuitive! The test for me is how long it takes to reach for the instructions and considering this is only our second pushchair it was extremely simple to put together. All that you needed to do was attach the shade and wheels.

    My husband made me laugh as his immediate reaction was ‘look at those wheels!’ They are made up of solid components and very simple to fit. The front tyres can be locked in position for situations where you may need to drag them over sand or use them over rough terrain.

    The other components that we both immediately commented on were the large basket which remains easy to access no matter what recline position you have the seat at. This is such a useful feature for shopping/ day trips giving you the confidence that you can carry whatever you may need when you’re out of the house. I also felt that the shade was extremely versatile considering the variety of ways it can be opened to offer different amounts of coverage. The shade provides great ventilation and viewing opportunities too - always useful on a warm day as well as providing the ability to look at your little one without potentially disturbing them - vital at nap time! The fact that it is also UPF50+ also provides confidence on hot summer days. The instant impression upon full assembly was that of quality. A really nice looking stroller! The unisex Laurel colour is a great option especially if you want to get a pushchair that you may want to use for additional children as your family may grow. 

    Once the pushchair was assembled I took to adjusting it for my son. It is great that the seat can be front or rear facing, especially good when moving on from using a bassinet to a toddler seat when they are used to looking at you whilst in their pushchair. The main adjustment I needed to make was to the straps as I needed to move them up one ‘notch’. I didn’t find the instructions very useful for this at all as they are more visual than descriptive, also removing the cover is quite complicated and tight, if for any reason your hands/wrists are not very strong then it would be difficult for you to do this. I got there though and then I explored adjusting the handle higher and the foot rest and recline positions and all of this was very simple.

    How did my baby take to riding in the pushchair?            

    I think I could answer this question just with this picture!

    My son was thoroughly happy and relaxed in the pushchair, you always know you are on to a winner with him if he gets in to this position. He didn’t fuss at all when I strapped him in and was happy in all of the different recline positions. He was really relaxed in the most reclined setting and didn’t get upset before he fell asleep as he still had a good view even though he was laid down which I have known him to do in another pram. 

    He had plenty of room - he is 11 months old and was securely and comfortably fastened in the harness. The harness ‘cushions’ prevented any rubbing of the straps, this was a feature I really liked. 

    How did I find using the pushchair? How was it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

    The Versatrax handled well all in all across all of the environments that I tested it over. It was easy to manoeuvre across all pavement terrain including manholes, cracks and tree roots. The suspension held up well. The pushchair has a sturdiness to it making you trust it’s ability to get you up and down curbs without disturbing your baby whilst not being too heavy and leaving your arms feeling tired. Like with most pushchairs, some tilting was needed at times to do this without running the risk of waking my son up from a nap but I think that is perfectly normal! The pushchair handled well over grass and and it was easy to get up on to grassy verges when walking up a track near my house when cars needed to pass. I felt confident that I could do that quickly and safely whilst not disturbing my son a lot. The suspension coped well on rocky paths but it handled much better going down potholes/ditches than it did going back up them due to the smaller wheels on the front of the pushchair. All in all though I felt that it coped very well. 

    The one press brake on the Versatrax is fab, it holds up well and works immediately unlike on some pushchairs where it moves a little before it engages. I found the Versatrax easy to turn, very reactive and could handle well using one hand. My husband agreed but said that he has known others to turn more effectively - I reminded him of the RRP for this buggy and he quickly said that he then had no complaints because it handles brilliantly for the price!

    The handle bar is a good grasping width, it is comfortable to keep hold of and the length of the handle can be easily altered. I am an average height and found the handle comfortable on the lowest setting but I think this is personal preference, I would suggest to test out the handle length before you purchase if you think that you are particularly tall etc.

    How did I find the fold down and compactness of the pushchair?

    Two words...... Simple, Efficient! If I described it to my friends and family I would say that it basically ‘pops up and down’. The fold down mechanism is located on the back of the seat and is simple to activate and then all you have to do is pull it up from the middle using the strap and you are done. Once folded you can then carry it using the in built strap but it can be a bit unstable as it doesn’t lock/attach together at all to keep it stable. From my pictures you can see the size of it once folded down and the space it would take up in a hallway once folded down as sometimes it’s not convenient to get it straight back in a car boot for example! 

    Would I recommend the Vesatrax to other parents or parents-to-be?

    YES! It is great value for money, stylish, easy to put up and down which when you are in a car park, your little one is upset and it’s pouring down with rain, you will really appreciate. All importantly though it handles very well and is comfortable to use for both you and your little one.

  • Hi everyone, thank you all for taking part in this product test, leaving your feedback and posting your brilliant pictures. 

    The winner of the £200 Amazon voucher is @dougmellon  
    We will be in touch via email to send you your prize. 

    Thanks again everyone - we're going to lock this thread now as the product test is now closed.  
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