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Fancy testing Napolina Passata Sauce? £300 Amazon voucher up for grabs! Sign up here!



  • Two of us however we do make a family of 4 when my step son and partner are around 

    I would love to try the tomato and herb ones  or tomato and vegetable  sounds great 

  • We'd love to test the sauce, we love pasta dishes. We are a family of 3 - ages 5, 27 and 33.

    Our preferences in order would be:
    1.Tomato and herbs
    2.Red chilli and olive oil
    3.Tomato and vegetables

    Looking forward to it! <3 
  • Hi, family of 4... 26, 26, 7 & 5months 
    Our preference is 1) red chilli and olive oil 2) tomato and vegetables and finally tomato and herbs
  • We are a household of 3 with an age range of 48 to 10 years.

    Our preferred sauce order would be: 

    1) Tomato and herbs
    2) Tomato and vegetables
    3) Red chilli and Olive Oil (although if I didn’t have to worry about catering for the other members of the household then this one would actually be choice number 1!)
  • We are a family of three and aged 36, 34 & 2

    Our preferences:
    1. Red Chilli and Olive Oil
    2. Tomato and Herbs
    3. Tomato and Vegetable j
  • Hello! 
    We are a family of 3.
    baby is 15 months 
    adults between 30-35 

    we would like to try 
    chilly and olive oil 
    tomato and herb 
  • Family of 3 here - 7, 37 & 39.
    We'd love the opportunity to test the Napolina Passata Sauce & will give detailed feedback!

    Preference would be;
    - Tomato & Vegetables
    - Tomato & Herbs
    - Red Chilli & Olive Oil

    Thank you :)
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    If you have not received an email within the next few days, we're afraid you've not been selected to take part. Please do keep an eye on the forum, as we have more product tests coming up soon. 

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