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Bacofoil Zipper bags: the feedback review thread


This is the feedback thread for those of you who are testing the Bacofoil Zipper bags as part of our latest MadeForMums product test.

Please give us your feedback on this thread by answering the following 4 questions and providing your pictures of the Zipper bags in use.

Everyone who leaves quality feedback by answering all 4 questions and providing pictures (and is part of our product test) will be entered into a draw to win the £300 Amazon voucher.

Feedback Questions

1. Please tell us how you found using the Zipper bags?
2. Please share with us some pictures of your Zipper bags in use. (To upload a picture, just press the little ‘attach image’ button in the textbox toolbar above)
3. At a RRP of £2 for 15 small bags & £2.50 for 12 medium bags, do you think this is good value for money?
4. Would you recommend Bacofoil Zipper bags to other parents or friends?

Thank you for providing your feedback and good luck.

Note: Any comments and pictures you post on our Feedback thread may be used by Bacofoil in future advertising and marketing material. See full Ts&Cs here.



  • I found using the zipper bags really easy & quick which is what you need when constantly on the go. I prefer the ease of the zip than some other types of  storage bags I’ve used that require tying them up or using little cable ties, which is time consuming. These zipper bags are also more convenient for little one’s they can open and close them easily to access snacks on the go which is definitely a pro for our household.

    I really love the medium bags as they were great to store left over food to store. They fit perfectly into the fridge/freezer as we normally try to use plastic containers which are sometimes too large for the fridge/freezer and we end up having to throw it away as it will not fit so these have been a great hit for me! The small bags are great for literally anything little ones snacks especially fruit once it’s been taken out of its original container. Also for loose veg to store neatly in the fridge. My little girl also used one to store her little toy figures so they didn’t get lost in the car made her happy to just be able to carry the bag open & close when needed with minimal help from an adult.

    I think both size zipper bags are a good value for money when comparing some cheaper food storage bags that lose a lot of points compared to these. They are tough can hold almost anything you can reuse them they don’t have to be torn to open them which is a big plus for me! 

    I would definitely recommend the zipper bags to friends and family in fact I have already told a few of my friends after trying these today! 

  • 1. I loved the Bacofoil Zipper bags. They are a great size and very easy to use. I like the design on the front of them and the fact there is space to write on them. I love to write little messages on my girls’ snack bags. We have to send school packed lunches in disposable bags come September so these bags would be perfect. I also used them to store art and craft supplies and the bags are thick enough to be used for this purpose. My toddler got hold of one of the bags and was unable to tear it apart which was great! The small bag is a perfect sandwich size. 

    I feel the prices for both sizes of bags are fair as the bags are of great quality. 

    I would definitely recommend the Bacofoil Zipper bags to other parents and friends. My childminder commented to me already how handy they are. 
  • Using the Zipper bags...

    After trying Bacofoil zipper bags for the last few days I'm of the opinion that they seem like a great addition to my household.  I'm a busy mum to a new baby and as such, I like to keep things simple and easy!  I don't have that much space in my house so using these bacofoil zipper bags for storage has definitely helped with that problem! 

    The bags come in a nice eye-catching box which fits nicely in a kitchen drawer and they vary in size ( small, medium and large )  needs meaning that the bags can pretty much fit anything which is great as I have so many things that I need to store. 

    I started by re- arranging my fridge with them - as much as I try to buy loose products, often a trip to them supermarket results in lots of large bulky packaging or me having to transfer items to bulky containers - however, using the zipper bags gave me the confidence that the fruit/veg ( strawberries, onions, peppers etc ) I had transferred into them would not only save space, but would also help the items retain their freshness due to the fact that the bags are airtight! 

    As I'm conscious about the environment I absolutely love the fact that the bacofoil zipper bags are re-usable and also able to be labelled with names and dates to save any confusion over what is in them.  I've struggled in the past to find storage bags that are leakproof but bacofoil zipper bags seem to be leakproof and in addition to being strong enough to hold liquids they can then be rinsed out and re - used to store something else when done which is great! 

    Ultimately, the bacofoil zipper bags have helped me save space and time over the last few days and i'll definitely be continuing to use them moving forward for food, toys, name it! 

    Value for money?....

    At a RRP of just £2 for 15 small bags and just £2.50 for 12 medium bags these bags make excellent value for money.  The value comes in the fact that not only are both sizes spacious, the zipper bags are of thick quality material can also be washed out easily and re-used, making them a great investment for the home AND for the environment! 

    Would I recommend Bacofoil Zipper bags to other parents or friends?

    I would recommend bacofoil zipper bags without a doubt to other parents and friends. The bags are multi - purpoe therefore catering for virtually all needs. Whether you are a busy mum who needs to stash snacks for the kids in them or a commuter who needs to store their lunch in an eco friendly way, the bacofoil zipper bags totally do the job! Ive already told the mums in my antenatal catchup group how good they are and plan to continue spreading the word.

  • 1. My experience of the zipper bags - 
    I found using the zipper really positive and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked them. First of all they come in really useful sizes and they feel like really good quality bags that I can use, wash and reuse several times without the worry of holes or weakness. I love that they open out to have a flat base which is so much easier when filling with liquids like soup and when freezing they don't crumple so the bag doesn't get stuck into the food. The flat base also makes it easier to store in the fridge or freezer saving space and meaning I can save tupperware for something else. 
    As you can see in the pictures I've used them in several ways so far for our family of 4, batch cooking, leftovers, the colouring bits kept in the change bag/handbag, some meals for my Grandad and they'll also be perfect for picnics and snacks. The soup in the picture is for my Grandad and the bags are just perfect for him, being 91 and having arthritis in his hands, other bags can be too fiddly for him to open but with the zip on these he can easily access the food without any trouble. The zip is easy to use, clear which way to open and close, a good size to grip for all hands and also feels good quality and not like it will fail on the first use. 
    2 - Pictures 

    3 - Price 
    With an Rrp of £2 for a box of 15 small 1L bags and £2.50 for a box of 12 3L bags I actually think they are really good value. They are multi use and reuse so you'll definitely get your money's worth and you can feel the quality in the bags and in the design. 
    4 - Would I recommend 
    Yes 100%, I'd recommend these to anyone and would happily buy again. They are so useful and easy to use I think they'll become one of my kitchen staples. 
  • 1. I tested the bags for storing batch cooked baby food cubes for my son. Experience was a lot better than using bags with press reseal. It's easy to do when you are rushing around a zooming 10month old. Bags themselves are very sturdy and thick - I can see myself washing them and reusing them again and again. Even after a week of staying in the freezer the bags did not become crunchy. They are versatile specifically because of the flat fold in the bottom so they can stand instead of having a floppy bag which are so hard to fill with liquids.
    I found small size more useful for my usage but can see using large one when out and about to haul toys for the little one!
    As you can see from a very real rush packed baby food freezer drawer - other bags sometimes remain open because they are not carefully pressed and sealed. With bacofoil zippers I'm at least sure they are always sealed.
    Because they are thick plastic I was happy to store my crafting items which contain papercutting blades (covered) without a fear of breaking it open incase any of the covers open up. 


    3. Price point is absolutely justified for the quality of the material and overall product. I would suggest bigger packets for high usage as well - like a pack of 25 or 50 especially since they are used so often with little kids to pack snacks, toys, dummies and other assorted knick knacks.

    4. I have already recommended it to few of my friends because they are so convenient! 
  • FarwahFarwah Regular
    edited Jul 21, 2020 11:04AM

    We have been testing the Bacofoil Zipper bags and absolutely loved them!

    1. Amazing! Just one word. They are so handy for storing pretty much anything and everything. From Mosaic to berries,they are so convenient. Being an Asian,we use corriander and mint alot. The leaves usually turn black in a couple of days but I’ve found these ziplocks are amazing to keep them fresh and green for weeks! They are also great for my kid’s playmobil and Lego sets which do not come in carry cases. No more shopping bags for little bits and pieces. This has made me more organized and sane too as every thing is neatly captioned.
    2. I have uploaded some pictures.
    3. The prices are definitely good value for money. They might sound pricey to some but you will notice a massive amount of decrease in food waste by investing in these bags. The benefits definitely outweigh the cost!
    4. I cannot highly recommend these to everyone and all ages! This product is a  keeper! 
  • The zipper bags are great so easy to open and close. Can be washed so good for the environment. I used them for storing cooked food, raw food, leftovers and to keep food warm. I think the retail price of £2 is very good. I would recommend to parents and other people I know. In fact I would recommend to everyone as its a quality product. 
  • Claire2019Claire2019 Regular
    edited Jul 24, 2020 8:29AM
    .  I found using the bags really easy! They are thick material so made strongly and they kept all items inside. As you can see from the pictures I used them for various things - They were  really Handy to store my daughters toys in so they didn’t get lost. We made brownies and stored them inside and it kept them fresh. We also made a fruit salad to bring on a picnic and it survived! It did get squashed inside the bag under the weight of other things but not a drip leaked! I loved how they were free standing bags so will be perfect for when I make soup and sauces to freeze. I found them the best ones I’ve used for a while so would for sure buy them again! I found them on sale in my asda but they are more expensive then the RRP- but saying that I would definitely buy these again. 
    Totally sorry I forgot to add that I would Recommend to other parents or carers - they have been the best I’ve used so far! I used poundland ones there were not good at all! I used asda own brand but one of mine leaked. I would buy these ones again
  • The bacofoil zipper bags were brilliant to use. I’ve used some similar before but these were definitely more robust and sealed really well! 
    They are perfect for storing solid and liquid items and are totally leak proof (as you can see from my test in the picture) and we used the smaller ones to store some bits of tissue paper that the twins had cut out for crafting. Perfect size to ensure you can safely keep all those craft bits and bobs tidied away until needed! 

    The larger sized ones aren’t just great for storage. They are perfect for coating chicken or veg ready to make homemade chicken fingers! Just put the flour, seasoning and raw chicken pieces into the bag, close it and give it a good shake. Perfectly coated chicken in seconds ready to coat with breadcrumbs and cook! Also good for coating beef/lamb for a stew too! 

    At a RRP of £2 for 15 small bags & £2.50 for 12 medium bags, the bags are good VFM and because they are so robust you can wash and reuse them if need be! (Especially if using to coat meat!) 

    I would definitely recommend these to friends and family as they are fabulous!
  • The Bacofoil zipper bags are so versatile to use. Not only for food use, I have used them to store and clearly see sticker sheets, and bows for when I am crafting. Fed up of trying to find shopping receipts I now use one of the small ones to put all new receipts in and now know where to find them. They are fantastic for freezing home grown produce especially puréed apples, chilli peppers and tomatoes. The zippers are very robust and ensure you can squeeze all the air out so fresh food lasts longer and you don’t get leaks. They are fantastic value for money and I would definitely recommend them to friends and family, £2 for 15 small bags and £2.50 for 12 medium bags are great value - especially as you can reuse them.
  • Pe4nutPe4nut Regular
    edited Jul 28, 2020 3:02PM
    We’ve been using the bacofoil zipper bags for various things for just over a week now and are really impressed with the quality and versatility.

    The small zipper bags are the perfect size for individually portioning up leftovers/prep for my toddlers meals. I’ve been so impressed with the strength of the bags, they aren’t flimsy so hold liquid well too. I’ve successfully used them to store soups and sauces as well as chopped veggies/fruits for smoothies and other meal prep. The bags have all sealed really well and there’s been no leaks.  

    More excitedly I’ve found the bacofoil bags useful for baby prep for my imminent arrival! I’ve started storing colostrum syringes in the smaller bags and the medium sized bags have been ideal for packing my baby clothes for the hospital bag. One bag for baby’s first outfit (nappy, vest, sleepsuit, hat) and another with a going home outfit.

    At a RRP of £2 for 15 small bags & £2.50 for 12 medium bags, I do feel that they represent good value for money and will be making a repeat purchase when I see these instore!

    I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending these bags to others. In fact I’ve already recommended to a stranger in store when I was repurchasing!

    Really interesting to see what everyone else has been using the bags for too, got some great tips from this thread, thanks!

  • I found the Zipper bags very good quality, perfect size for left overs, packed lunches. 
    They are sturdy bags and I found the zipper part very high quality. Many other brands I have tried the zipper has broken. 
    The price I think is great I will definitely re purchase them, I would also like bags smaller than the small size they do.
    and I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.
    I found them great for left overs, pack lunches and at the moment I’m packing my hospital bag and found them great for packing up baby clothes to take. 

  • 1. I have been using both sizes of the Bacofoil zipper bags for one week now. On arrival my first impression was how good the quality was, the material was thick plastic and appeared very strong and robust. The zipper bags open and close with ease and excess air can be removed from them very easily to keep food fresh. The size variability meant throughout the week there was nothing I had difficulty storing which was brilliant! I initially started storing fresh items such as a premade salad and left over banana, my daughters at the age she will only eat small bits of fresh fruit so I saved a lot on waste this week by having somewhere to store the fruit without it going off. My daughters birthday was at the weekend and the bacofoil bags were perfect birthday cake holders, being able to store slices at ease in the fridge made life super easy, and again avoided waste, which as a mum of a young family is excellent and saves money in the long run! From being someone who only rarely uses zipper bags, I feel like I’ve been transformed and the bacofoil zipper bags will now be a regular on my shopping list. I also used the zipper bags to give my daughter snacks, she was able to open and close the bag at ease (she’s two) and this helped avoid any unwanted crumbs on the floors (would recommend always supervising children as per instruction on the box).  Towards the end of the week I noted my freezer was getting very tight and quite frankly trying to get food out was like a game of Tetris due to all the large food boxes, I decided to overhaul my freezer and bag all the food in seperate bags and use the note section on the bags to write in what it contains, honest, the room in my freezer now is unreal, I can get to food easily, see what’s in the bag, and unzip it quickly, I feel family meal times are going to be so much simpler from now on!
    3. Given how versatile and strong the bags are I definitely feel the bags are value for money. As the week went on I reused bags and I was able to wash them easily with soap and water. Since being introduced to these zipper bags it will definitely be a product I continue to buy, despite some other bags being cheaper on the market, the lifespan, versatility and strength of the bags makes them a clear winner and value for money; outweighing any competition.
    4. I actually already have told my mum friends about these bags, couldn’t help myself, I feel like they have helped me be more organised and at the end of the week I had a lot less food wastage than I do at times. I would highly recommend these to family’s with children as they make life just that little bit easier and organised! Overall I loved the bags and will continue to advocate them given the opportunity. 
  • Overall opinion

    I enjoyed trying out these Bacofoil zipper bags. First thing I noticed was how sturdy and durable they felt! I wouldn't be concerned about these bags tearing that's for sure! The zipper seal was secure and resealable which is great.

    The small size bags are great for storing smaller bits and pieces whether it be left over food items or art and crafts for the kids. The larger bags I personally found great for keeping fruit and veg fresh aswell as storing left over dinner, opened bakery products and well whatever you can think of really! 

    In our household generally things are opened but rarely finished due to laziness on my part. I'm always in a rush and so rarely wrap opened items up properly therefore they go 'off' pretty quickly. However these bags are so handy to use! I found myself putting buns, for example, straight into the bag once opened and they stayed fresh all week! 

    I tend to buy meat in bulk and freeze until I need to use. I always just wrap in clingfilm which is such a nightmare to work with. These bags are great for this purpose. I just write the date on the bag before freezing and voila! Because the bags are so sturdy, I wouldn't think twice about putting a more fluid item inside them for freezing such as leftover soup or casserole! 

    The uses for these bags really are endless. To be honest I mainly used them for food storage but you could really store whatever you wished in them. I feel they could be reused quite easily for non food items also... a winner all round!

    Value for money?

    I feel these bags are good value for money. They are very versatile, durable and sturdy. They can be reused for storing certain products and the zipper can be resealed time and time again. What I found most useful was the handiness of having the bags there. I didn't realise before this trial just how useful having this product in the household would be! I find myself using them over and over again and I know I will be repurchasing! 

    Reccomend to friends and family?

    Yes and I already have. These bags are useful for any demographic really. Practical, great quality and good value for money. 
    1. please tell us how you found using the zipper bags? 
    I found using the bacofoil zipper bags really easy to use. We normally store left overs in plastic containers which can take up a lot of space in the fridge/freezer so it was more convenient to store them in these bags knowing there would be no leakages and not a lot of space taken up. It’s extremely handy that they can lay flat to stack on top of each other or they can open up at the bottom and stand up, I like having the option. I have used one of the smaller size zipper bags as an icing piping bag after filling it with icing and then cutting a small hole in the corner, we decorated some cupcakes, I then washed it and put away for the next time we bake. The different size options were great as I can use the small ones to store/on the go snacks & sandwiches and the medium size to store leftovers. I have also used them to store puzzle pieces in after the box was ruined. 

    2. Please share with us some pictures of your zipper bags in use. 

    3. At an RRP of £2 for 15 small bags and £2.50 for 12 medium bags, do you think this is good value for money? 
    I think they are reasonably priced. I would definitely purchase as I have been washing them after use and re-using them so they will definitely keep costs down long term.

    4. Would you recommend bacofoil zipper bags to other parents or friends?
    I would definitely recommend bacofoil zipper bags to any one, I think everyone can find use for them, they are easy to use, take up less space when storing things and can be used for anything. 

    Thank you for letting us test the bacofoil zipper bags :) 
  • Feedback Questions

    1. Please tell us how you found using the Zipper bags?

    I normally by the cheapest zipper bags with being a big family. So I was interested to see if the extra price was worth the quality in the bags. We are a baking household so they came in handy when needing to store ingredients like flour or sugar. We also love making our own play doh so they was super handy to store play doh in without it going hard. My other half thought they would come in handy with sorting his screws and bolts into size. Also super handy for liquid or squashy fruits as they don’t leaky what’s a super plus for the kids lunch bags that get thrown around. My little girl also liked using them for her makeup and her hair bands and so was I with there being less mess. Also the medium ones would be great to take out on days out to put the kiddies dirty/wet clothes in till we get home. I think the design and quality/thickness of the bags are great. Also the added label is great for writing what’s inside. The pill along sealers are also great as the don’t come off the end unlike some cheaper brands. Also think it’s a bonus that they can be washed and reused. 
    2. Please share with us some pictures of your Zipper bags in use. (To upload a picture, just press the little ‘attach image’ button in the textbox toolbar above)
    3. At a RRP of £2 for 15 small bags & £2.50 for 12 medium bags, do you think this is good value for money? 

    Yes I do, I have been converted from the cheaper ones to these. I think the quality/thickness and the seal/waterproof is great as they don’t leak and the seals stay shut. Also the sizes are great between the small and medium sizes. I also think that they are reusable you actually would save Monet in the long run, as they are super easy to wash out  and reuse. 

    4. Would you recommend Bacofoil Zipper bags to other parents or friends?

    Yes I would, think they are great handy little bags. 

  • 1. Please tell us how you found using the Zipper bags?

    OMG, I love the Zipper bags! Firstly the packaging is really compact for need storage in the cupboard. 
    The Zip lock mechanism on the bags is really smooth and easy to use, super handy with a toddler in tow! 
    The different sizes and the washability means they are really versatile and we've been able to use them for loads of different things such as storing food and leftovers, taking out snacks, keeping a fresh set of clothes in changing bag safe from spills, easy bag of nappy changing set, set of toiletries for overnight at grandma's, and great for storing my jigsaw pieces (I like to separate the edges from the middle bits lol) and small toys to keep sets together . They also were useful for storing my colouring pens when my pen box was destroyed. 
    We found the material sturdy and able to stand up well to toddler tantrums and heavy usage. The flat bottoms make standing the bags and filling with snacks and soups especially easy.

    2. Please share with us some pictures of your Zipper bags in use. (To upload a picture, just press the little ‘attach image’ button in the textbox toolbar above)

    See below

    3. At a RRP of £2 for 15 small bags & £2.50 for 12 medium bags, do you think this is good value for money?

    I think this is a fair price, especially given the reusability and sustainability of the products. I know we are trying to be more environmentally aware currently and as a family we think these will be a good and flexible storage product. 
    Also you know that Bacofoil is a brand you can trust to keep your food fresh so don't mind paying for quality.
    We would buy this product again, so versatile and easy to use, so yes we think that they are great value for money.

    4. Would you recommend Bacofoil Zipper bags to other parents or friends?

    Yes. We have already recommended to family and friends. 
    Everyone can appreciate good quality, reusable storage solutions. 

  • My First impression of the Bacofoil ziiper bags was that there were going to be really good quality. The packaging and branding looked very impressive to me and looked like a brand I could trust. As I have a family of four these zipper bags have come in very handy. We have used them for multiple purposes. My 8 year old has also found good uses for them too. They are so easy to use. And the zipper is perfect making it so much easier and quicker to use. Many times we have been in a rush to get out of the house and I always have to carry snacks with me for the kids, especially my toddler. So grabbing one of these bags to put some fruit snacks in is so handy and useful for me.


    The good thing about these zipper bags is that you can also reuse them. Just wash them out and leave them to dry ready for the next use. We have been using both the small and large bags. I collected some apples from our garden yesterday to drop off at my parents and I used a large zipper bag which to my surprise could hold a huge amount of apples and the bag was so string, it didn’t rip at all. We have used the zipper bags for all sorts, such as storing food in the fridge, fruit, I tried storing soup too and it worked, no leaks. With the weather being so unpredictable I have used the large bags to carry some items in the buggy. Often I don’t like to carry a huge nappy bag anymore, especially if I have to go do a top up food shop so I used one of these bags to put a nappy, wipes, spare clothes and baby cream for the short journey.


    As we try to be very organised at home we have also used a few bags to organise my daughters room such as using them to store things like beads, pens, and other fiddly bits she has in her room.


    I think the RRP price of £2.50 for the large bags and £2 for the small is a decent price. For the quality that they are I would definitely be using them again and will be happy to pay that. I have already recommended these bags to family. My parents saw how strong the bags where when I delivered the bag of apples to them so they were quite impressed and they will be buying them now too. I think these bags are really great.

  • Using the zipper bags was super easy, the zip is great and so much easier to use than bags that have ties or have to be tied with the handles. My children found these easier to use too. The quality and thickness of these was very good too. I didn’t feel like if I stored a liquid in these to be frozen that they would leak like I’ve found with other food bags before. They are also very strong too and I felt they could cope with a heavy load with ease. 

    We used them to store a different range of things from pens to bread rolls and cakes. I found that they kept the bread rolls and cakes super fresh too and they didn’t go hard or stale. 

    The medium bag was great for storing the kids pens that normally get left laying all over the house. 

    My partner also found these great for storing his lunch in when he went to work. 

    The price of the Bacofoil zipper bags is definitely value for money as they can be reused too unlike some other brands that need to be thrown away after one use. These are cheaper than Bacofoils own sandwich bags which I often use and these ones are definitely better. The quality of them is great for the price. The size of the bags is also good. The small ones are just the right size for holding bread rolls and sandwiches. 

    With these being able to be washed out and reused I don’t feel like I’d be wasting my money purchasing these like I do with other brands.

    I would definitely recommend these to friends and family. In my opinion they are definitely worth their money and much better quality than other bags I have used. I have already added these to my next food shop and will be making these my new go to food storage bags. 
  • 1. I found the zipper bags really easy to use. With open and close instructions and volumes marked on the packaging, they were very self explanatory. The zipper tie means that unlike tie handle bags that I have a tendency to knot too tightly and have to rip open, I was able to use these bags multiple times, increasing their value for money.

    The bags were unbelievably strong, I used the medium bags to portion out a 25kg bag of pizza flour that I bought. I filled the bags with 1.5kg of flour as this is what I require for two batches but the bag is easily strong enough and big enough to take 2.5kg of flour whilst not being so full that it overflows or makes a mess. I love that the zip lock means I can easily open and close these to get the required amount out and also that they are durable enough to use over and over again again. The way that the bag opens out to have a flat base was an invaluable help during the process of filling them and also for storing the bags nicely upright once they were filled. This feature would be even more beneficial when working with liquids.

    I used the small bags to individually pack up my babies reusable nappies while we were out and about. They were the perfect size and easy to close quickly before he tried to crawl away. I hate using disposable bags for this as it just seems so wasteful, the zipper bags were fantastic and I was able to wipe them out to use again each day. I imagine that these bags will last until my baby is out of nappies.

    With my elder children preparing to go back to school in little over a fortnight, we allocated a couple of bags to them to carry the extra items that they are going to require this year. They will both be taking their own hand wash, hand-cream and sanitiser with them, We found before lockdown that their hands became very red and dried out using the soap available at their school so we feel that kinder soap and also hand-cream will be essential. We were disappointingly informed that the secondary school that our eldest daughter will be attending frequently runs out of hand wash so we felt it best to supply our own, that we know will always be available to our children and also is kind to their skin.  We foresee them needing these items regularly so we wanted them in bags and easy to find, the bags will be opened and closed frequently so we needed something robust, these zipper bags are going to be perfect. We have also allocated a bag for our elder daughter for her facemark that she will be required to wear on the school bus. I love that we could mark these up with their names and that we will be able to easily sanitise and reuse these bags every day.

    My daughter used one of these bags, that I had with me for nappies, whilst out on a walk to collect flowers for her flower press. She was able to keep them all together without damaging them and also easily see what was in the bag so that she didn’t pick any of the same kind of flower twice. She loves the zipper closure and the bag proved to be very robust.

    These bags are perfect for batch freezing small things that you only require a small amount of each time. We have used them for freezing pesto and when we get a glut of tomatoes and redcurrants later in the year I will be using these bags as I can easily add to the bags as more ripen and take out the amount I need each time without ripping open a bag, or using a tub that would end up taking up extra space in my freezer during the periods of time that it isn’t full.  

    2. Pictures added to post

    3. I think that the bags are good value for money, I have seen single use bags that aren’t priced much differently to these. Initially I thought that the number of bags per box wouldn’t be enough but as they are being constantly reused instead of thrown away, they have proved to be plenty.

    4. I would happily recommend Bacofoil Zipper bags to other parents and friends.

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