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Joie Tourist pushchair: the feedback review thread


This is the feedback thread for those of you who are testing the Joie Tourist pushchair as part of our latest MadeForMums product test.

Please give us your feedback on this thread by answering the following 5 questions and providing your pictures of your baby/child using the pushchair.

Everyone who leaves quality feedback by answering all 5 questions and providing pictures (and is part of our product test) will be entered into a draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher.

Feedback Questions

1. What did you think of the Joie Tourist when it arrived?
2. How did your baby/child take to riding in the pushchair? Please post up the pictures of your baby/child in the pushchair. (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).
3. How did you find using the pushchair? How did you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?
4. How did you find the fold down and compactness of the pushchair?
5. Would you recommend the Joie Tourist pushchair to other parents and carers? 

Thank you for providing your feedback and good luck.

Note: Any comments and pictures you post on our Feedback thread may be used Joie in future advertising and marketing material. See full Ts&Cs here.


  • Sophia and I have absolutely loved testing out the Joie Tourist pushchair. We've been everywhere with this beautiful stroller. 

    When it first arrived, I was shocked at how light the box was, but also how small it was. Once I had attached the wheels, bumper bar and hood (which by the way, was super quick and took just a click, no fiddly bits) I was extremely impressed with the pure beauty of the pushchair. It's very modern, with tan leather in some parts, and the rest grey. I can not remember how many 'oh wow' I said as I admired each part of the pushchair, as I'm adjusting the modern handle bar, reclining and putting back up right. I felt like a child at Christmas. 

    It's definitely fair to say Sophia loves the pushchair too. As soon as she saw it, she was climbing to get right in! She's been happy each and every time she's gone outside in it. We've been through the town, countryside, to feed the ducks and even finding the gruffalo in the gruffalo forest. 
    It's so comfy, that as soon as I put Sophia in it one afternoon, she was flat out before we had even left the house. 

    I've loved how easy it is to push the pushchair. The seems to glide, tiniest bit of effort and off you go. I love this so much, my old pushchair would have me tired when pushing up a hill. I love how to can adjust the handle bar, I personally like it upright, however it looks really modern when put on the middle level. So easy to turn around and get around corners and even steps at the school yard. 
    You can push one handed as it's very easy, especailly if your baby is a toddler and want to walk holding their hand. But also, if you need a drink, or to answer your phone.

    I love the size of the pushchair when folded. It's so small, it even has a handle so you can carry it. It fits easily in the boot of the car, leaving plenty of room. The fold is to die for! It's amazing, best folding pushchair I've ever came across. Literally one hand fold, push of buttons on the handle bar, and down it goes, amazing. 

    All in all, I definitely recommend this pushchair. It's so light weight, so easy to get around, literally feels like a smooth run. It reclines fully, so I would imagine it would be suitable from birth too, however it does come with adapters so you can attach a carseat and carrycot if purchased. The seatbelt fastener is amazing. No forks, it slides in so easily, with having four children, I've found each pushchair is always fiddly to fasten. This one is very simple, quickly clips into place, I really appreciate this on the puschair.

    It's so pretty, really easy on the eye. I really recommend to mum's of girls and boys, it's just beautiful. 

    Sorry, some photos are uploading sideways, even after editing to adjust it upright position, they just keep turning. 

    Becky x
  • Thank you for the opportunity to test this product. 

    When I first saw its box with pictures and colour, I fell in love and was so impatient to open the box than my son. Its colour is something my and hubby will go for if we had to choose. The quality is incredible but after seeing the front of the box it’s 3 in 1, I’m all excited to find out how it’s done for such a small and lightweight buggy. Another thing that went through my mind when I saw it was that I don’t need to use my heavy buggy and there will be plenty of space in our car boot. It looked very comfortable for my little one to sit just like my current one as it’s the most important thing for me when choosing buggy. 

    I must say it was so easy to put together, lightweight, very small and stylish design.

     Love the handle, love how it feels and the amazing material throughout. 

    A big WOW! for colour combo👌👏

    He loved riding and looked comfortable sitting down. once he was on, he just wanted to go out and you will know he enjoying when he is relaxed and quiet ( won't say a word). Overall, he was happy and enjoyed every single ride we went.

    I'm pleased with the height it is perfect for me and also it is adjustable to your liking, I hate when it’s a bit low make it hard to push around. It is very easy to manoeuvre the buggy and if you don’t want the buggy swinging to left or right, you can lock the front wheels and it will go straight and smooth perfect to use with one hand. But again with or without the swirl wheel lock, the buggy is smooth and sturdy that you don’t need a put pressure to push. Astonished by the seatbelt, was hassle-free to put on never Seen one like that before( seriously I wish they had these type of seatbelt on all toddler product that has a belt, especially a car seat). and love the recline as it goes all the way down.  Very good size under storage for a compact design buggy. 

    Plus this buggy is good for travel underground that has no lift, just have to fold and use a carry strap which you can put on your shoulder so it gives an easier grip of the child while carrying( feels like buggy is hardly there, sometimes my bag weigh more that it ). Also, Folding does not take any time just one click and it goes down by itself. 

    plus it’s so light and small you can carry your toddler and buggy at the same time, don’t need another person to help. With the buggy I had, it needed at least 2 people and we use to struggle at the station and I use to hate travelling underground. After looking at this I’m thinking why did I even go for a heavy and chunky one, always struggled, when placing in car boots we had to take wheels off, otherwise it won’t fit. This buggy leaves plenty of space in the car boot and I don’t need to rely on my husband to help with taking it out or put it back. 

    After seeing the buggy I think I wasted a lot of money on the current one. Well, I put them away, for now, might sell it later one. Definitely will recommend this to other parents and carers because I didn’t have anyone to suggest me when I was choosing buggy, just went for brand and look. 

    Overall, had an extraordinary experience with the buggy and love everything about the buggy. Haven’t found any negative to write so far with experience. 

  • Firstly thank you for giving me the opportunity to review this pram. I was actually researching travel prams as I needed one for my holiday- so this saved me a job :)

    In response to the questions:

    1. When the parcel arrived I was shocked at the size of it. It was smaller than the box our car seat arrived in!

    It was super easy and quick to assemble, and we didn’t even need to use any instructions. My 8 month old Aiden started exploring it as soon as we opened it. I was so impressed at how small, light and nimble it was. It fitted in our living room (unlike our iCandy) and I could manoeuvre it easily around the room with one hand. 

    Aesthetically, the pram is nice to look at. Personally, the colour combination is not to my taste, but it does look nice. From my research I have seen that there is also a black version which I think looks more impressive and expensive.  I was however immediately impressed with some features that I didn’t expect to see in a compact travel pram (such as large basket, lie flat seat, large canopy, safety bar).

    2. Aiden seemed to really like sitting in the pushchair. With the iCandy I find that when I put him in he tends to wriggle around a lot and I struggle to put the belt on him as it is slightly more complicated to clip together. The Tourist has an easy to use magnetic clasp seatbelt, so I can clip him quickly without too much hassle. 

    In our iCandy, Aiden is always parent facing- so when he travelled in the Tourist it was the first time that he had been world facing. But he loved it! From the little peep window I could check on him occasionally (although I couldn’t usually see when he dropped his toys out of the pram until a kind passer by let me know!). I didn’t hear a noise out of him and but he would be happily looking around and playing with his toys, so I can only assume he was very comfortable! 

    In the iCandy he is able to lie flat and has an adjustable foot rest- both of which the Tourist has which is great. The lie flat feature is especially good as it means if we are out and about and Aiden naps, he can sleep comfortably. 

    I found that the canopy was good as it extended far (and protects from UV rays) but because the pram is world facing sometimes the sun would still go in his eyes. I used the snoozeshade (as I do often) which attached to the pram easily. 

    The only thing I wonder is whether Aiden is currently a bit small for the pram. This is because despite adjusting the straps to his size, a lot of the time I find him leaning over to the right side and not sitting straight (see photo). This doesn’t happen in the iCandy. He didn’t seem too concerned though! 

    3. The pushchair was lovely to use. My only experience of a pushchair is my iCandy - which is a beautiful pram but heavy duty. It would take so long to set up and take down whereas the Tourist took seconds to open, and we were ready to go!

    It took a bit of adjusting to use the Tourist as it moved so easily and didn’t require any force. I could easily navigate the pram with one hand whilst holding a coffee in the other and it was so smooth and easy to control!

    The pram is also so light, weighing only 6kg. This is half the iCandy! I would feel comfortable taking this on the tube or down stairs at our local station (with help). 

    Of course the pram doesn’t feel as secure on rocky or uneven ground as the more sturdy prams (the wheels are very small), despite the fact the front wheels have locking mechanisms to help with tough terrain. As Aiden is quite a light sleeper I am not convinced he would be able to nap as comfortably in it for long periods as he would be able to feel every bump! But I wouldn’t call that a criticism as that is what I expected from a travel pram. I wouldn’t necessarily therefore use this as my only pram (as we are out and about a lot and Aiden does nap a lot in his prams) but for travelling or popping to the shops/on the train, it is perfect. 

    4. The folding mechanism is so easy to use and it folds with pretty much one click. It is so easy that when I first used it I almost closed the pram (with Aiden in it!) by pressing the close button instead of the handlebar adjuster! It has a strap on the pram to carry too, which is great. 

    Once folded it goes in a very small travel bag which is perfect for on the move. My criticism here is that it doesn’t have a handle or straps on the travel bag. I am due to travel to Canada in a few weeks and will be taking this pram. It isn’t the smallest travel pram (not as small as the yo-yo) so I hope it will fit in the overhead compartment in the cabin as it depends on the plane we get. So it could be a bit of a risk purchasing this pushchair if the main purpose is international travel as it cannot be guaranteed to fit in the overhead compartment.

    5. One thing I realised when doing my research for travel prams in the past is that travel prams are not cheap. 

    If you are looking for a mid-range, light, easy to use travel pram then I would definitely recommend the Joie Tourist. Admittedly it does not look as expensive as some of the other travel prams in the market, but for the price and the features- it is a great purchase. 

    The fact it is 3-in-1 and a bassinet and car seat can both go on the pram is a game changer, as it can be used from birth. We were pleasantly surprised to see that our cybex cloud Z fitted on - even though we assumed it would only be Joie car seats. I have to say it didn’t look too aesthetically pleasing with the pram seat and car seat on together but it’s a good feature to have!

    So whilst this is a very good travel pram, for me personally, I would not be able to use this as my only pram. It would need to be a “supplementary” pram - simply due to the fact that it is not as “sturdy” as some of the larger prams and in my opinion, less durable. Although Aiden seems comfortable in the pram for our walks, I am not sure he will be able to nap as comfortably and for as long when in the Tourist because of this. 

    I think it is also worth mentioning that when doing my research on travel prams, the majority of the well known travel prams are for children up to 4 years/22kg. The Joie Tourist is for children up to a maximum of 15kg, so may not last as long. 

  • My first thought when the Joie Tourist Pushchair arrived was how small the box was, for a pram. But low and behold, once I opened the box and set the pram up (which is incredibly simple to do) it was indeed a compact but incredibly luxurious pram. Although it is built to be travel friendly and on the smaller side, it doesn’t lack any of the cosy and practical things a bigger pram has. The colour of the pram we received is Oyster and it is so beautiful. It gives the pram a really chic look and is a fantastic gender neutral colour. 

    My youngest wanted to climb into the pram as soon as it arrived. She is 2 and a half and my concern with this pram was that she would be too long for it. We recently tried out another brand of ‘travel/compact pram’ and her legs hung over the end of it. She was very uncomfortable and wouldn’t sit in the pram for very long. But to my surprise, the Joie Tourist is incredibly spacious! The positionable calf support meant that her legs didn’t have to dangle over the edge and she enjoyed the ride so much she took a nap! The full size UPF50+ canopy is a huge benefit to the pram. It covered the whole of my little girls body whilst she took a nap with the pram fully reclined, which gave me peace of mind. The magnetic clasp on the 5 point harness is genius. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have caught my fingers on a pram harness clip whilst quickly trying to get my little one secured. I think it’s such a clever harness and I really hope other brands catch onto this idea. 

    Using the pushchair was incredibly easy. Most pushchairs I find to be too bulky and heavy which means I have to have two hands on the handle whilst pushing, which isn’t always do-able when you have more than one child to guide across the road. But the Joie Tourist was a smooth ride and easy to push with one hand. It turns around corners easily and even handled some of the bumps we encountered along the way. My husband is really tall and I am… not. Whilst using travel friendly prams in the past, we’ve found most handle bars don’t lower, which is fine for my husband but really awkward for me. The Tourist’s handle bar lowers perfectly and even lifts higher if needed, which made it all the more easier for me to push (my 4 year old could even push which was a double win!)

    The folding and erecting of the Joie Tourist is flawless! A simple click of a button and small movement to get the pram up and down. The pram when folded is really compact. With testing other travel prams, this one is definitely one of the most compact I’ve used. The soft handle is perfect for carrying the pram on your shoulder, leaving your hands free. We tested the pram out in a smaller car boot and it fit perfectly with extra room for other things. It even slot into the footwell of a car, so it would be great if you had a smaller vehicle or needed a space saving pram. 

    I would most definitely recommend the Joie Tourist pushchair to other parents. I love that the pram is able to be used from birth and comes with the adapters to attach a car seat on. When my children were babies I had a travel system which took up SO much room in our car, it was a nightmare! I would have loved to have owned the Joie Tourist back then. The basket space is another huge plus, especially for a shopping lover like me. I think this is always a deal breaker with parents when buying a pram. The pram is comfy, sleek, spacious but compact when folded and a smooth ride. It is great value for money and a parent must have in my eyes!

  • On arrival, I was surprised at how small the box was and how incredibly light it was. It was incredibly simple to set-up, it took me just 15 mins to assemble and go through the user manual to become familiar with all the buttons and toggles. 
    I absolutely love the grey textured fabric, it looks really smart, but understated. The colour combination of grey, black and tan look classic and simple. I now find myself accidentally matching as nearly all my clothes are grey, black or tan. I also really like the tan faux leather push handle- it's easy to clean and insulates from extremes of temperature.
    It comes with a raincover which, because it is designed for the Tourist, fits beautifully and keeps all the fabric (and child) dry. I do wish the raincover came in a little neat waterproof pouch which would keep it contained when not in use. 

    My 7 month old had not switched to facing away from me before this stroller, so I was quite apprehensive, but he enjoyed it from the first outing. It does have a mesh peephole in the canopy, but you can't see their face, so I did find myself stopping to check on him repeatedly until I relaxed. Although the canopy is a really decent size, the sun did still manage to get on his face when facing straight towards it, which you have to be aware of as you can't tell when pushing the stroller. 
    The stroller has very minimal structure to the seat which means that a little one is a lot more loose than in a pram pushchair. Having said this, my very large 7 month old seems to prefer it to his pram pushchair and makes no fuss when I put him in. There is plenty of room for him to grow which is reassuring as he has very nearly outgrown his Infababy Ultimo pram pushchair, with very little headroom left. 
    On our first outing, my little boy fell fast asleep. The toggle to let the seat recline is great and it keeps the sun and wind out in this position. Tightening the toggle back up once the child is awake but still in the seat is a lot harder and I found it took an extra pair of hands to take my son's weight off the backrest while I pulled the toggle back up. He has slept soundly in the stroller through all terrains. 

    The storage compartment is not as big as a large pram pushchair, but it's still fairly decent.
    I was worried that I wouldn't be able to hang a heavy bag off the handle without it tipping up, but it has coped fine with my cloth nappy changing bag, muslins, packed lunch, beach toys and handbag all hanging from it. When the seat is in the normal upright position, there is a handy little pouch behind the headrest which I found myself stuffing my wallet, phone, sun hat etc, for easy access. 

    The magnetic buckle is genius. It is so easy and quick to put on even with a very wriggly baby. 
    The Joie Tourist is so easy to handle. It is so light and smooth and turns effortlessly. You can easily steer it singlehandedly. It is so much easier to push up steep hills than a heavy pram pushchair. It copes with grass, rough pavements, brickweave and even the beach. I was hesitant to take it on the beach, but it coped really well because it is so light and was actually easier than my friend's 4 wheeled ICandy pram pushchair. The ride is not as smooth on very rough terrain as a pram with air-filled tyres and not as easy as a 3 wheeler, but still very good for the compact size. It does struggle when using on a sideways slope which makes the steering suddenly very heavy and it feels a bit ropey. 
    It's very low weight makes it much easier when tackling tricky obstacles. I found myself trying to get into an impossibly stepped entrance to a shop. Having tried forwards and backwards, I ended up lifting the whole stroller with my little boy in it, into the shop, and incredibly it wasn't that heavy. 

    The folding of the chair is incredible. You simply press the buttons together and it shrinks into an impossibly small size. Unfortunately, anything in the storage compartment prevents it from fully folding, so you do have to be prepared to remove just about everything first. 
    The stroller is so small when folded that not only does it leave loads of room in the boot of a car, it can also go in the rear or front footwell of the car making it even more flexible. 

    I would definitely recommend the Joie Tourist. It's ideal if you want an incredibly compact, comfy, light stroller for general use. It's not suitable as a dedicated all-terrain, off-roader, but for occasional use in these situations, it still copes really well.
    The suspension is pretty minimal, so if you have a light sleeper, you may need to think again. 
    Overall, a great stroller for compact size, low weight, good-looks and manoeuvrability. 

  • 1.   What did you think of the Joie Tourist when it arrived?

    The Joie Tourist was really well packaged, the box like the pushchair was pretty compact and once I had put the pram together (took minutes!) I was pleasantly surprised by how light it was. The pushchair itself is really stylish and chic, the tan leather handle, the oyster hood and the padded grey seat all really complement each other. It makes a change from the many black strollers on the market!


    2. How did your baby/child take to riding in the pushchair? Please post up the pictures of your baby/child in the pushchair. (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    My daughter appeared to be comfortable, we’ve been on several walks and she’s even fallen asleep on one of them! Being able to recline fully with a sleeping baby inside is great, she seemed comfortable fully reclined and stayed asleep. 

    We’ve used the pushchair going on walks in our local area, trips to the village shops and in the woods, all times my daughter has appeared comfortable, I was a little apprehensive about how comfortable she would be in the woods and on rough terrain, fully expecting a very bumpy ride however I was surprised by how good the suspension was (especially given that the wheels are quite small) and she seemed comfortable.  

    One drawback is that even whilst fully upright there still seems to be a recline, when compared to our pram which she can sit fully upright in. It is a little disappointing that my baby can’t sit fully upright in it and for longer walks and outings probably not as practical as the pram for this reason.  

    3. How did you find using the pushchair? How did you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

    The pushchair is lightweight making it very easy to handle and manoeuvre. I like the removable bumper bar which many strollers on the market don’t have. The basket underneath is big enough to fit a few every day essentials when out shopping. The straps are also really easy to adjust and the five point harness, to strap in my baby, isn’t fiddly at all and can be fastened in seconds.  I also like the viewing flap so I can keep an eye on my little one whilst we are out and about, I found myself often doing this to see if she had nodded off to sleep!


    4. How did you find the fold down and compactness of the pushchair?

    The fold is very easy to do, even whilst holding my daughter in the other hand and it is pretty compact once folded. My mum who occasionally looks after my daughter has also been able to do the fold with such ease. One point to note is that I didn’t find the integrated carry strap long enough to be able to comfortably carry the pushchair on my shoulder.

    5. Would you recommend the Joie Tourist pushchair to other parents and carers?

    I would recommend the Joie Tourist, overall it is a great pushchair / stroller for little ones, I probably wouldn’t have put my daughter in this when she was younger (i.e 3-7/8 months) (currently 14 months) as I don’t think it would have been as comfortable for her as the pram we have which is much more padded (this is a pram that came as part of a travel system we bought when she was first born). However, now that she is older, this is great as it’s so light, compact and easy to transport with us. 
  • Thank you so much for letting us review the Joie Tourist. We have had a great time and really love this pushchair. 

    So I have two little boys- 2.5years old and 9months, and whilst we were asked to review it from the 2.5yo perspective, it's actually been absolutely brilliant for them both. 

    1. What did you think of the Joie Tourist when it arrived?
    It came in a small box and was very easy to assemble. I love the single hand collapse mechanism- it really is easy to do, unlike many other prams on the market. The colour is very smart and on first impressions, i was really impressed. 

    2. How did your baby/child take to riding in the pushchair? Please post up the pictures of your baby/child in the pushchair. (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).
    My 9mo was super happy in the pushchair and basically grinned the entire time we used it. I took him into work with me on the tube, and it was so easy, he fell fast asleep really quickly and it fitted neatly into a corner of our seminar room ;) It's really lightweight to carry up the stairs and very portable for on the underground. 

    Both of them found the recline (even when maximally upright) quite low, and preferred to sit further forwards than the seat would let you, which i would say is the main drawback to this pushchair. 

    That said, the fact it reclines fully (and even my 2 year old slept like a dream) is absolutely brilliant, and the recline didn't bother them hugely, they just leant on the handlebars. 

    There was loads of room for my (quite tall) 2.5 year old and he certainly seemed really comfortable in it. He was able to climb in by himself and the umbrella hood was good when it was super hot this week. He liked choosing whether to have the end of the seat up or down, which is a neat feature. 

    3. How did you find using the pushchair? How did you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?
    It manoeuvres really well and managed with both grass and pavement very well. It doesn't deal amazingly with uneven pavements, but for a super lightweight pushchair, it think it does the job really well. I'd definitely take it on holiday with me, and it could manage most terrains. The basket is a good size and whilst i found removing the handlebar a little tricky initially, it has at least prevented the 2yo from taking it off himself. The tall handlebar is just amazing, as many travel strollers are really short, and this is makes handling the pushchair so much better than others on the market- both my husband and i commented on this on our first go's! 

    4. How did you find the fold down and compactness of the pushchair?
    It is so compact, it's brilliant. It fold down really compactly, but importantly, it's really narrow and fits through my front door with loads of room (in contrast to many other buggies on the market). This is a massive bonus as it means when the kiddos are asleep, i can just wheel them in off the street, which i can't do with the bigger all-terrain buggies.

    5. Would you recommend the Joie Tourist pushchair to other parents and carers?
    Yes, I would definitely recommend the tourist to other parents and carers. It is incredibly light, and super easy to use. But the real stand out feature for me with the tourist pushchair was its handlebar height. My husband is tall (6 foot), and whilst I (5'6) am pretty happy with the Mamas and Papas acro stroller, he just hates using it as it's too low for him. The joie Tourist is just perfect for taller parents and we will be using it as our first choice from now on. 

  • What an absolute treat to be able to test the Joie Tourist pram. We were in the midst of looking for a new pram, lost on Google trying to work out what was the best lightweight, versatile, comfortable pram for our Bonnie, 19 months, was. The solution came to us! 
    So a big thank you for the opportunity, poor Bonnie was being wheeled around in a second hand pram with a broken strap!

    1. What did you think of the Joie Tourist when it arrived?
    As I think most of the other testers have mentioned, how incredibly compact and lightweight the box it came in was. Minimal packaging, so easy to put together and was up and running with Bonnie clambering in it in about 20 minutes from when it arrived. Appreciated the minimal nuts and bolts and attachments, Bonnie wanted to help put it together and immediately was climbing in it as soon as the wheels were on.  

    2. How did your baby/child take to riding in the pushchair? Please post up the pictures of your baby/child in the pushchair. (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    Can honestly tell the difference in her enjoyment of being in the pram now she is in the Joie Tourist pushchair compared to her previous one, she is much happier to sit and not be so eager to get out and walk about. She seems comfier, happier, and settled. 

    Getting Bonnie to nap in the pram had been a challenge of late, she would take ages to settle, and would wake after a really short nap time. In the Joie Tourist pushchair she settles so quickly, it's an actual miracle! The full lay down reclining aspect of the pram means she goes to sleep much quicker than usual and sleeps longer, this is a huge plus to the pram. 
    She also seems to be comfortable and naps well on all terrain, so the suspension is great for such a lightweight pram. 
    The only negative to this pram is the how far the seat reclines sitting upright, she seems slanted and initially after popping her in the pram i can see her be a bit frustrated that she can sit up, or easily lean forward. It needs another inch or two on the pully system behind. 
    Pretty much my only negative feedback. 

    3. How did you find using the pushchair? How did you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?
    I seriously needed a lightweight pram in my life. When I first had Bonnie I struggled with pushing our old heavy pram on my wrists and thumbs of all things. This pram I can push one handed, turn so easy and appreciate how little effort it takes to turn corners. 
    The wheels could be slightly bigger at the front, sometime it gets caught on the smallest things, like a stick or uneven surface and at one point I thought the pram was going to tip over. I pretty much have to lift half the pram to get over steps or curbs as the wheels are so small to get over basic bumps, but i would say overall this pram is versatile on country and town surfaces, perfect for where we live. 
    The handlebar seems flimsy and tricky to pull off, but does the job of keeping Bonnie safe. 
    The basket has ample size to fit a changing bag in and enough space on the top above her head to add a phone or purse running about. 
    Needs a drinks holder though!!! For a pram i can push one handed sipping a hot coffee with the other and being able to put it in a drinks container would be a perfect addition. 

    4. How did you find the fold down and compactness of the pushchair?
    Amazing! I couldn't believe how compact it is, and smooth the transition is to get down. One click of a button and it compacts, it's so lightweight i can carry anywhere, and doesn't take up precious space in the house or in the car, which is a huge bonus. Just have to make sure nothing is stored in the footwell before you close down or it wont collapse properly. I love the fact i can quickly close the pram and carry from car to house easily, without trailing mud and water from the glorious rainy summer we've had. 

    5. Would you recommend the Joie Tourist pushchair to other parents and carers? 
    I definitely would, i would highlight the reclining issue though, my only negative feedback. But i think the lightweight, foldable, features outweigh the one negative feature. A really good pram for an older child who wants to sit up more, who can nap easily on the go and perhaps notice straps and buttons more but can't open them. 

    We love this product!! Thank you, from Bonnie and her mum. 
  • 1. What did you think of the Joie Tourist when it arrived?
    I thought it was great and so compact. We have used the Bugaboo Fox 2 thus far, which is a great, sturdy travel system, but takes up a lot of boot space and isn't that portable. The packaging the Joie Tourist came in let me know just how portable it is before we even opened the box - we were very excited! 

    It was really easy to put together, though I found it easier to YouTube the instructions rather than use the instruction manual. 

    2. How did your baby/child take to riding in the pushchair? Please post up the pictures of your baby/child in the pushchair. 

    She absolutely loves being in the Joie Tourist; she's always smiling and comfortable as you can tell she loves to get comfy and lounge in the chair. The only issue we could see is the chair doesn't sit up as much as she would like it to as she is quite inquisitive and like to look around more than this allowed her. 

    But the buckle was really secure and baby proof (though you could tell she wanted to figure out how to use it!) and she felt well supported. We never needed to recline the Tourist further back as she never needed a nap while we were out and about in it, but the fact that it lies flat is a great positive. Also the hood is great to protect her from the sun in her face, but allows enough space for her to still see her surroundings. 

    3. How did you find using the pushchair? How did you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?
    It was so easy! Lightweight enough for me to push her one handed and the fact that the handle bar has different height settings is great depending on what bag you're using but also depending on whether my husband or I are pushing her. We both loved using it. I wish it came in time for our staycation in the Cotswolds as we would have really tried it on more terrains, but from using it in the park and on pavements, I was surprised by how well the small wheels dealt with bumps in the road and grassy areas.

    My parents also took her out for a walk in it and loved how lightweight and easy to use it is, especially my mum.

    The only other minor piece of feedback I had is that the brake at the back is quite low and found a couple of times while pushing the chair, I accidentally stepped on the brake. 

    4. How did you find the fold down and compactness of the pushchair?

    As mentioned we loved how compact it is, saves on boot space, I can easily hold it one handed as you can see above and is so easy to fold down and up! 

    5. Would you recommend the Joie Tourist pushchair to other parents and carers? 
    I definitely would, however I would caveat that the seat doesn't allow little ones to sit up properly which is literally the only set back. However we are all really happy with the item and will definitely continue to use it on short walks, holidays and when we need more boot space in the car! 

  • 1. What did you think of the Joie Tourist when it arrived?

    When the pushchair arrived I was amazed at how small the box was (my 2 year old was taller), when I first felt the box I did think it was a little heavy to be ‘lightweight’ however, after taking the pushchair out and assembling I now agree it is extremely light. The pushchair looked very stylish and definitely a colour I personally would choose. I had never used a travel pushchair before and so was excited to give it a go. From getting the pushchair out of the box to assembling it took just under 7 minutes which shows how incredibly easy it is to do, and no instructions were needed. 

    2. How did your baby/child take to riding in the pushchair? Please post up the pictures of your baby/child in the pushchair. (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    Coco-Cheyenne loved being in the pushchair, she had plenty of room and loved putting her hands on the handle bar. She was constantly smiling the whole shopping trip. It did take her a little longer to fall asleep but when she was asleep she slept for a longer amount of time which was great and I put that down to the flat lying position. This is great, it actually lays completely flat, in other pushchairs there’s still always a little slant, I am impressed with this feature. 

    3. How did you find using the pushchair? How did you find it to handle, push and manoeuvre?

    I couldn’t believe how little pressure is required to move the pushchair it is extremely easy and smooth. I found myself pushing using only 1 hand a lot of the time. This is great when I have a toddler to control as well. It bounced up and down kerbs and steps really well (much better than my Silver Cross). It glides round corners and was great even in some tiny shops we popped into which normally is such a hassle. It’s a pleasure to use. 

    4. How did you find the fold down and compactness of the pushchair?

    I was so impressed with how you close the pushchair, it’s incredibly easy, no more faffing around it can be done 1 handed! The only negative I have with this pushchair is when baby is in the pushchair it’s quite fiddly and difficult to sit them back up after being laying down as it’s done with a tog but you have to push the back into place first. It might be something though that comes more easy with time. 

    The compactness is amazing, it’s tiny! Takes up hardly any room in the car boot leaving plenty of space for my toddlers trike and shopping bags. 

    I was also impressed that it fitted through my lounge door with the stair gate on! My Silver Cross doesn’t even fit in the doorway.

    5. Would you recommend the Joie Tourist pushchair to other parents and carers? 

    I would recommend the Joie Tourist pushchair to any other parents and Carers especially if your likely to be travelling a lot whether it’s public transport or in a car. It really is what it says on the tin, a pushchair suitable for tourists so much so that we will be taking it on our weekend away to London next week. It’s an all round great budget friendly pushchair with style and a great size basket and the amazing extra of being compact. 

  • Hello everyone.

    Thank you all so much for being part of this Joie/MadeForMums product test. We have loved reading your feedback and seeing the lovely pics of your children using the Joie Tourist. 

    The winner of the Amazon voucher is @hannah882

    We will email you shortly about your prize. 
    Thank you all again, we're closing this thread now to comments as this product test is closed. 
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