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Fancy testing a Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor worth £289? £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs too!



  • 1) my daughter is 16 month
    2) we would love to product test this monitor as it would give us the peace of mind in the night.
  • I have a 2.5 year old and due number two 23/12/21.

    I like the idea of IA face detection, I think this is really forward thinking and there isn’t anything like this on the market! I also love the idea of daily photos and the fact it records sleep patterns will save a job when trying to figure out a routine! 
  • 1. How old is your baby/child that would be using the Cubo Ai? 

    My boy is 11 months old

    2. Please tell us why you are interested in testing this kind of monitor?

    i would never get the chance to use an expensive monitor like this due to being on a low budget and the design of it looks great we use a very budget one at the moment that works but an upgrade would put me more at ease, tracking sleep would be handy too.

  • Hello, firstly my baby boy is nine months old and we only have one child. Secondly we have been looking for a good baby monitor for a while now as we are finally ready to move him out to a separate bedroom so we would love to test this baby monitor, please!
  • My baby boy is 13 weeks (7 adjusted) today! 

    I’m really interested in testing out the Cubo AI as I’m impressed with the 1080p display and how the monitor can grow with the baby with its dangerzone detection. As my baby was premature I get nervous putting him down as I worry that he’ll roll over and his breathing will be affected. 

  • Love to test the monitor for my 9 month old currently we can only hear one child at a time on our current system so to have one just for him would help alot especially as he has started standing in his cot. It would help so we can keep them both safe and not have to constantly be looking at the screen as we can't hear them both at the same time. Cubo Ai sounds perfect for what we need. Thank you 
  • I would love to test this on:
    -Charlotte aged 2
    -Isabella aged 8 months 
    Isabella is still downstairs with me until I go to bed as anxiety gets the better of me due to miscarriage & a late loss :(
    Ive been looking at monitors that have a decent screen that can see both girls in the room!

    This might ease my anxieties ( well a little bit! 😭)

  • 13 month old girl

    Would be interested in this because of the monitoring functions as we get awoken in the night quite regularly and it would be interesting to know there is any reason or it is just because she wants to play. 
  • I have a little boy who is 22 months old and an ever growing bump due early January
    Would love to test this baby monitor - it sounds fab and our current one has just broken so would be fab! Love gadgets and always keen to try the latest technology. A monitor gives me peace of mind and allows me to check on little one without having to creep into his room and disturb him! 
  • 1. How old is your baby/child that would be using the Cubo Ai? Please let us know if you have more than one child at home, and their ages.

    I have 10 month old twin boys and 3 older children 7,8,11

    2. Please tell us why you are interested in testing this kind of monitor?

    Ive read reviews on this monitor on instgram and it sounds amazing, the piece of mind you would have being able to set the safe zones, especially with twins who will soon start to encourage each other to climb, along with the safety features make this an amazing piece of technology and i would love to try it just in time for my boys moving into their own room too! 

  • My little boy is 11 months old.

    I would absolutely love to test this. I love everything about it from the danger alerts to the professional grade camera, temperature monitor and so many of its other features! I have a separate camera and movement monitor and I’d love to try something that’s fully integrated and gives me that extra peace of mind knowing my little one is safe.
  • 1. Baby is currently 16 Months
    2. I’d be specially interested about the sleeping patterns function. I currently track mine on the iWatch and I’d love to be able to do the same with my baby. Also, the idea of receiving alarms every time she’s too closed to the border of the cot would be a great peace of mind! 
  • I have two girls. Addie (who we would love to try this monitor with) who is 1 next week and Ophelia who is almost 5. 

    I’d love to try this monitor for peace of mind and in all honesty…it sounds great. Addie is a wriggly sleeper and has started to try and pull herself up in her cot so this sounds like it’s possibly what we need! We’d love to try it 😀
  • 11month old son, who is quite the daredevil (We also have a 6year old).

    Our son Cosleeps with us in a sidecar cot arrangement, and as such, has freedom to roam our bed as well as his own. We'd love to test out the danger area feature, as our son is able to sit himself up and shuffle to the edge of the bed when he wakes up from a nap, but has not yet learned to stand, or to climb down safely. As we both work from home, increasingly we aren't in the room with him when he naps, or always right there when he's in his playpen. It would be great to evaluate how useful the features of this monitor are to families like ours. 
  • My baby is 9 months old and I’d love to test this as I still wake to check he’s breathing in his sleep during the night, and have been known to creep into his room just to check. The cubo would make it far easier to put my mind at ease and make it less likely to wake a sleeping baby.
  • 1. How old is your baby/child that would be using the Cubo Ai? Please let us know if you have more than one child at home, and their ages.

    My eldest is 2.5 youngest just turning 2

    2. Please tell us why you are interested in testing this kind of monitor?

    We would love to trial this monitor as my son has epilepsy and is prone to disturbed sleep/ waking up confused and scared, we are yet to find a strong option for a baby monitor that really picks up his sleep habits and what goes on for him before and after a seizure.

  • My little one is nearly 11 months old. I’d love to test this as the AI sounds perfect! She sleeps so much better with a comforter so I don’t want to take it away but she loves to stress us by putting it right over her face! Being alerted to this would be perfect! We also didn’t think/realise what our camera would be able to see when we decorated her room so we have to balance it on a big picture frame or half of the cot is out of view from anywhere else! 
  • I would try it in both my children, my daughter who’s 13 months (and has just been moved into a new cot) and my son who is 2 yr and 8 months (and has recently started sleeping in a big single bed).

    I’d love to be able to check and be alerted if my son was close to falling off (it has happened already!) and for my daughter who’s currently finding it hard to sleep, it’d be great to be able to look at her sleep patterns and perhaps identify where we can help make her more comfortable and reassured.

  • Rory is 6 months old and we would be interested in testing this product as he is a very light sleeper and it would be good to see how much restful sleep he is having. 
  • My son is 17 months old and we would love to test this baby monitor! 

    One of the main reasons I am interested in testing this is because it sends real-time alerts and has face detection technology  so it would give me peace of mind that my baby is safe. I also love the idea of ‘danger area alerts’ because my baby is now old enough to climb and I often worry about him falling out of his cot. I want a baby monitor that gives me security and also provides me with information such as temperature and humidity so that my baby has the best nights sleep.
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