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Maxi-Cosi Mica 360° Car Seat: the feedback review thread

DanielleMFMDanielleMFM admin
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This is the feedback thread for those of you who are testing the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat as part of our latest MadeForMums product test.

Please give us your feedback on this thread by answering the following 5 questions and providing your pictures:

Everyone who leaves quality feedback by answering all 5 questions and providing pictures (and is part of our product test) will be entered into a draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher.

Feedback Questions 
1. What did you think of the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat when it arrived? 
2. How did you find installing and using the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat into your car?
3. How did you find the 360° rotation function of the seat? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon above the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).
4. How comfortable do you think your baby/child found the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat?
5. Would you recommend the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat to other parents and carers? 

Thank you for providing your feedback and good luck. 

Note: Any comments and pictures you post on our Feedback thread may be used  in future advertising and marketing material by Maxi-Cosi. See full Ts&Cs here.


  • Curiosity101Curiosity101 Regular
    edited Mar 8, 2020 8:16PM
    1. What did you think of the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat when it arrived? 
    My initial thought was, that's a big box. 
    My next thought was, that's a heavy box, it was 19kg! It was very well packaged but if you're pregnant you're going to want to make sure you've got an extra pair of hands to get it in the car. It's still very heavy even once out of its box.
    As part of the unboxing process, I couldn't help but compare it to my Maxi Cosi Cabriofix and I found it was probably a little bigger than the Cabriofix as you can see from the pictures. However, the Mica 360 does have an adjustable headrest which allows it to grow with your toddler. 

    2. How did you find installing and using the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat into your car?
    It was fine to install. The difficulty was carrying the full unit to the car and angling it into place. But the Isofix was easy to use, the same as any other Isofix base (just that in this case, it had a full-size car seat pre-attached).

    One issue I did have was that I had to install it behind the passenger seat to allow the car seat to tilt back properly. There wasn't enough space behind the driver's side despite our car being a big car (Hyundai Tucson). My husband was driving, for reference he's 6'1", he is tall but not unreasonably so. I'd make sure to test it out if you have a small-medium size car as you could find that the seat in front of it has to be pushed quite far forward if the car seat is in its rear-facing setting and you want to use the tilt functionality. 

    Another, very minor, issue I had while using it was that the harness clip was reasonably difficult to press. I prefer a big button but the clip on the Mica 360 did look like it would be much harder for a toddler to unclip so it is potentially a good safety feature.

    I wasn't entirely comfortable with the tilt function as I felt the seat was too vertical and didn't support my baby quite right. Initially, I thought I was doing something wrong but I counted each of the 5 positions so definitely had it fully tilted

    Mostly the car seat was intuitive to use but I did have a quick flick through the instruction booklet. I did find the instructions difficult to understand, there are lots of pictures and very few words. But as I said, fortunately, most of the functionality is very intuitive so the instructions are too important.  I recommend using online videos if you want to know how to do something (like removing the seat covers) but there aren't many yet as this is a brand new model.

    3. How did you find the 360° rotation function of the seat? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon above the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).
    This is the first time I've used a rotating car seat and I can definitely see the appeal. My baby is currently 27 weeks old (20 weeks corrected) and weighs somewhere in the region of 18-19lbs. I'm already struggling to carry him in his Cabriofix car seat and attach that to its Isofix base. It's also quite difficult to angle him into the Cabriofix if it's already in the car in the rear-facing position. Placing him into the Mica 360 and doing up the harness was a doddle - I am definitely a big fan of the rotation function.

    Overall the 360° rotation was smooth and easy to use. The button is at the top of the Isofix base leg, it was very intuitive to use. 

    4. How comfortable do you think your baby/child found the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat?
    The car seat is robust and has more padding than our Cabriofix. I think it was probably really comfortable for our little passenger.
    Here we are setting off for home...

    And a few minutes later...

    However, as I mentioned earlier in the review I wasn't particularly happy with his position. I didn't feel he was able to lay back far enough even when the car seat was as it's furthest tilt. It's also fair to say that he was sat more upright than he normally is in his Cabriofix. He had a lot of trapped wind once he reached each destination. Each drive was a 1hr car journey. It could have been coincidence or potentially that he was more scrunched up than usual. 

    It also doesn't have a sun visor. This isn't a big issue but we hadn't realised until we set off so he did have the sun in his eyes quite a bit. 

  • Curiosity101Curiosity101 Regular
    edited Mar 8, 2020 8:16PM
    5. Would you recommend the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat to other parents and carers? 
    I definitely would, so long as your baby is at least 6 months old and/or can sit up mostly unaided. Once your baby is at least 6 months old I reckon it's ideal. I can see it being really useful the bigger and heavier they get.

    There are a few reasons that I personally wouldn't suggest this seat for newborns. We brought our baby home from the hospital in his car seat. The Mica 360 doesn't detach from its base or have a handle (which makes sense as it's a seat designed to be big enough for a toddler). This would have meant we'd have to bring the baby to the car in a pram, then transfer to the seat, then carry the baby into the house from the car. Our baby was almost 7 weeks premature and only 9 days old when we brought him home. Personally, I wouldn't have felt comfortable having him exposed to any harsh weather so I wouldn't have liked doing that.

    I also loved the convenience of using my Maxi Cosi Cabriofix as part of a travel system. When nipping to the shop I found it much more convenient to bundle the baby up in the car seat and pop him on his pram chassis using the car seat adaptors. 

    My Cabriofix also acted as a perfect safe place/seat when we were getting ready to leave the house or if we were going to visit family and friends. If the car seat has to stay in the car then you have to consider where you're going to put the baby once you get to your destination.

    None of these are problems that can't be solved. But I loved the convenience of my Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat. So if I were recommending a seat to parents of a newborn I'd suggest a Maxi Cosi Pebble or a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix, then selling that once the baby gets to around 6 months old (and is a struggle to carry in their initial car seat), then purchase the Mica and use that from then onwards. 
  • 1. What did you think of the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat when it arrived? 

    Basic cardboard box which is good, not too many bags, no bits of foam that are difficult to dispose of, just one big bit of cardboard and a bag. I did notice a light chemical smell and residue feeling on my hands when taking the seat out of the bag which went quickly. 

    Seat -
    Everything comes ready to fit for a newborn which is good but we've taken the insert out as he is 5cm too big at 15 weeks. One small niggle is the support leg; I've scratched it up after 10 minutes of taking it out of the box on a laminate floor! My fault for not putting it on the rug, I was too eager to play with it!

    Instructions manual - 
    I don't like the instruction manual, It's basically just pictures. I was curious about what g-cell was and I couldn't find anything about it in the manual, other than the name of it, so I had to search online. I'm a computer engineer so I'm used to reading manuals for "out of box" products. Such an important safety feature and selling point could be overlooked by a grandparent or someone less tech savvy as they may not go online to check. The tag removal isn't explained very well and the beep is not mentioned. It was a suprise as I've never seen that feature before and we're 2 children and 5 car seats into this modern parenting...thing. 

    2. How did you find installing and using the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat into your car?

    Fitting - 
    Trying to find those isofix anchors is stressful add a continuous beep that only stops when the leg is either locked under the base or in position on the floor!

    You're already in a confined space and getting stressed because your pushing the seat fabric down with one hand, whilst trying to move the seat with the other. In your baby brain, sleep deprived state, a beep to remind you that you're doing something wrong is not exactly what you need! Maybe only beep when the harness is closed or something?

    Other than that, it's easy enough to fit providing you can see your isofix points! Hubby has an Astra, you just lift a flap and there they are... In a Nissan Juke/Qashqai you have to go hunting.

    3. How did you find the 360° rotation function of the seat? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon above the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    I prefer the swivel in the Maxi Cosi axissfix to the free spin of this Mica. The Mica lacks the ability to lock the direction of travel so you have to be a little more accurate when rotating it. It will go all the way round if you spin it, where as the axisfix has a switch to control how far it goes round. Unless your child like the waltzers, in which case spin away!

    4. How comfortable do you think your baby/child found the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat?

    For my two year old: "This is beautiful!" She said as I put her in. It's a snug fit with everything fully extended and in the upright position. There is no way she would fit for another 18 months, but I know there are a lot of 2-3 year olds that are still tiny! With this in mind, I wouldnt be buying it now to last her until she's 4 years old. As you can see from the photo, she is not comfortable rear facing, even though it's recommended until 4 years. 

    For my 15 week old - This is perfect. The insert looks a lot more padded compared to others we have used, so I expect there would be no problems with it from birth. The seat reclines into a nice laying position and it looks comfy ( that was a thin fleece and I couldn't get two fingers under the strap). The anti slip on the pads is great for staying in place since everyone knows having a baby is like owning an octopus sometimes.

    5. Would you recommend the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat to other parents and carers? 

    Yes! This is a really nice seat, we've had a good few seats now and it's probably my favourite. 

    I like that the harness release button is shielded by a plastic hood. All the seats I have used have a rubber button or a hidden metal lever.

    I like that the pull strap is already hooked in place. We have the axissfix in hubby's car and when our daughter was smaller, she would lean down and pull the swinging cord up to chew it if you didn't remember to velcro it up. It would also get in the way when rear facing. 

    The harness tightens up smoothly. Some other seats really need pulling hard to tighten up, this tightens with ease so would be ideal for a grandparent with Arthritis. The 360 position also helps as there is less head bumping on the car and it's easier on your back.

    It's a solid unit, there is little movement in it when fitted. The same can't be said about some of the other 360 seats Is this down to the support leg instead of a top tether? I prefer having the leg (annoying beep aside!) to feeding an adjustable strap through the seat into the boot. Some cars, like the Qashqai, don't have their top tether visible so you have to take a knife to your back seat! Too much time was spent arguing with Mothercare and Toys r us when they refused to fit incase they ruined our seat! The axissfix is only top tether so we had to take a gamble with a pocket knife in the car park; the support leg would have been much less hassle. 

    I'm glad to see that the Mica doesn't have the overhead strap that the axissfix does! It's just another thing for little fingers to mess around with


    It's a bit heavy to lug around, but I suppose that it part of the reason it feels solid when fitted!

    The plastic scratches easy on the support leg! It comes into contact with the floor as soon as you take it out of the box so may do well to have a removable protector on it until fitted or something? Or a cardboard sleeve?

    The really annoying beeping for the support leg. 

    Instructions could do with a bit more explanation. The pictures are good for all the different languages, but I just prefer them to be backed up with faq's or something. 

  • 1. What did you think of the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat when it arrived? 

    The seat was packaged simply and protectively.

    We really liked the colour combinations of the seat and thought it looked really smart and would suit most car interiors. It's also ideal to have dark colors for the inevitable spillage that will occur in the next 4 years! The newborn insert looked comfortable and well padded.

    2. How did you find installing and using the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat into your car?

    It was a good job that it was quite self explanatory to install the seat as the instruction manual didn't provide too much explanation. It would be useful to have atleast a few key words to know that what you interpret from the images is correct.  Pulling the tab out I don't think is made very clear for such an important feature! In a world where we are trying our best to be "Green" maybe they could provide a link to an online video rather than the traditional booklet.

    3. How did you find the 360° rotation function of the seat? 

    My nephew has the Joie 360 so I knew that I would be getting a 360 rotation seat when we ready to upgrade from our infant carrier. The function is really easy to use and is a smooth motion. It's so much kinder on the user to not have to twist to get the child in their seat.

    4. How comfortable do you think your baby/child found the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat?

    My small (almost) 9 month old looked comfortable in the seat. I do think it would be beneficial to be able to recline the seat back more, the first time she fell asleep in it her head flopped forward as she is sat quite upright, the following times she managed to fall asleep with her head rested so it wasn't an issue but it does worry me that she'll flop her head forward when I'm in the car by myself and not be able to rectify it promptly!

    I also tried my 3.5yr old nephew in the seat to get his opinion as he could tell me what he thought,  and he said it was comfortable, so he approved!

    5. Would you recommend the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat to other parents and carers? 

    We would recommend this seat to other users. We like the spin feature, it was a dream to loosen and tighten the straps, I also liked that the but you pull was looped on, the strap holders were also useful so that when you put the child in the seat you don't sit them on top of the straps and then have to hunt around for them. The headrest is quick and easy to adjust when needed. It's a nice solid, sturdy seat and looks smart in the car.
    We wouldn't use it from newborn personally as it is so much more convenient to be able to lift the seat in and out of the car and use as part of a travel system, but when they are too big or too heavy to be lifting in and out this is a good seat for the next stage. I also dont think I'd be happy with how upright it is for a newborn either (unless the insert rectifies this issue somewhat?)
    Thank you for letting us do a review for you!

  • 1. What did you think of the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat when it arrived? 

    It was well packaged and protected, which gave me confidence. I was grateful, however that it had been delivered as it was heavy. No heavier than other group 0/1 size car seats though.

    2. How did you find installing and using the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat into your car?

    Installation was very straightforward. I read the instruction manual but I preferred the Maxi-Cosi online installation video:

    Installation was much easier than the Maxi-Cosi Axissfix because it doesn’t have the top tether. The leg and Isofix points are easy to use and are a more secure fit, in my car, than the Axissfix, which moved more despite showing 3 green indicators. On this basis alone I would choose the Mica over the Axissfix because it felt more secure. 

    3. How did you find the 360° rotation function of the seat?

    The rotation is a so helpful, especially when a child is rear-facing. I have used a rear-facing car seat that doesn’t have this feature, since my child has become a toddler, and it is a lot harder work.

    It does spin all the way round, in every position. This is slightly different to the Axissfix because when you spin it to take your child out it locks whereas the Mica doesn’t lock when loading or unloading your child. Personally, I didn’t find this an issue because the car seat felt solid and secure. 

    4. How comfortable do you think your baby/child found the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat?

    The ability to tilt the seat is an important feature for us. As my child is a toddler, when awake, he prefers to sit upright. When we know he may nod off we can adjust the seat before starting our journey. Having the seat more upright offered him more leg room too. The part of the seat that sits against the car’s seat is useful for muddy shoes and unlike the Axissfix, the Mica doesn’t have a hook on this part. In my opinion, this is better because it means that your child’s feet can’t get caught on it. 

    5. Would you recommend the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat to other parents and carers? 

    Yes, absolutely! The car seat felt secure and safe. Installation was easy and the 360 degree rotation is fluid and effortless. The tilt feature worked well for us and my child was comfortable in it. The clasp has a better design to it than the Axissfix and is super straight forward to use. The straps are so easy to tighten and loosen and it’s helpful having the strap holders on the sides. 

    From the moment we opened the box everything has been straightforward and effortless. The design is fantastic and I would highly recommend. 
  • 1.   What did you think of the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat when it arrived? 

    My initial thoughts were that the box looked very big, however, it wasn’t as heavy as I’d expected. The car seat was very well packaged, with a secure double layer box. It was also very easy to remove from the packaging, it simply lifted out as one unit and had one bag to remove from it. 

    My initial thoughts on the look of the product were very positive. It looks very aesthetically pleasing, the colouring is nice and neutral, but the quality of the seat was also excellent. I could tell immediately that this would be a very safe and comfortable seat for my little boy to use. You’ll see from the below, my little boy also loved it and was too excited to try it out so had a little sit in it in his PJs!

    It was also clear right away that this is a premium product. It is very well built, a great design and the materials used are of a very high quality.


    2. How did you find installing and using the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat into your car?

    The instructions that came with the car seat were in picture form, which in some respects made it easier as you know what you’re looking for, but I did also find them a little confusing.

    Once I’d worked out what needed doing, the installation was pretty straight forward. I should mention that this is the first isofix product I have ever used.

    I did find that in order to secure it in place tightly enough, I was not strong enough to push the seat in. This may have been hindered by my current pregnancy bump not allowing me to get a good angle from which to push on the seat, but if I was on my own I would have really struggled. Thankfully my husband was around and able to secure it much more tightly than I would have managed.

    My husband was impressed with the beeping feature which indicates when the isofix leg is in the correct position! I do not know whether this is standard for this type of product, but we certainly found it useful!

    Finally, the back of my car (Fiat 500X) is quite small so I was concerned this seat would be too chunky in there and that we would only be able to use it in my husbands car (Ford Focus), however, I was wrong. It fits perfectly and my little boy has plenty of room.

    With regards to the use of this seat, it is simple and straightforward.

    To turn the seat is done by pressing in a button and then twisting the seat. I have found that this button can be quite stiff – this may just be because it is new or because I’ve not quite got the knack of doing it yet. Once the button is pressed though it is easy to turn the seat. Although I’ve found the button stiff I wouldn’t say it is of great detriment and would not put me off this product.

    When strapping the child in and out, it is a simple, pull to tighten and button press to loosen for the straps. Again, the button to loosen the straps I have found can be tricky at times. I think this is more of a knack thing as once you get the right spot to press, the straps do loosen easily so as I get used to this I think it will get easier. I loved how easy it was to tighten the straps, I have had seats with the same strap system before and found I had to pull quite hard to actually get them to tighten. This seat is very smooth and easy to tighten the straps.

    To recline the seat is also very simple. This is again, a button press and then pull the seat out. This is smooth and easy to do.

    To increase the height of the seat is also easy, simple press in the back of head rest and lift up to the required height. I found it a bit trickier to put it back down but was still easy enough. Also worth mentioning, the shoulder straps move height with the headrest, so no worrying about whether you’ve got it on the right setting for the height of your child. If the head rest is in the right place for them then so are the straps 😊

    Finally, as we have tested this with our 3 year old, I needed to remove the newborn/baby insert. This was so simple and easy to do! It simply slots behind the straps, no awkward feeding straps through tiny holes etc.

    I also tested putting the insert back in place as we will be using this for a baby from May/June. It was equally easy to reinstall and once in place it does not budge. I was worried with how easy it was to take in and out that it may slip once in but it fits so perfectly that it just sits in place lovely.

    As a side note I will just mention the ability to wash the material parts of this seat. Obviously, I have not had to wash this yet with it being brand new, however, there are clear instructions on how to remove all of the material components and they are all washable at 30°. It is useful to know that I will be able to fully take it apart to wash, and it looks to be quite straight forward to do so as well.

    3. How did you find the 360° rotation function of the seat? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon above the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    Wow, what an absolute life saver this feature is!!

    How I wish I discovered a 360 seat sooner! I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and have been struggling more and more with lifting my 3 year old into his fixed forward facing seat. It is so much easier now that I can have the seat facing me to strap him in!

    More often than not recently I have been asking my husband to strap our lb in. Now I can stop feeling inadequate and am able to do it myself again!

    I feel that once our baby comes along in a couple of months, this feature will also be a great help. Strapping tiny babies in and out of car seats can be awkward, especially if they’re sleeping, so to be able to spin them round to face me will be brilliant and an awful lot easier!

    The final advantage of this feature is that when parking in regular car parking spaces (as often happens as parent and toddler spaces are sparse!), it is much easier to get the child in and out without having to open the door so wide!



  • 4. How comfortable do you think your baby/child found the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat?

    My little boy has said he loves the car seat and it is in his words ‘very cosy’. He also commented the first time he sat in it that he wanted to go to sleep in it – a great sign of its comfort!

    What I love about this seat too is that when it is forward facing and sat up, it is properly upright, allowing plenty of space for my lbs legs to hang down. The height of the chair also means he can easily see out of the window to watch the world go by!

    We tested the seat rear-facing with my 3 year old and he had to cross his legs but wasn’t hugely cramped, and if on a longer car journey during which he was going to sleep I think this would be my preferred seating position. He said he was comfy and wanted to face that way – to this point I will just add that for a 3 year old my lo is quite small, and he often sits with his legs crossed as he is comfy that way; so for us this works but for other families with 3-4 year olds it may be too cramped for them to be rear facing.

    The newborn insert for this seat is very soft and cushioned. I can’t wait for our baby to arrive in May to test this out, I feel that this baby will be so much more comfortable in the car than our lb ever was!



    5. Would you recommend the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat to other parents and carers?

    Yes, with no hesitation at all. In fact I have already told two close friends who are earlier on in their pregnancy about this seat.

    As I said in a previous answer, I wish I’d discovered such a car seat earlier! It comes with a chunky price tag, however, in my eyes it is extremely good value for money! 

    @DanielleMFM Sorry this ended up splitting over 2 posts! I wanted to make sure I covered everything I could think of that I'd want to know if I was looking into getting this seat :). Thank you for the opportunity to test this product, myself, husband and little boy all love it! x

  • 1. What did you think of the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat when it arrived? 

    When the product arrived I was very pleased. Was packaged well and looked safely packed in the box without tons of unnecessary foam and plastic packaging which is a massive bonus in my eyes. In a world where we have a serious plastic and rubbish problem it was quite refreshing to see a product packaged with mostly cardboard (super easy to recycle) and one sheet of plastic to protect the fabric before use. 
    The box was very heavy as to be expected and at 31 weeks pregnant I must admit I did struggle to cut open the box and remove the carseat. I deffinetly should of waiting until my husband was home from work but me being impatient couldn't wait! My own fault! 
    I though the seat looked really nice. A lovely basic black with a dark grey inner, it felt very strong and comfortable - I was really impressed. I've never owned a maxi Cosi seat so was pleasantly surprised. 

    2. How did you find installing and using the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat into your car?

    I had a good read through the instructions and found them super easy and simple to follow - mostly pictures as appose to tons of text which is totally my kind of style - who wants to read 50 pages anyway?!? 
    I followed the instructions and pulled out the tab under the seat on the support leg and the beeping began! I was not expecting that at all!! It was frustrating because I couldn't suss out how to get it to stop and I was in my living room late at night with a beeping carseat - not ideal. So I had no choice but to go outside in the rain and fix the seat in the car there and then - luckily it really didn't take long and the beeping stopped - PHEW. Although annoying, it's really handy as it reassures you that you've correctly got the support leg in place so I think it is a really great safety feature - I just wish id known it was going to beep before I pulled the tab out and I would of kept it in until I was actually ready to fit the car. 
    As I said earlier - 31 weeks pregnant and lifting the seat from the house to the car was pretty hardwork if I'm honest! 
    Isofix was really easy though to install. 

    My one critisism is the headrest - I found it quite a tough button to press correctly inorder to increase the height of the seat, it just seemed really stiff and awkward to raise up. But I suppose once you're used to it it would become simple and quick. 

    3. How did you find the 360° rotation function of the seat? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon above the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).
    Never had a 360 seat before and wow it's. Game changer. My son is 2 now so getting him lifted into the carseat rearfacing is no easy task which in our other carseat normally involves in a small bang to the head getting him in/out. 
    The rotation just meant I could get him in easy, pull the straps tight without having to be on a funny angle and then just spin him into position. And it was so easy to use! 

    4. How comfortable do you think your baby/child found the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat?
    There were no complaints from my son, just smiles. He looks very comfy and the seats seems to fit him nicely with lots of room to grow. 
    I also put my daughter in the seat who is 3 years 10 months to see how well she would fit as the seat should last until approx 4 years so figured we would test that out. And she fit perfectly!! Both rearward and forward facing she was happy and comfy. 

    5. Would you recommend the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat to other parents and carers? 

    I absolutely would. Knowing that it fits both my 2 year old and almost 4 year old makes it great value for money. After some googling and research and learning about to the high standards the seat has been tested to I couldn't not reccomend it. It's expensive but you get a lot for your money - going straight from birth to 4 years you're essentially getting both an infant carrier and the next size up seat in one so great value for money. Also it follows I size which is another bonus PLUS it can be rearfacing for much much longer that just an standard infant carrier which is something very important to me as a mum. 
    I can't wait until our third arrives in May so I can see how well it works as a newborn seat as well :) 

    Thanks for the opportunity to test this seat we're really really impressed with maxi Cosi and this seat!  
  • And I would just like to add, we lowered the headrest slightly after taking the pictures of my son in it before we drove off, I was getting used to the way to move the headrest up/down and was still learning the best position for him to be in when I took the pictures! :) 
  • 1.   What did you think of the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat when it arrived? 

    The car seat arrived in a big cardboard box and was packed snugly inside, which was great as it meant that there wasn’t a lot of spare packaging to dispose of. As the seat was packed this way and the seat itself is quite heavy, I did ask my husband to help me take it out of the box. I could have done this on my own if I needed to, however it is much easier if you have a helping hand as its tight to lift out.

    My first impressions of the seat were that it looked very good quality, it looked comfortable with plush, soft but firm padding and inserts, and is lovely neutral grey and black colours. The seat and the base are fixed together so it comes as one solid piece, which means there was no further assembly required or extra tools needed to put this together. 

    2. How did you find installing and using the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat into your car?

    As the seat and base are one solid piece, it is heavy to carry, however this isn't too bad for short distances. I found it easy to install in the car and it took less than 5 minutes. The instruction manual on the other hand wasn’t the easiest to follow. The instructions are only pictures and no words, meaning it wasn’t clear if you wanted more information on a specific part. Having installed an ISOFIX base before, I understand where parts were supposed to go, however if you haven’t done this, it might not be as straightforward.

    The passenger seat has to be pushed forward quite a bit in order for the car seat to fit and follow the guidelines. My car is a Mini Cooper 5 door where the back seat room isn’t the largest, so as the passenger seat has to be moved forward a chunk, my husband (6 foot) can’t really sit in it comfortably anymore. However this is due to our car and its size rather than the car seat.

    The base support leg was easy to pop down and get into the right position. The base has a much larger colour indicator than our previous car seat, meaning it was easier to see if it was installed correctly. Due to the indicator size, over time it will be so simple to check at a glance whether the leg is still in the correct position.

    3. How did you find the 360° rotation function of the seat? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon above the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    I love the 360 degree rotation! It’s such a fantastic idea and our car (Mini Cooper 5 door) doesn’t have full size back doors, meaning stretching round to put our daughter into our previous non-rotating car seat was a strain on the back. This completely solves this problem and is a brilliant function, meaning no more banging my head on the top of the car! The swivel is smooth and the handle to do this is in a convenient position. The 360 degree rotation will also come in handy when we have to swap the car seat between mine and my husband’s car, as our other car only has 3 doors so the seat being able to swivel to the front will be such a life-saver when getting our daughter in and out!  

    4. How comfortable do you think your baby/child found the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat?

    Our daughter is a little over 5 months old and was just shy of 60cm long when we starting using the seat. As she was just below the 60cm cut off to remove the insert, we tried her in the seat with this still in place first, however the fit was too tight so we ended up taking the insert out. She looks really happy in the seat and, even without the insert, there is good support for her head and sides of her body.

    Our previous car seat had just two straps from top to bottom, but I really like the 5-point harness of the Maxi-Cosi seat as it feels really secure and it is very simple and smooth to clip in. However, as my daughter is used to just two straps, she didn’t seem to like to restriction on her hips at first. Thankfully, over time this has gone away. I also think it is much more comfortable for my daughter to go into the seat as there are two little grips on the side to store the straps, meaning gone are the times of her accidentally sitting on straps or me having to poke around to fish them out! I also really like that there there is fixed padding near the neck of the straps, so when these are tightened or loosened it avoids any rubbing on my daughter's neck.

    Its also much easier for me to transfer her into/ out of the car in a tight parking space, as I don’t have to open the car door as much as I do when I’m trying to put in a portable seat.

    Our first trip was a success. The first half of the journey our daughter was getting used to the seat and the new harness, however on the second half of the journey she must have found it comfortable as she fell sleep! Since then I think my daughter has remained very comfortable, however I have noticed she doesn’t fall asleep as quickly as she did with her previous seat. But as you can see from the photos, she's still one very happy girl!

    5. Would you recommend the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat to other parents and carers? 

    I absolutely love the seat and I would completely recommend this to anyone, however I would say it is more beneficial for an older baby, maybe 5 months plus. A baby under 5 months would probably be more comfortable in a car seat that is portable as this means you don’t have to wake/ carry them in the wind/ rain to and from the car, or you can use the portable seat to pop onto your travel system which you obviously can’t do with this product. However, for older babies/ children these reasons aren’t as much of a problem, including for us as our daughter is getting a bit heavy to carry about in her previous car seat anyway.

    This seat is also great for anyone with a smaller car like ours, as the 360 degree rotation is so helpful and is much more comfortable to get our daughter in and out of the car.

    It is extremely good quality and I really like that the seat and padding are so plush. The seat and the 5-point harness system also give me the confidence that my daughter is secure and safe when we’re travelling. I would highly recommend and already have done to friends and family!

    Thank you so much MadeForMums for the opportunity to test this product! 

  • To add:

    As we hadn't paid for the seat, we decided to splash out on the sun canopy.

    It was simple to fit, just sliding it over the back of the headrest. It's not made specifically/solely for this seat so does appear quite wide up against the seat but doesn't affect the use at all.

    I'm glad we decided to get it, especially as we're only at the beginning of the journey for this seat so it will get another 4 years use!
  • 1. What did you think of the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat when it arrived? 

    I was excited to receive our Maxi- Cosi Mica. The box is quite large and if you are pregnant you will need some help lifting the car seat out the box and installing it in the car. The Seat was well packaged so I felt confident it had a safe journey to me.

    When I opened the box I was impressed with the quality if the seat. The fabrics are lovely and I liked the colours. The newborn liner look cosy too. We tried our baby Alexander doll in the newborn insert who is 43cm (The Mica is suitable from 40cm) and he looked very comfortable, my son was prem and 48cm born so its good to know even very tiny babys would fit.

    I was impressed with some of the features lt has. I love the harness clips which allow you to clip the harness to the sides of the seat so the straps are out the way when putting little one in. I also like that the button that you press to lengthen the straps is covered rather than open as my little man normally loves to poke his finger in or it gets filled with crumbs. I also really like the label on the seat which advises when to take the insert out and also when it is safe to forward face. It is very clear and helps prevent people from getting it wrong. Overall  my first impressions were really good. Sam also really enjoyed playing in the box!

    2. How did you find installing and using the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat into your car?

    The instructions were easy to follow so I found the seat easy to install. I like that the isofix bars move individually. On my current seat they move together so if you get one side clicked in but not the other side you then have to start over. The isofix bars have a section which turn green when installed correctly which is great. 

    The isofix leg is easy to lower and also is locked in place so when you are carrying the seat the leg does not extend. There is a colour coded area which will go green when the leg is extended correctly. The leg will also beep if not locked out. As I have four children and they are always climbing in and out of the car this is a really useful feature and the leg has beeped on a couple of occasions. I do not have that feature on my current seat. Ialso like that there are clear markings on the seat as to when you can forward face. My son is still rear facing but I like this feature. The strap clips also make getting little one in and out of the seat really easy. The head rest is easy to adjust and the seat is easy to rotate. I also found it very easy to alter the straps. 

    3. How did you find the 360° rotation function of the seat? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon above the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    I love the rotating feature on the seat. I do currently own a britax dualfix which also rotates so I am used to this feature. The button to rotate the carseat is in a much better position to rotate it. I also love the strap holders as you can pop the straps in and it keeps them out the way to get little one in and out. My son loves to climb in the seat himself now he is older and it makes it much easier to help him when the seat is facing the car door. I also think its great that you can rear face until four. The previous rotating maxi cosi seat only rear faced until age two or 13kg so I like that I can rear face for longer in this seat

    4. How comfortable do you think your baby/child found the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat?

    My son has found the seat very comfortable he turned 3 on 19th march and still has lots of room. He currently rearfaces and is perfectly comfortable. The headrest on the maxi cosi mica extends much further than the one on my britax. He is already on the top setting with the britax and the top of his head comes above the headrest, although it is perfectly safe for a child to be in a seat until their eyes reach the top of the headrest I think he is much more comfortable in the mica and the head rest has further settings. The photo below shows the head rest fully extended which shows how much growing room my son has. 

    The rebound board is flat which I like as on my other seat it is a bar and when I rotate him his feet can get stuck in the bar this does not happen on the maxi cosi mica. The maxi cosi mica takes up less space in my car width wise. I always have a child sat in the middle seat, and they felt much more comfortable as it did not protrude so much to the middle seat. The actual seat seems to offer just as much space for my son inside the seat.

    My son is used to rear facing and more than happy to bend his legs. I did put the seat forward facing and he seemed to have plenty of leg room and to be comfortable. You can change the recline on the seat but my son quite likes to be reclined and seems most comfortable that way. We often go on long journeys and he sleeps in the car.

    5. Would you recommend the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat to other parents and carers? 

    I would definitely recommend this seat. Firstly because I like that Maxi cosi offer a lifetime warranty and they test their car seats to a high standard. This is also an isize seat so it meets the newest crash testing standards. I was pleased to test this as alot of car seats claim to last to around age four or 105cm and dont. My son is 3 years old, 94.5cm and 14.7kg. In my current britax seat he has nearly out grown it.  He has plenty of room in the maxi cosi mica and the straps have two further height setting, so I feel confident it will last him until 104cm or 18kg. The shoulder straps are also a hood height sometimes the straps can end up being too low on car seats so I like that these move up nice and high too. The insert seems cosy for a newborn and overall I found the seat easy to install and use. I like all the safety indicators. I would also recommend it people who have a child sitting in the middle seat as although my son had plenty of space in the seat it seemed to take up less space on the back row. I like that the covers are removable to wash too. I really could not find anything bad about this seat. It has room to grow, is very easy to use, my son is comfortable and I know he is safe. I would give it 5/5!! Thanks made for mums for choosing us. I am very happy that sam now has an isize seat and can rear face comfortably until he is 104cm which I am sure will be when he is 4 or older.

  • What did I think of the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat when it arrived? 

    The car seat was safely packaged, I was confident that it would have arrived in full working order without any potential damage caused by shipping and delivery.

    The best thing about how it arrived was that there was no need to put anything together! Apart from needing to make alterations for personal requirements in terms of your child’s age/size, nothing else is really needed. 

    The car seat is on the heavy side as the isofix and seat is all in one part so it is quite large aswell when removing it from the box. I would suggest that if you are pregnant or shouldn’t lift anything heavy because of a health condition or disability then to make sure you have help to remove it from the box. I managed to do it alone and having previously had a similar seat from a different company I can say that this was lighter than the other one I have tried from Nuna. 

    My first impressions were that the product was sturdy and manufactured to a very high specification, the material is thick and soft and the padding/wadding used is generous to give the product not only a comfortable and luxurious feel but one that gives you confidence that your child will be well supported and most importantly safe. 

    The newborn insert provides a good feel for the thickness of the wadding used and also the considerations given to how easy it is to remove the fabric from the seat to wash it. Velcro is used to enable you to remove and wash all of the material parts of the seat which I think is a fantastic feature to ensure that the seat remains clean and hygienic. 

    The two features that stood out to me that I have not had on previous car seats was the consideration for airflow and heat using the ventilation in the backrest and also the the G-cell side impact technology which is not featured on the Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus car seat that we also own. The safety testing of the car seat and this additional feature impressed by husband and I and gave us added confidence that this would do a fantastic job at protecting our son in the car. 

    2. How did I find installing and using the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat into your car?

    So I decided to attempt the installation without looking at the instructions to see how intuitive the process was and I am pleased to say that the car seats features and design made it easy for me to do that. 

    If you are going to reach for the instructions then they are easy to follow even though they are mainly just step by step using pictures and arrows/symbols. 

    Prior to getting the seat in to the car I had to release the support on the underside of the seat that provides sits on the footwell of the car, this was the only part of the installation process that I found difficult as it was stubborn to release. Intuitively I then knew to pull the plastic tab that initiated the batteries for the alarm system which lets you know if the seat is safely in position.
    Installing the Mica car seat in to our Ford Galaxy was quick and easy thanks to the simple Isofix functionality. I have previously found it difficult to get a snug fit using another 360 spinning car seat but had no issues in locking this seat firmly in to place with no movement at all. 

    You can see from the the picture above how well positioned the Mica is against the car seat and how the support leg sits in to the footwell. The seat is equipped with an alarm system that notifies you if the support leg is not in the correct position, there is also a visual green and red prompt to help with this that sits at the top of the support leg where it meets the base. 

    The other detail that I was very happy about was the width of the base as it does not have any impact on the seat next to it so that the person may feel squashed or cramped, this is another experience that I have had with a previous swivel car seat. 

    3. How did I find the 360° rotation function of the car seat? 

    The rotation function is a lifesaver on your back and reduces the risks of struggling getting your child in and out the car, having difficulty in a narrow car parking space and potentially disturbing them from a nap! The swivel function itself is simple to activate using a push button/mechanism and the swivel motion is very smooth and fluid enough for the seat to move without a lot of force whilst not swinging around inappropriately. The motion was just as easy and smooth when my son was both in and out of the seat. 

    If you do go for this car seat then you you will not be able to move the car seat in and out from the car if your baby has for example fallen asleep in the car seat and you then you want to transfer them still in the seat anywhere else. That is something to weigh up against the long term use of the seat where you may find that your child naps less often in the car or you wouldn’t keep them in a car seat to then be transferred on to a buggy because of their size. It is a personal preference. 

    4. How comfortable do you think your baby/child found the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat?

    I hope that you can tell from these smiley pictures that my son was very happy and comfortable in the car seat. The positioning and support that it gave in the back and also using the memory foam head rest was fantastic. Something that I find important now because of my sons age (18 months) is how quick it is to get them in and buckled up as sometimes he isn’t keen on that happening so a swift manoeuvre is what I am after and this car seat provides that. The grey release button below the harness is easily accessible and ergonomic to use so you can adjust the straps very quickly and the 5 point harness mechanism does not involve having to cross the buckle over at all and also the socket that the buckle clicks in to permanently sits in a ‘ready to use’ upright position which is incredible as when you put your child in the car they can’t end up sitting on top of it! 

    The headrest is very spongey and supportive and is easy to adjust according to your child’s height but you can only adjust it when they are not in the seat. 

    The picture below shows my son in the most upright position the car seat will go and he needed to slightly bend his legs but he was comfortable and I know that when rear facing this would be the same for all car seats.

    I am a huge fan of the recline on this car seat, that coupled with the shape of the headrest will transform long journeys for us as we have been struggling to get my son to nap in the car more recently but being able to recline in this way and rest his head/face much more securely I know that more zzzz’s on the way to visit his grandparents will be happening. We tend to travel by car a lot for our holidays and this will really make a difference for us. 

    5. Would you recommend the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat to other parents and carers? 

    I am confident to highly recommend this car seat, for me especially because of my sons age even after the few trips we have made whilst testing it out I can say that it has been much easier getting him in and out of the car and whilst being extremely confident that he is safe and happy.  The only downside is not being able to detach the seat from the base but I would still go for this over having that option as for me, investing money in a car seat that lasted up to the age of 4 with fantastic functionality and ease of use and looked after my back won over being able to detach it and out it on a buggy or take it in the house. If you are unsure about making that decision and this is your first baby then maybe ask others who have had both to weigh up the pro’s and con’s. 

    To sum up the biggest advantages for this car seat are:

    ⭐️ The safety features
    ⭐️ The easy installation 
    ⭐️ The detachable and washable     fabric
    ⭐️ The recline facility for long journeys
    ⭐️ The ease of swivelling the seat and swiftness of buckling up your child 
    ⭐️ The overall quality and high specification of the materials used 

  • Feedback Questions 
    1. What did you think of the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat when it arrived? 

    I was really excited to open the huge box to the car seat. The packaging seemed good- not too over the top but protected enough so that it wasn’t damaged. The box was however, extremely heavy so I had to get my husband to help unpack it. I saw this as a positive personally, because the car seat felt very sturdy and safe for my precious little bundle of joy!!! I have been driving more and more recently to try and settle her teething cries!!

    I also loved that I didn’t have to assemble anything as it’s all in one piece but again this does make it bulky to pick up.

    My first impressions of the car seat were extremely positive- it felt like a luxurious, premium product and I was really impressed. The colours are very neutral and I think that the colours are very practical and durable so that small spillages or food marks are masked well until it is cleaned. The material felt really soft and the newborn insert felt really, really plush. I was sorry Matilda was too big for the newborn insert because it looked really comfortable!!! She’s 7 months old so I had to take the newborn insert out. 

    The instruction manual is relatively simple with lots of pictures. I personally would prefer a few more words to follow the instructions but I could still work it out. 

    2. How did you find installing and using the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat into your car?

    Carrying the car seat to my car was a little tricky as it is quite bulky and heavy but my husband did that bit for me. I have used an isofix base before, with my cabrio fix car seat and really like them. I tried to put it behind the driver’s side first but I obviously drive lying down so it seemed a bit snug and awkward so I installed it behind the passenger’s seat. It was really easy to install. I personally really like the alarm system of green and red to show if the seat is in correctly as I have been used to this or the beeping with previous isofix bases.

    3. How did you find the 360° rotation function of the seat? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon above the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    This was the function I was most looking forward to! It’s just amazing!!! I have struggled a little after my c-section scar hasn’t healed very well and  I also suffer with back pain so this function appealed to me immediately -and I was not disappointed with it! 
    I think the 360 degree turn is so clever. With the press of a button, you can turn your baby round and it makes life so much easier. The turning function moves really easily and smoothly. For me, it’s a game changer!

    One very minor point is that sometimes, you can turn the car seat a little too much and it goes past the centre. This is a little annoying but with more use, I seem to do this a lot less. 

    4. How comfortable do you think your baby/child found the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat?

    The car seat looks and feels really plush. Matilda seems to really like it and she looks really comfortable in it. I particularly like the tilting function so she is more comfortable when she falls asleep- which usually happens in the car and definitely helps to soothe her when she is unsettled. 

    The headrest is really plush and this can be easily adjusted to suit the size of your baby. I do think the material used for the newborn insert is extra soft and comfortable so maybe this material could have been used for the older babies/ children too. It just feels so much softer in my opinion. 

    I also really like the fact that the harness adjuster strap is covered by rubber so that children are much less likely to mess with it. It’s actually really handy. 

    One thing I thought of was maybe adding a cup holder for toddlers, I used this on a previous car seat and found this really practical for a cup or bottle.

    5. Would you recommend the Maxi-Cosi Mica car seat to other parents and carers? 

    I would 100% recommend this car seat! I would choose to use this car seat from about 5-6 months, when the baby is starting to get a little too heavy in the car seats you can carry and use on the pram, like the cabriofix. 

    Personally, I wouldn’t use it for a newborn for more practical reasons, like being able to carry your baby in a cabriofix car seat from the car and into the house if they are sleeping, although I know they can’t sleep in them for very long! Also the cabriofix can be used on the pram and I found this so helpful and practical for little trips. 

    However, Matilda is 7 months now and this car seat is absolutely perfect for her. It is practical, as you can wash the cover and the colours are great to hide any little marks. She looks comfortable in it and most of all, she looks safe in it. The size of the car seat and it’s weight really reassures me that she would be protected in case of an emergency, particularly a side impact crash and peace of mind is really important for a new (newish) mum! The fact that it has passed all the new safety tests, adds to my reassurance. I waited a long time for my miracle baby so I need to know that she’s as safe as possible. 

    The car seat is a little pricey but I would definitely splash out on it as it makes day-to-day living so much easier with the 360 degree rotation. Also, the car seat will last until she is 4 years old so overall the price is relatively good value as I won’t have to buy another one for quite a few years. I have already recommended it to my ‘mummy’ friends! I would give this a 10 out of 10!!

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