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CarGoSeat Group 3 Booster: the feedback review thread

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This is the feedback thread for those of you who are testing the CarGoSeat, as part of our latest MadeForMums product test.

Please give us your feedback on this thread by answering the following 5 questions and providing your pictures:

1. What did you and your child think of the CarGoSeat when it arrived?
2. How did you find installing the CarGoSeat into your car?
3. How comfortable did your child find the CarGoSeat to sit in? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).
4. What did your child think of the case function, and the ability to wheel it around?
5. Would you recommend the CarGoSeat to other parents and carers? 

Everyone who leaves quality feedback by answering all 5 questions and providing pictures (and is part of our product test) will be entered into a draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher.

Thank you so much – and good luck!

Note: Any comments and pictures you post on here may be used in future advertising and marketing material by CarGoSeat. See full Ts & Cs here.



  • Excited for the feedback for this as on the lookout. Missed the sign up in the rush of December but on the lookout for a new seat for my almost 7 year old. 
  • Good evening sorry it has taken me a little longer to get my feedback on this post but Iv had a very eventful Christmas so far and with being heavily pregnant Iv been so busy. But here is my autistic sons views and mine on the car seat we received on the 17th of December. 

    1. Firstly the car seat looked great. It is lightweight and made with a nice sturdy, durable plastic and is lovely and compact. My autistic son loves the colour as his favourite colour is green. 

    2. The car seat was very simple to install and I found the extra strap at the back very reassuring to have to hold my sons belt in the correct place above his shoulder which his previous booster did not have. The car seat is a great size as it’s not to bulky so my son found it easy to seat himself and buckle up with no obstruction from the seat. 

    3. My son has stated the seat is very comfy to sit in and has done two long two hour journeys in it with no complaints about the comfort sitting in it for so long so this is great. I myself also like that the padding of the seat is attached with Velcro so can be removed and washed if it gets dirty which for me is fantastic as my son does tend to make a mess in the car with crumbs like most of our kiddies do I’m sure.  

    4. My son found the car seat great he could open it to store some of his bits like toys, small clothes etc which he could use for day visits to Nanny’s house etc. However we did notice the hinges did pop off easily when he was opening the car seat up so had to be a little more gentle when opening but this was before it was installed in the car. The wheels seem great along with the handle to pull along, we found the wheels didn’t turn around easily when the car seat is empty but with items stored inside they moved with ease along our laminate flooring and the pathing outside the house. 

    5. would I recommend this car seat? Yes I would, it’s a great car seat and does the job plus more with the added function of using it as a case which I think is great for small over night stays or just keeping small toys or gloves, raincoat etc (especially in this weather). My son is so very happy with his new car seat and says thank you very much for letting him try and keep his new car seat. His little sister is jealous but being only a little girl at age 6 she wasn’t yet big enough for a car seat like this one. Thank you from all of us for this opportunity. 
  • DanielleMFMDanielleMFM admin
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    Hi @*MrsS* thanks so much for the feedback. Please make sure you include a picture of your son and the seat too, to be entered into the feedback draw for the voucher. Thanks so much. 

  • So sorry completely forgot. Here is my 9 year old autistic son as happy as could be on his special green car seat. X
  • Perfect - thanks so much @*MrsS*
  • 1. I thought the car seat was a lovely bright colour and is made out of really practical material that can easily be cleaned. This is really helpful to deal with spillages or chocolate marks! It doesn’t necessarily look as padded or as comfortable as some other car seats but it seems more practical to me. We will be taking this on holiday to Lanzarote next week where we have hired a car. The kids‘ booster seats are usually grubby and stained so I’d prefer my child to have his own. 
     My son loved the idea of the ‘secret’ compartment case. In his eyes it makes him feel quite grown up as he can keep some of his things safely tucked away! 

    2. The car seat was very easy to install and was not too bulky as I have a newborn baby seat in the back too. I felt more reassured with the safety feature of the clip keeping the shoulder seatbelt at the correct height for my child. 

    3. My son found the car seat very comfortable to use and we have used it many times already for various journey lengths from 10 minutes to 1 hour. He fell asleep a couple of times too so it’s obviously comfortable for him.

    4. My son was excited to wheel his car seat/case around and put his Nintendo Switch in it immediately. He wheeled it along our tiled and laminated floor easily and outside on our drive to the car. He said he felt grown up! Lifting the lid was a little difficult as it was stiff to start so he needed some help but it seems a little easier once you have done it a few times. 

    5. I would recommend this car seat. I think both boys and girls will like the multi function of it being a wheeled carry case too as they like to keep their toys and snacks near. My son really likes it and can’t wait to take it on holiday. 

    Thanks so much for allowing us to review it- I will post a picture in a bit.
  • Hi @EmJ3 thanks so much for your feedback - please do be sure to add a pic of your son using/in the seat to be entered into the draw for the £200 Amazon voucher. Thank you 😊
  • 1. The first think that caught my eye about the car seat was the bold pink colour. My daughter was very impressed because her favourite colour is pink. The base of the car seat is made from plastic meaning it can be easily cleaned, the car seat also features a seat pad for extra comfort, the seat pad is removable making it easy to put in the wash.

    2. The car seat was easy to install, the instructions are easy to follow and can be stored inside the car seat for future reference. The car seat is not bulky at all and looks great in the car. I also liked the extra safety feature of the clip to keep the seat belt in the correct position for the child. 

    3. My 7 year old daughter has told me the car seat is very comfortable to sit on and she also loved the fact she is sat quite high up when she's in the car seat so she's got a better view out of the window.

    4. My daughter loves filling her car seat with all her essentials  (books, toys, snacks and a drink). She was able to fit everything in herself and also close the lock, which she found quite easy. She was so proud of herself when she was pushing it to the car and she told me she feels like she's going on holiday as it reminds her of a suitcase. The car seat is easy to pull around on the floor outside but we did find the wheels don't move very well on the carpet in the house.

    5. I would definitely recommend this car seat. It's reliable, lightweight and has a great design so you can be sure your little one is safe. Lots of storage space for your child's things weather it's wellies and a spare coat or toys and snacks, leaving the adult with less to carry so it's a win win for us.

    Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to review this car seat.
  • 1. Unfortunately the handle was broken on the first seat we received but this was sorted out speedily and although we were wary the seat is very sturdy.  My Grandson (8) was able to pull the handle out with no problem, he could use the catch to open and close it easily too.  At his age he could press the buttons that allow the arms to raise and lower and lock into place. 
    2.  The seat is really easy to fit and my Grandson didn’t have any problems putting the seat in the car or fastening the seat belt.  I did have to put the red clip onto the seat belt, this ensures the seat belt is correctly positioned on the child’s shoulder which is a great.
    3. He has been on two, two hour journeys using the seat rather than his usual high back booster and found it comfortable to sit on, he preferred it as he didn’t have the headrest of his other seat blocking his view.  (It has been explained to him that he still has to use the high back booster as his main seat)
    4. He has a well known brand of child’s sit on/pull along suitcase which is well used as his parents are shift workers so he spends many nights away from home.  The CarGoSeat was able to accommodate all the things he needed for two nights.  He loved pulling it along (and swinging it by the handle).  It pulls easily even when running.
    5. I would recommend the CarGoSeat as it meets the need to have a seat available when one may not be normally eg sleepovers at friends, taxi’s, holidays.

  • 1.My son absolutely love it, he thought it was just a normal carseat in his favorite colour, but calls it a special spy carseat because you can hide his favorite things in there, which is
    such a cool feature.

    2. I found installing it super easy, very clear and easy instructions on the outside and in the manual. We had no issues at all installing this and using it.

    3. My son says it very comfortable, he said that the red seatbelt protected given with the seat was helping the seatbelt from feeling too tight. the armrest that comes out are very comfortable too. We have been on short rides and longer ones in the holidays and he has said that he loves it because his bum doesn't hurt like the other one he had. It's a comfortably cushioned.

    4. This feature has got to be a huge buying point for me and my son who loves this.
    He could put a spare set of pjs, his teddy and his favorite cars and snack in there and wheel it like a suitcase he loves this feature. It's so cool for sleepovers at grandparents houses or just longer or normal journeys or holidays, so your child's stuff is safe by them in one place. He is so excited to take it with us on holiday and wants to pack all his things in there. 

    5. I would highly recommend this carseat to my friends and family and other mums. My son is 6 and my 9 year old has used this too. I think the cool feature of it working as a suitcase and trolley makes it stand out from other car seats and it's simple to use and comftable for your child to use. And it's multi functioning. 
    We have been so happily surprised with this! 

  • Here are some pictures of my son using the car seat. Xx
  • 1.  Thought it was bulky and the depth of the seat when installed in car would mean child's legs would be suspended leading to discomfort if travelling any distance. However did feel sturdy and more colourful than most booster seats.

    2.  Installation was straightforward . Useful pictorial instructions printed on the side of the seat rather than having to refer to instructions.

    3. Given the height and shaping of the seat , child didn't feel as secure as in existing booster seat . Also, depending on height of the child and car interior design, the proximity to the roof of the car may limit longevity of the seat. Armrests did not raise high enough to be of any use.

    4. The usage as a case appears more of a novelty,  as limited space available . But possibly of use to try and keep car interior tidy. Useful function however to pull the seat along with the handle for younger children. 

    5. I would recommend as a seat for a 2nd car in which the child would have limited travelling given the height and shaping previously mentioned would lead to some discomfort for the child over any longer distance. The armrests also do not appear to perform any function for any but the shortest of children.

  • 1. What did you and your child think of the CarGoSeat when it arrived?

    we liked the colour, compact and the idea it could be wheeled as well was brilliant. However when it arrived a part had came off. This was hard to place back in and has kept falling off.
    2. How did you find installing the CarGoSeat into your car?
    Very simple which is ideal considering the struggles we go through with the baby car seat.
    3. How comfortable did your child find the CarGoSeat to sit in? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    he found it very comfortable and was ideal for drive in movie we went to week after we received it
    4. What did your child think of the case function, and the ability to wheel it around?

    he loved it! Made it easy to get from house to the car. 
    5. Would you recommend the CarGoSeat to other parents and carers? Definitely, think it was just unlucky in cargo it has potentially been handled to roughly for the piece of the car seat to fall off. Very portable and very simple to operate. 
  • 1. When we received the CarGoSeat, we were packing for our trip to France. My daughter Elyssa was very excited and started straight away packing her activities for the journey. 
    I personally liked the way it was packaged, presented and the fun branding which assured me of a very great quality product but what i liked the most were the different functions it offers, not just being a standard car seat! This product offers great solutions when it comes to travelling abroad, for road trips and sleepovers :
    a) She can have all her activities or nighty in the CarGoSeat saving space in the car (No need for an extra bag)!
    b) She can easily transport with added wheels and handle, no matter how heavy it is.    c) Finally we don't need to check-in for an extra car seat at the airport. Less luggage (Hurray!)  
    2. Very straightforward to get it installed, however it terms of the fit, it was slightly bulkier than our usual car seat because of the wheels on the side, but still managed to fasten the seat belt. Great having the pictorial instructions on the side which helped my mum to install it in her car.
    3. The longest Elyssa travelled on the CarGoSeat was 5 hours (with some short breaks of course!) and she never complained. The seat was the right width and depth for her, the padding on top was right, she even used it as a seat while waiting at the airport! 
    However, the armrest wasn't very useful to her. 
    4. The case and wheeling function were the most exciting ones for Elyssa.
    In terms of packing she was limited to what she could take (which is not a bad thing) and had to think smart of what she will exactly need for her journey. However she had 2 issues : she needed assistance to open the case (it's a little stiff), and the top part kept breaking off the bottom part which is easy to fix however it occurred quite few times, and it should be better secured at the hinge. 
    In overall she was still happy with storage and keeping her things in there during the trip. 
    Now in regards to the wheeling, she was proudly wheeling it around the terminal, and showing her grand-parents and cousins... However I must say the wheels were making a loud noise (as they are made of light plastic) so we didn't let her wheel it for too long. Also we had to be carful to carry the case up to avoid mud and rain in some places otherwise it would have been a problem putting it back as a car seat!

    5. CarGoSeat is a brilliant solution for road trips, sleepover or holiday abroad, it's a fun way to get kids involved in packing smart, easily carry their own activities around, without worrying! For parents/carers it offers the convenience to save space (in the car) and to carry less luggage (when travelling) and have a car seat when you reach your holiday destination (if you are hiring a car or staying with family).
    However i will carry on using my standard car seat as it stays in my car, and use CarGoSeat when we need a spare car seat or for all our trips. 
    Despite a couple of things to be improved, there are still many advantages to the product so i would recommend it to parents/ carers as a 2nd car seat.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review CarGoSeat :-) 

  • D&N2812 thank you for your feedback so far - please be sure to add pictures, or you may not be be eligible for the £200 Amazon voucher draw - thank you. Also, did you let Sabrina in our office know about the faulty part? 
  • Hello here is our review. 

    1) When the car seat first arrived we thought it was very vibrant in colour, she was made up it was purple her favourite colour, when she figured out it could open up she was amazed! She was saying that she is now a spy ninja like chad wild clay who her and her sisters watch on YouTube. She was so excited to use it, for her friends sleep over. 
    Myself as an adult and mother though it was very well designed and packaged well. I thought it would be perfect for trips away, saving luggage space and perfect for her to put in all her bits and bobs especially when going on sleep overs! 

    2) The car seat its self was easy to install, however we found it a bit bulkier than her usual booster seat. This didn't cause any issue and she commented on the fact that she liked she was higher up. 

    3) Isabelle said it was very comfortable, we've used it 3 times since receiving the car seat. She said the extra red part which comes with it stopped the seat belt from resting to close to her neck. 

    4) Isabelle loved the fact she could wheel it around with all her little bits and bobs in. She struggled opening it however as it was stiff, this has loosened a bit and she does it with more ease now we've used it a few times so I wouldn't say that's an issue. On the occasions we let her wheel it around it was raining outside and therefore I had to wipe the wheels before putting back in the car, again not an issue as most parents have baby wipes to hand. She liked the fact that it had arm rests.

    5) 100% would reccomend, I spoke to my partner and we are even considering purchasing another for our other daughter. CarGoSeat is such a simple yet great product, it's so well designed and my children now argue over who's turn it is to use each time we are in the car. It's particularly great to take abroad and we will be doing so in May, as we will save money on hiring a booster seat and the bits and bobs they take to occupy them on the aeroplane will be stored in the booster seat. I was pleasantly surprised and have already recommended to some friends I know. Thank you for letting us review this car seat 
  • Need to add photos tomorrow as for some reason the ones I have taken have yellow lines down them 😭 iPhone problems!

    1. What did you and your child think of the CarGoSeat when it arrived?

    My daughter was delighted when she saw the purple car seat. Purple being her favourite colour. I was a bit apprehensive that it could meet the brief (how could it fit the storage capacity etc) but when we unboxed it and saw the space inside I was very surprised. 

    2. How did you find installing the CarGoSeat into your car?

    Simple and straightforward; no gimmicks etc so it was perfect. I like that their is pictures on the side too so if my mum was using it she would even manage it without any stress. 

    3. How comfortable did your child find the CarGoSeat to sit in? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    millie found its very comfortable. No complaints at all. She normally has a recaro high back booster so I was worried she would find this hard and uncomfortable but she seems to like it (mostly because she thinks it’s a grown up seat now haha!)

    4. What did your child think of the case function, and the ability to wheel it around?

    we haven’t wheeled it around a lot but when we did it was easy to use and fits plenty inside. Ideal for day trips or sleepovers with gran!
    Think would also be good for airport or holidays etc. 

    5. Would you recommend the CarGoSeat to other parents and carers? 

    Yes definitely especially for holidays etc! 
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