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Fancy testing a Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor worth £289? £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs too!



  • Hi! I have a nearly 14month old. 

    She is such a wriggler and the camera we have struggles to stay on her. Plus she sleeps on her front which does worry me. So I Love the fact the cubo Ai can detect if she’s not safe whilst on her front and also detect where she is off too through the night! Hubby also likes tech so would be right up his street trying it out too! 
    This would be amazing to test out.
    thank you
  • 1. 10 months and 3.5 years
    2. I would love to try this out as we are about to move our baby into his own room after co-sleeping with us since birth. I’ve always had him near and been able to check his breathing so it’s daunting having him in another room so early but he is disturbed by us going to bed and snoring 😂 My first son was 16 months when he moved into his own room so it wasn’t as nerve wracking for me so even though this is my second son I would like to have the extra reassurance that this monitor brings. 
  • 1. Sienna who is 2
    2. We are getting Sienna a toddler bed so we would love to try this so it give me peace of mind at nighttime that she’s sleeping soundly. It will save me sleeping on the floor! 🤣
  • 1. My son is 21 months old.

    2. We would like to test this monitor as he is still sleeping in a cot bed joint to our bed and we want to move him in his own room. The monitor would alert me when he is getting out of bed instead of me watching the camera all night and would alert me if his face is covered or if he is about to fall out of bed.
  • I have a baby boy who is 2 days old and an older child who is just turned 4. 

    I would love to test this monitor as having a newborn it will give so much reassurance and peace of mind which is a big thing to many parents. I also think this monitor sounds amazing and would love to be able to test and review it. 

  • Kayden age 10 months

    I would LOVE to try this out I suffer with severe anxiety since losing my little girl in 2016. I love any gadget that helps give peace of mind whilst he is sleeping!

  • We have a 2 year old and also 2 month old twin boys.

    it’s for the twins I’m really interested. The ability to clearly see them both is a no brainer. Especially with the stand as other cameras don’t have this so trying to angle them is so difficult. 

    Would be interesting to try it for either twin or indeed both. It’s an expensive bit of kit but worth it if it works really well.
    our 2 year old was very premature and I think we are more risk averse because  of that so keen to have a camera that puts my mind at ease. Technology is moving fast and this is one of the few cameras I think moving with the times and not just adding gimmicks for the sake of it. 

    But the proof is in the testing! 

    Also I love how it looks! Too cute! 
  • 1. One boy at 33 months and currently ttc number 2.

    2. I love all things tech and our current monitor is very basic. My little one likes to throw himself about in bed and I keep catching him out of bed.
  • Hey!

    William is 9months old

    We would love to test and review this as we love the reassuring face covered feature. Our baby refuses to sleep in a sleeping bag but constantly fidgets during the night, we are forever checking his blanket isn't over his face. We would love to review how effective it is! 

    Thank you ❤️


  • 1. We would love to be considered to test this product. My little boy is 12months old. Have another on the way but she is not due until March.

    2. Very intrigued about this monitor especially, if it can cover a wider range of the nursery compared to his current monitor. Be interesting to see how clear the image is and will give me extra peace of mind especially after one close call. We will also be transitioning to a cot bed, as he does not seem to be settling well in the enclosed cot.  This monitor would be particularly handy for the transition along side other safety measures we already have in place. 
  • 1. How old is your baby/child that would be using the Cubo Ai? Please let us know if you have more than one child at home, and their ages. 
    Mum of 2 here with my youngest being 15 months old and my eldest being 10 next month!! Crazy I know!! 

    2. Please tell us why you are interested in testing this kind of monitor?
    I'm more than interested and willing to write a review and take photos for this monitor as my other half recently broke the stand to our monitor meaning we have to use blue tack to keep it up 🙈 having a monitor that attaches to the cot would be super handy to us!!! 
  • 1. Baby 9 months & Toddler 2 years

    2. We’ve recently become  disappointed in the functionality of our BT6000 monitor, having got a second camera for it to work with 2 children it’s lost some of the key features. So we need a second monitor as the youngest is about to go into his own room and have been looking into similar smart monitors with the app tools. Seems like monitors have come a long way since we first bought one in 2019 anyway!! 
  • I have 1 son who has just turned 2. We are about to take the side off the cot to allow him to move in and out of bed by himself, with a partial baby rail, so it would be fantastic to see how the Danger Area Alerts on this monitor would alert us to the fact that he has got out of bed. The range of adaptive stand options would also allow us to see more of the room than our previous monitor did, giving us more piece of mind if he does leave his bed in the night. 
  • I have 2 girls who are 2 and a half and 6 months and I really struggle to place the monitor in my little ones room so I can see her fully so this would be amazing. I love the idea of an overhead monitor, the alerts would be so handy and would reassure me so much more that she is breathing still and safe and secure. I also would love a monitor that has WiFi as our current one doesn’t. 
  • Hello 

    We have a little girl who is 2.3year
    She has just moved to a cot bed so side down on her cot.

    I looked I to the cubo when shopping around for a monitor but it hadn't been released in time. I understand all of functions and abilities . 
    My daughter is currently using a lollipop camera on her room. We find the alert to be slow even with top speed broadband. I am able to give clear and detailed review on this camera and would love the opportunity to help
  • My little boy is 18 months. 
    We would love to test this as I really wanted to get a camera that you can attach to the cot plus knowing about sleep patterns and being alerted to when they have tried to venture out of the cot would be so useful! 
  • Molly is 2.5 years old. I also have an older daughter who is 4.5 years old. The capabilities of this monitor sound really interesting. My 2.5 year old is in a proper bed now and so she has the freedom to get out of the bed if she wants to. Having an alert to let us know if she has left her bed would be a huge benefit. She's actually been known to fall out of the bed in the night and carry on sleeping on the floor! I'm also not completely sure what time she's waking up in the mornings so i'd love to be able to track this.
  • My baby is 12 months old. I would love to test this baby monitor because it provides the perfect peace of mind, especially now my daughter sleeps in her own room. The real time alerts will be perfect to keep peace of mind and quick notification of my baby is any danger. I would love to test this.
  • My Lb is 23months and we would be interested in testing a monitor as the one we have isn’t the best! We have had to replace it a number of times and it still looses signal overnight for no reason what so ever. 
  • - I'd love to test this with my little boy who is 16 months

    - The AI aspect of this camera really interests me and as a woman that works in technology I love the chance to play with and explore new tech devices. My 16m old is a real live wire, always running, climbing and jumping off everything - he has no concept of danger! It'd be great to test the danger alerts as he's recently started sleeping with a toddler duvet and pillow which can obviously cause a bit more risk. He's also started trying to climb out of his cot so we'd love to be able to prevent this and be alerted if he manages to. 
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