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Fancy testing Bacofoil Zipper Bags? £300 Amazon voucher up for grabs! Sign up here!



  • Ooh i’d love to try them out!
  • We would love to try these! Normally we cook extra food for the next day and having a dish full of leftovers in the fridge takes up so much room 🤣 
    Also, endless playdough getting lost and dried out would benefit from these I'm sure!!!

    Good luck everyone :)
  • I would be happy to test these bags out & leave a review! 
  • I would love to test this product. Would be perfect to use when making packups for my kids and husband. 
  • I would love to test these, I always batch cook would love to try something else to store it in! 
  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen washable and reusable bags, they sound fab. I’m always batch cooking, and plan to do the same for after I give birth 🤗. No one has time for naps AND cooking. I’d like to give these a go.
  • I have a soup maker and would love to try these bags to see how they perform in the freezer with the soup I make.
  • Hello
    Many thanks for the opportunity
    I would be very interested in testing and reviewing the product

  • Would be happy to test these 
  • I'd be willing to test these please. I've used something similar for freezing soups/stock etc so would be great to see how they compare. 
  • Hi, we would love to test these bags x 
  • I use a lot of food bags for pack up as well as storing fresh food so testing these Bacofoil Zipper bags would be great.
  • Thank you all for signing up to this product test - signup is now closed.

    We will be emailing selected testers next week. Please do look out for an email from Jessica, and perhaps check your spam folder just in case.

    If you have not received an email within the next few days, we're afraid you've not been selected to take part. Please do keep an eye on the forum, as we have more product tests coming up soon. 

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