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Cubo Ai Smart Monitor and stand: the feedback review thread


This is the feedback thread for those of you who are testing the Cubo Ai Smart Monitor as part of our latest MadeForMums product test.

Please give us your feedback on this thread by answering the following 4 questions and provide pictures of your baby/child with the monitor in use.

Everyone who leaves quality feedback by answering all 4 questions and provides pictures (and is part of our product test) will be entered into a draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher.

Feedback Questions

1. What did you think of the Cubo Ai when it arrived and how easy was it to set up?

2. How did you find using the Cubo Ai Smart Monitor and how did it affect your family life? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

3. Which functions of the Cubo Ai did you mainly use – and what did you think of them?

4. Would you recommend Cubo Ai Smart Monitor to other parents and carers with children the same age as yours? 

Thank you for providing your feedback and good luck.

Note: Any comments and pictures you post on our Feedback thread may be used Cubo Ai in future advertising and marketing material. See full Ts&Cs here.


  • 1. The product is immaculately presented in a quite a luxurious way. It was nicely boxed and felt like a luxury product upon opening. All the parts felt strong and well made. Quite a beautiful design really. 

    I was surprised at the amount of pieces inside the box and felt a little overwhelmed. However, it was actually incredibly easy to set up. I even did setup with two little ones under my feet. The photo instruction booklet was so simple to read and helped assembly of the stands. There was no right or wrong way up with the start pieces which I liked. The water filled base is a great idea so it can be stored away easier and lighter. It’s great to have two different cables, especially if you plan to move it around the house. 

    The stands allow the best overall view of the cot. It’s really nice having a birdseye view of your sleeping precious little baby!

    During the setting up process, I did get a bit frustrated with the lack of actual written instructions. there was one quick start manual which showed how to assemble the stands but not a full manual explaining the features and light indicator meanings on the monitor itself. I thought there would be a manual within the app or something but no. It’s just a case of guess and figure it out as you go. I learned some tips in the FAQ’s section in the app.

    The camera itself is very very clear and defined. You can zoom in via the app to see the finest details. Even in the dark the picture is great. 

    2.  I found myself having a bit of a love/hate relationship with this baby monitor. Some of the features are absolutely amazing but others just truly put me off using it altogether. Firstly, I absolutely loved the design and quality of the product, the sleep analysis and moments wall. Such unique features! It notifies me of our precious moments, like when it photographs me holding Poppy’s hand whilst settling her to sleep. Also, I can’t always remember how many trips I’ve had to do to resettle in the night. The sleep analysis shows me I only went in 6 times instead of the 10000 times that it felt like. The picture quality is amazing and the safety features are reassuring.

    Things that I hate about this monitor are the fact it only can be used on an app. I wish there was a separate screen for it so I don’t have to use my phone always. I’m anxious about trusting the Wi-Fi and worry that it’ll cut off or my phone will stop working during the night and I won’t know. I’ve always got my phone on silent (to prevent disturbing the baby) but this also means the cubo app notifications are silent too.  If I were to put my phone on loud to hear the notifications, that would also be risky for loud notifications disrupting the baby when I go in during the night feeds. This meaning I just put the background audio on constantly. Which in turn uses up my phone battery a lot. I wonder if it will eventually burn out my iPhone battery with continuous use of the background noise function. 

    I felt that I couldn’t trust the thermostat. Our gro egg was reading 20 degrees, our home thermostat was at 20 too but the Cubo was reading 25 degrees. That’s such a big difference and effects what I put baby in to wear at bedtime. Feeling the camera, it is actually warm to the touch so I think that effects the thermostat. The thermostat is a separate section that plugs into the back, but it must still be too close to the camera unit to give a proper reading. The heat coming off the unit does concern me a bit, being right above the baby’s head albeit with about 1m distance. After talking to the Cubo customer service, they assured me that the product is safe. 

    There was a delay in loading the livestream once opening the app. It would take a couple of seconds to connect to the Wi-Fi and then another few seconds to update the image to real time. This was a bit frustrating when hearing the baby make noise but not being able to see her straight away. 

    When you have your phone on loud, the notifications make a cute bird tweeting noise to alert you that your baby is crying. Even with the high sensitivity on, the alerts wouldn’t inform me of minor stirring, or the early stages of a cry. So I’d only be alerted when she was beginning to get quite upset meaning I’d rush to her room quickly. I’d like to see an option for an alert of stirring so you have a heads up. The tweeting sound isn’t really what I’d want to wake to in the night either… I’d rather actually hear my baby through the alert as I don’t think a tweeting bird alert will wake me in the night. This is why I had to have the continuous audio streaming through the night.

  • 3. We used the cot side arm attachment to hold the camera in position over the cotbed. It felt sturdy and was easy to assemble and gave a great positional view of the whole cot. However, as my baby grows and develops I’ll be more worried about her touching/ playing with the arm attachment. I think then, I’d consider changing to the floor stand. The arm provides optimal position for viewing any warning signs like a blanket covering baby’s face. 

    I had the background audio on constantly playing from my iPhone as I like the reassurance of hearing in but also to keep my phone on silent mode for other app notifications. It was nice to know I could always hear if my baby stirs at the earliest chance and also to wake to cry’s rather than a notification noise. I do bring my phone with me into the baby’s room when I resettle her, so I had to remember to turn the volume on my phone right down before entering the room. And remember to turn the volume back up once I leave the room too. It did become a bit of an annoyance. And a couple of times I did forget to turn the volume back up on my phone and it worried me a bit. This is the part I miss about having a separate monitor screen/unit which you wouldn’t bring with you into the baby’s room upon wakes. 

    We used the lullaby music nightly and found it very sweet. The music box melody was our favourite to soothe to sleep with. It’s nice to have the option of white noises, natural sounds and also calming music. 

    I kept the night light on as it was very helpful for those night feeds. It is still dull enough to keep the room dark but gives just enough light to see what you’re doing! It’s handy to have it controlled via the app manually. 

    4.I would recommend this monitor to a parent who loves their technology and needs everything to be ran from their mobile phone. I personally would prefer to have a separate monitor unit from my mobile for extra peace of mind. I understand that they’ve released an app for use on iPads but we don’t have an up to date one in the house and it’s not something we’ll invest in just to make the baby monitor work from another device. 

    However, the features on this monitor do stand out with the face covering alerts, sleep analysis and special moments captured. These features in particular are so useful to a mum who likes to focus on specific sleep schedules, routines and developmental leaps. At about 6m old you’re really trying to get baby into a routine and figure out how to improve on this. The sleep analysis could help with that. 

    The customer service is excellent, the app pops up to ask for feedback and a rating after a few days use. I entered some of my concerns and they messaged me straight away to help troubleshoot some problems I had and to provide reassurance about the temperature issues I was worried about. 

  • We are excited to try this product with our 4 month old baby girl who arrived after several losses hence making us extremely anxious parents from day 1. We are hoping this will be the product to ease our worries when little girl is asleep. 

    1. What did you think of the Cubo Ai when it arrived and how easy was it to set up?

    This product is packaged like a fancy gadget, with a gorgeously designed sleeve and a quality handle. The box is huge for a monitor so the handle is useful to carry the box where it needs to go especially because I only ever have one hand free. 

    Love the mission statement when you first open the box because peace of mind is exactly what I am looking for. 

    I must admit I was a little overwhelmed with all the pieces but the detailed picture explaining each item really helped get to grips with what each thing was and when I opened the instruction manual I could see that different pieces were required for different set ups. The fact that you have a number of ways that you can set up the monitor is so great as it means you can pick what works best in your space. 

    I was eager to get it set up so I opted to use the mobile stand option which was by far the easiest option, with the least components. Within a matter minutes my cubo bird was proudly perched on its stand. 

    I was then instructed to download the app so whilst it was downloading I decided to have a go at putting the floor standing option together because I liked the idea of having a birds eye view of the baby. Part way through setting this up I realised that this wouldn’t work in our nursery because the cot bed has a drawer at the bottom so then base couldn’t fit under it. Fortunately all was not lost because after a quick flick through the manual I realised I could attach it too the side of the cot bed which would work perfectly. I managed to get the majority of it together myself, I’m just grateful there were no screws involved and I just had click everything together I must admit that i did have to rope my husband in to help me attach it to the crib. It felt so good perching the bird on its branch, it looked awesome.  

    I went back to the app, put in my wifi details and was given a QR code now getting the camera to read this code was an absolute nightmare I must have tried about ten times it just wouldn’t work. This part of the process was draining and frustrating for me but when the camera finally recognised it the camera was all set up and ready to be put to the test. 

    2. How did you find using the Cubo Ai Smart Monitor and how did it affect your family life? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    Before I was given this monitor to review I had one with a separate screen. This screen, along with my phone was carried around with me all over the house. I found myself spending a lot of time staring at this screen so when this monitor came with no screen my heart sank, how would I constantly be able to keep an eye on my baby whilst I am using my phone? It made me feel uncomfortable and at this point I wondered if this monitor was right for an anxious parent like me. 

    I quickly realised that I could have the monitor sound on constantly, so if my baby cries or makes any sounds I would hear it and I could go on the app and check on her. Another useful feature was the notifications I would hear a bird sound, grab my phone, click on the cubo notification and be taken directly to the app to check on my baby. On the first day I had the app open constantly I would stare at my baby from a fantastic angle, that was not achievable by the other monitor, just to make sure she was ok. By day two, without even realising I became less obsessive over watching her, I began to trust that the advanced technology would immediately alert me to any issues since on day 1 it had alerted me to the fact that my baby had covered her face, had rolled over and that she was no longer in her crib. The alerts were instant so I could deal with any issues immediately. It was impossible for me to watch my previous monitor screen constantly so had she done these things I may not have noticed till it was too late. 

    I feel like this monitor has improved our family life because my husband and I both have access to the live feed, there’s no need for us to constantly carry a monitor or have discussions about who is watching the monitor or who forgot to put it on charge. We don’t need to watch the monitor unless we want to because we are confident we will be alerted of any issues. This monitor is an absolute game changer for an anxious parent like me and I honestly didn’t expect it. I didn’t think I could detach myself from staring at my daughter throughout her naps just to make sure she was still moving but this smart monitor has made it possible, I trust the cubo bird to watch over her. 

  • 3. Which functions of the Cubo Ai did you mainly use – and what did you think of them?

    Live feed - I can watch my baby wherever I want no matter where I am. They image in the day and night is very clear and not at all grainy. I can see the whole cot and can see the expressions my baby is making which is a bonus. I also love the fact I can watch things back if i want especially the first time she does certain things like rolling over. 

    Background audio - this means I don’t need to have the live feed on all the time, I can continue to use my phone as I want but I can hear everything that is going on in my daughters nursery. As soon as she makes a sound or cries I can jump onto the app and have a look to see what is going on. Even if I chose not to have the background noise I would get an alert (another great feature) to inform me that something is happening. 

    White noise - I previously had a separate white noise machine which would randomly switch off and I would have to go back in to turn it on and this would disturb my baby. I love the fact that I can put this one and adjust it from my phone as required. There was lots of noise outside my house during one of my baby’s naps so I pooped on the app and increased the volume of the white noise so my baby didn’t get disturbed. It worked an absolute treat. Sometimes I leave my baby in her cot whilst I’m getting some jobs done and if I can hear her getting a little bored I will switch the lullaby option on and she is occupied a little longer. Such a great feature. 

    Night light - I usually put the landing light on at night time to feed my baby but as she’s becoming more aware of things around her I was in need of another solution. So the fact this monitor has an in built nightlight is great, I could see what I was doing whilst feeding my baby and she did not seem bothered by it

    Memory wall - so this is a genius idea and such a special extra. The monitor auto takes some pictures when my baby has different expressions. Some of the pictures are absolutely adorable and ones that I would have never captured because by the time I get my phone out I’ve missed the moment 

    The covered face alert is great and on the first day I was actually alerted that my baby had managed to cover her face by flapping her blanket up. The fact this alert exists and actually works puts my mind at ease. 

    This monitor has so many great features which I have used in such a short space of time and i am sure I will continue to adapt my use age of the monitor as my baby grows 

    4. Would you recommend Cubo Ai Smart Monitor to other parents and carers with children the same age as yours? 

    My daughter is 4 months and I honestly wish that I had known about this monitor from the moment she was born. I was highly anxious throughout my pregnancy and even more so when she was born, constantly worried that harm would come to her. I would 100% recommend this to any parent who wants to switch off at nap time or wants to focus on something other then watching the monitor but wants to feel assured that baby is still being watched and taken care of. This monitor is like a sleep time nanny, like someone else is taking care and watching out for your baby so you don’t have to worry. This product is also great because it has a number of functionalities in one, as well as a monitor you have a night light, white noise machine and even a birds eye photographer so it is a great investment piece. 

  • EllababyEllababy Regular
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    We have absolutely loved reviewing the Cubo Ai Baby Monitor! But here is our honest review after using the camera for a week. The review will be posed in 3 parts due to length!

    1. What did you think of the Cubo Ai when it arrived and how easy was it to set up?
    When the package was delivered we were impressed by the sleek, modern design and couldn't wait to get set up! The attached images show how beautiful the packaging was.

    Set up itself was easy, with the app explaining most of the set up itself bar the actual construction of the camera, which was explained in the box. We did have some trouble attaching another family member to the app as the QR scan scanned on my partners app but didn't follow through to any kind of registration link. We later found out through the FAQ's that it was because ad blocked was set up, so once we got around this, set up was easy for us both. However, it would be good to have a warning for this to save some time.

    2. How did you find using the Cubo Ai Smart Monitor and how did it affect your family life? 
    Cubo gave us peace of mind which we didn't know existed and transformed our every day patterns. Previously, I would only have my baby sleep downstairs during the day, so that I could keep an eye on her. However the Cubo gave me the confidence to put her down in her crib upstairs and get things done around the house as I could keep a beady eye on her. Cubo also gave us the confidence to move our little girl into her own room. As first time parents we had been getting increasingly anxious about this move, with the thought of not having my little girl by my side in the night worrying me! However, we set the Cubo up and just decided to give it a go one night, and she slept better than she had done in a very long time! The app notified us of any motion or concerns and doubled up as an audio monitor over night. This was great as the Cubo app played over other apps which were on in the background and also when the phone was locked. My only comment on this is that the background audio function is quite hidden in the app, it would be great if this was on the home screen and easily accessible.

    We tested out the Cubo plus which meant that we had different options on how to use Cubo rather than just a wall stand. It comes with a floor base, crib attachment and mobile stand. We found the crib attachment the easiest to use and the most secure. The floor base is also a great portable stand for using when we're away but I don't feel as confident using it. The stand itself isn't very heavy so there is a water container to put in the base to secure it. It does give it more support but it is still very easy to knock over, this isn't a problem for now as my little one is only 6 months but it could be a problem if we were using with a toddler.

  • 3. Which functions of the Cubo Ai did you mainly use – and what did you think of them?
    The alerts were a huge help to us, such as roll over, face covered and cry alert. The cry alert took some adjusting as it is so sensitive and on medium it was still picking up her cry from another room when we didn't need to monitor her. We did struggle a bit with the face covered alert though. Our little girl is a thumb sucker and also teething currently, so touches her ears and face a lot during the night. This meant that the face covered alert bellowed out during the night making us panic that something was over her face. I understand that it's best to be careful and chime an alert but it would be better if the camera could learn the babies behaviours and recognise her touching her head. I have attached a screen grab to show what triggered the face covered alert.

    Another setting the Cubo offers is temperature control, with the option to adapt the optimum temperature for your room. This is great as we know exactly how warm it is in there without having another device. However, one thing which bugged me is that there is no chimed alert if the temperature isn't within those safe guidelines. I found this a huge concern as babies cannot self regulate their temperature and even the cheap baby monitors notify if the room isn't within safe guidelines.

    Also, we initially had to compromise on the mobile which was over her cot. As the cubo is positioned so highly, nothing can be in the crib. Although her mobile was attached to the side of the crib, it triggered the covered face warning which meant we had to choose between the cubo or the mobile she had gotten used to and used as a comfort. However, the Cubo does have other comforting features included such as lullabies and white noise to soothe baby to sleep. Our baby really responded well to these sounds and they helped her to settle, but she didn't have the visual which she had with the mobile.

    The two way audio is a great feature and we found it really helpful as a pre step before going into the room to check on her. Sometimes a comforting shush over the app helped to settle her rather that disturbing her and going into the room.

    Another great feature is the ability to add other family member to the app with limited features. It was great for them to peak in and have a look at her sleeping peacefully as some of our immediate family live across the country and often miss out on this experience. It was especially lovely for them to whisper a good night over the app. However, their access is controlled by the admin so that it doesn't have that big brother feel to it! The moments wall option also a fantastic feature on the app. Cubo automatically detects any new movements from such as smiling, crying, or making big moves and automatically saves a photo for you to keep in your app and then organises them by age making a beautiful timeline.

    We've found the sleep analysis to be such a helpful feature too! We've been able to spot patterns in our little ones sleep and the play back options are really helpful to see what she was doing when she was stirring as most of the time she actually got herself back to sleep. I have attached a screenshot of her sleep analysis so you can see how detailed it is!

    The 30 day sleep analysis and 30 days moments wall storage are a feature of Cubo Ai Care Premium which is thankfully free for 1 year with the Cubo Plus. I searched high and low for the cost of Cubo Ai Care Premium on the website but couldn't find this easily displayed anywhere on the website so contacted the team via the chat with us button on the app. The team got back to me within 15 minutes and explained this feature will then go to £45 for 6 months or £80 for a year for the premium service or could be downgraded to the basic Cubo Ai Care which is £49.99 yearly (as of current prices). The main difference between these services is the length of availability for certain features. For instance the age based wall moments is available for 10 days on Cubo Ai Care and 30 days on Premium, the sleep tracking and analysis is available for 1 day on Cubo Ai Care and 30 days on Premium and the 18 hour playback/ event tag and alert video is available as view only on Cubo Ai Care whereas it can be downloaded on Premium. Other services such as auto photo capture, face covered and rollover detection, danger zone and cry detection and built in lullabies are the same in both packages. To me, this seems quite a hefty cost on top of the base price for the features which Cubo is renound for. After using Premium for a year I think I'll struggle to lower the package to the more basic which is something to think about when purchasing the Cubo. However it is important to note that these features are available for free without either add on package:
    • Danger Zone Alerts

    • Cry Detection Alerts

    • Temperature & Humidity Alerts

    • HD Night Vision

    • 7 Day Notification Events

    • 18 Hour Playback

    • Two Way Audio

    • Built-in Night Light

    • Family Sharing

    • Multiple Camera Support

    • Smart Home Integration (Cubo Ai Plus only) 

    • Built-in Lullabies (Cubo Ai Plus only) 

    Meaning the device is still fully functional just not as 'smart'.
  • 4. Would you recommend Cubo Ai Smart Monitor to other parents and carers with children the same age as yours? 
    In short, yes! We love the Cubo and now can't imagine life without it! As well as all the amazing features it offers, the Cubo also looks amazing, the attached images above show just how aesthetically pleasing the device is! I love how clever the app is and how there's tips and tricks within the app to help you understand it's features.

    As a nervous first time Mum, it gave me the comfort I needed to know that even though I wasn't physically next to my baby she was safe and I could peak in on her without disturbing her. The video quality is amazing, even during night mode and the alerts are immediate, which gave me a huge peace of mind. Cubo really helped in our transition to putting our little one in her own room at 6 months. We've also been comforted in the security of the camera. The Cubo Cubo Ai is only able to connect with stable and password-protected networks which are encrypted with WPA/WPA2.

    However, there is no denying that Cubo comes with a hefty initial pricetag and there are many alternatives on the market and I feel like there is some room for improvement with the device. There is also the cost of Cubo Ai Care or Cubo Ai Care Premium to think about. I would definitely recommend Cubo to other parents and carers but can understand their reluctance at forking out nearly £300 for the device, with the monthly subscription for additional features on top. However, unlike other monitors on the market, I feel the Cubo grows with the child. With it's Smart features such as zone detection, the Cubo can be used when babies move into their toddler beds and also around the house with it's stand to ensure the child doesn't leave a safe area. There is also the strong factor of how much piece of mind this device has given us. Can money buy piece of mind? And if so what is the appropriate price tag for that? Every family is different and every family has their own budget for their baby products and their own piece of mind but if this is within your budget, I would definitely recommend!
  • Feedback Questions

    1. What did you think of the Cubo Ai when it arrived and how easy was it to set up?

    The Cubo Ai was packaged beautifully. I was super excited to recieve it and it was extremely easy to set up, the instructions are simple and easy to follow and it probably took about 5 minutes to physical set up the stand and then another few minutes to set up the camera and connect to the app! 

    2. How did you find using the Cubo Ai Smart Monitor and how did it affect your family life?

    The camera quality on the Cubo Ai is fantastic and this is where it really stood out for us compared to other monitors we have used. Now our son is in a toddler bed we have the monitor set up to view his whole room so we can see if he has got out of bed, and what he is doing, the wide angle of the Cubo Ai really surprised us, we are able to see a good portion of our sons room as well as his bed and not lose out on the high quality image. It gave a real feeling of comfort to know I could just check on my son at any time to make sure he was safe and if he had got up already I could see where he was.

    It has been abit of an adjustment not having a separate parent unit. I'm maybe a little over cautious but I do wake up in the night with a desperate need to check he is okay and this has meant that some nights I've left the app open on my phone all night and I can't imagine that's a healthy long term solution (for me or my phone!). I think I'd have struggled with this when my little was a newborn. However, there is the option to have background sound on so you can still hear your child if your phone is locked or you're using other apps which is comforting.

    I've found the whole experience from setup to daily use extremely easy, and the monitor is a beautiful addition to my sons bedroom, the choice of having it cot mounted, on a stand or stood on its own on a surface is amazing as it overcomes those boundaries other monitors have when trying to find the best position. We chose the stand option which worked the best for us. The camera comes with 2 different length cables which is such a thoughtful detail. As we had a real issue with our previous camera needing to be higher than its cable would allow. I love how the whole design of the Cubo hides the cables too so they're completely out of your child's reach!

    I almost wish we had it from when our son was newborn so we could experience every feature it offers thoroughly.

    3. Which functions of the Cubo Ai did you mainly use – and what did you think of them?

    After having just transitioned our little boy into his cot with the side off we found that the danger zone feature and the 18hr playback came in the most useful for us with our 19 month old. We marked his doorway as the danger zone and got a notification each time he approached that area. This is a great feature, however we did find that it would notify quite excessively, for example, if i was in and out of his room putting laundry away or hoovering it would set off the app and so we resolved this by having to turn off that feature until our son has a nap or goes to bed when we'd need it most! 

    I like that I am also able to playback the video to check when he's woke up in the night, how long for, and what time he went back to sleep, this is especially helpful during his eczema flares so we can see where his skin is bothering him the most with itchiness, which in turn helps us to manage it and make him more comfortable to sleep. I also like that it allows you to record videos and save pictures! 

    There is also a night light feature which you power through the app, and a smooth light appears on the back of the monitor. It gave a good amount of light in his room for us to see what we were doing without being too harsh on the eyes which I've found a really handy feature!

    4. Would you recommend Cubo Ai Smart Monitor to other parents and carers with children the same age as yours?

    Probably not, and I say this mainly due to the price. I think to get the most out of the monitor and get your moneys worth, I'd be more likely to recommend to others who have newborns as opposed to those buying it new for a toddler. We are unable to use some of the functions offered to the fullest potential as our son is past the stage of sleeping in a clear cot.

  • 1. What did you think of the Cubo Ai when it arrived and how easy was it to set up?

    The Cubo Ai came in a luxury packaging and the product itself is very impressive with its appealing designs, high quality materials, children friendly outlook for the camera and all the accesories we needed to set up for various setting in our child’s room. We like it immediately when we open the box.

    It was easy to assemble with clear graphic instructions. The only problem was the cable is too short for us to set it up in our bedside cot, so we have to moved the cot closer to the shocket.

    It was quick to link the camera to the Cubo Ai App over the wifi and things are straightforward once it is connected to the App. It took us a while to link a second device though.

    2. How did you find using the Cubo Ai Smart Monitor and how did it affect your family life? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    As a busy mum of two, the multi-functional Cubo Ai Smart Monitor is definitely a life-saver. We already have a basic baby monitor and the smart features of Cubo Ai just blow our mind. Our 6 months old girl is a very active baby, who rolls over all times, sleeps with her face down every night and often bumps herself into something when playing on the floor. We use to stay alert and keep checking on her all times even in the mid-night, which was tensed and kept me awake all night.

    With the help of Cubo Ai, life is much easier for us. We do not have to check on the baby all the time, could catch some sleep at night and left her in her own room sometimes when we are busy. The Cubo Ai App would ring us in a soft but noticable alarm whenever the baby cried, rolled over, covered her face, tried to climb out from her cot or reached somwhere dangerous when playing on the floor. We now have more time for ourself and to spend with my other child.

    3. Which functions of the Cubo Ai did you mainly use – and what did you think of them?

    We did try out every function of the Cubo Ai and find most of them innovative and helpful. I would love to highlight the followings which we are the most impressive and useful for us.

    Face covered and roll-over detection:

    This is the function we use most and we find it very useful, especially during mid-night while we are asleep. Although there are false alarms sometimes when baby rubbing her mouth and nose while sleeping, it does give us a peace of mind to catch some sleep in the night and to leave the baby on her own for a little while in day time.

    Danger zone alert:

    It is a helpful function when we leave the baby alone in her cot or playing on the floor. We do not have to worry too much about the baby climbing out the cot or reaching somewhere dangerous as the detection is quite sensitive and the alarm comes with no time delay that we could act immediately when needed.

    Sleep analysis:

    This sleep analysis function automatically records all the movements and activities happened in the baby sleep time and generate a report for us everyday, which help us to keep track on the sleeping habits of the baby. The daily report is presented as a very user-friendly interactive inforgraphic which makes the tracking very easy for us and leave us no hazzle at all.

    We use to observe this ourself and record the baby’s sleep time manually in some baby care apps, which was very time-consuming. Cubo Ai’s sleep analysis function does save us lots of time and give us a all-in-one report in everything we want to know.

    Auto image and video capture:

    The Cubo Ai automatically capture the images and videos of the baby for us. It also classifies these images and videos as different alarming alerts or simply a happy baby moment. We could always check out these records easily at the end of the day or export them as a keepsake in our mobile phone.

    4. Would you recommend Cubo Ai Smart Monitor to other parents and carers with children the same age as yours? 

    We would definitely recommend the Cubo Ai Smart Monitor to other parents. The most valuable thing of this monitor is that it helps us to identify when the baby really need attention, which save our life a lot as a busy family. Its high sensitivity and accuracy of the detection also gives me a peace of mind while I am asleep, occupied by my other child or housework. There are false alarms sometimes, but it is completely acceptable for us as the safety of the baby is always our first priority. We could also report each false alarm to the developer so that they could improve the detecting and keep updating the app. The Cubo Ai Smart Monitor would also be useful when our baby get older and need to be trained to sleep on her own in her room.

  • 1. What did you think of the Cubo Ai when it arrived and how easy was it to set up?

    My initial thoughts were that it is a premium product. My husband and I described it as the Apple of the baby monitor world. In terms of setting it up, we figured everything out without needing the instructions and managed to link everything up, including my husband's app/login to the main account very easily. I reckon in total it took us about 60-90 minutes to have it fully up and running. This was all whilst fending off a 2 year old and looking after an 8 week old, so it's definitely simple to set up.

    2. How did you find using the Cubo Ai Smart Monitor and how did it affect your family life? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    I have mixed feelings about the Cubo Ai monitor. As a monitor, it is fantastic, with a clear picture, a great app, and a very solid quality feel to everything. I found that we're using it much like any other monitor but it hasn’t had any effect further than that. It gives you the same peace of mind that any other video monitor does when you're leaving your baby to nap without you in the room.

  • Curiosity101Curiosity101 Regular
    edited Nov 11, 2021 10:53PM
    3. Which functions of the Cubo Ai did you mainly use – and what did you think of them?
    Mainly I find myself using the app as a standard video/audio monitor. It works perfectly for this purpose and aesthetically is very pleasing. The app feels responsive, easy to use and well built.

    We found the 'smart' bits to be quite disappointing though and I feel these are what you're paying for in this product. 

    I had to turn all the alerts off except for the covered face alert, as they didn’t serve a purpose for us, and I can't think who they'd be useful for. 

    The rollover alert was regularly triggered when my baby was laid on his back but with his head to the side. This is the position most babies sleep in until they can roll. Once they can roll the consensus seems to be that they should be safe to roll, so I can't see myself turning this alert back on.

    Baby in the crib/baby out of the crib alerts - I am the one putting my baby into and out of his crib. So I'm not sure who this alert is for. Even if I had this available on my toddler's bed (where he can freely get up / get back into bed), I don't know why I’d  need to be alerted about where he is because I have babyproofed his room as soon as he became able to leave his cot/bed himself. If you relied on a monitor alerting you to them leaving their bed then they definitely could've caused some serious trouble by the time you get to them if they haven't had their room babyproofed. I tend to watch them on camera mode if they're down for the night or use audio only (which the app has as a feature). 

    Danger zone alerts - Much like with the baby in/out of the crib I can't see much value to this alert. The Cubo marketing material shows a toddler running into the kitchen and Cubo alerting the family to it. Anyone with a baby/toddler will know that you need eyes in the back of your head and need to be nearby at all times just in case they do something silly. If you had this alert set up, I can't imagine you wouldn't already be nearby and aware they were about to enter the kitchen before it happened.

    The sleep analytics - I've never tracked my toddler's sleep or my newborn baby's sleep. After the first 1 or 2 days, I've not looked at the analytics much at all other than to see if it correctly tracked the night feeds / sleep. It does seem to be tracking correctly, I just don't see what I would use that information for.

    We put the nightlight on but I found it wasn't quite bright enough for my liking. It was enough to stop me tripping over things in the dark but not bright enough to allow me to feed my baby / check him over properly in the night. 

    Humidity and temperature - I do look at the temperature quite regularly but have found it's a consistent 3 degrees more than the thermostat in our room. I haven't found myself paying much attention to humidity though.

    Different mounting options - This is a fab idea. We're currently using Cubo on its stand as we’re using a NextToMe crib and that doesn’t have slats. When our baby moves to his room we will mount it on his cot. I do like that we don't have to mount it on the wall to use it as it avoids any additional decorating.

    Cry detection - This isn't the most useful feature for me if I'm honest. If Cubo can hear my baby cry then I can too as I can normally hear him wherever I am in the house. If I think I might not be able to hear him I just turn the audio on and would then hear him myself without the need for the alert. The cry detection is very accurate at just picking up cries and also picked up my toddler's tantrum from another room, so even on medium settings is very sensitive. I do trust that it would pick up the cries of a baby. 

    Auto photo capture - This is a nice feature, but similar to the sleep analytics I wouldn't pay for it and after the first couple of days I've found I'm not looking at the pictures anymore. 

    Lullabies/white noise - We haven't really used this feature much as our little one tends to be quite settled but I did go through all the options and if he's really unsettled then there's a nice range of options. I particularly like the bird sounds and the white noise but would expect you would be able to find something in there to help soothe your baby.

    Family sharing - I mentioned earlier that we linked my husband's app to the main login. This couldn't have been much easier and is a great feature.

    Adding extra cameras - Based on my experience so far I'd expect adding an extra camera would be very easy. If I had been testing this for my first baby (who is now 2 years old), I would have been tempted to get a second Cubo camera depending on price as I'd have expected it to be super simple to add it to the app.

    4. Would you recommend Cubo Ai Smart Monitor to other parents and carers with children the same age as yours? 

    I probably wouldn't recommend the 3 stand set to others due to the price. But if the 3-stand set was priced more like the wall mount set then I would recommend it to others. I would however recommend others look into Cubo as an option and I would happily chat to other parents and carers about the monitor and list the positives and negatives so they could decide for themselves. 

    I think it's a beautiful monitor and it works well. But I also feel it's the 'smart' features that give it the premium price tag, yet we didn't find any of them useful to us. So it's also worth adding that if I were to recommend this monitor I wouldn't recommend the Cubo Ai Care or Premium Cubo Ai Care packages. 
  • 4. Would I recommend this product

    I just wanted to expand on this cause I'm not sure I was entirely clear. Price aside I would definitely recommend this camera. 

    I do think the camera is great so if money were no object I would definitely recommend it to others. However the Cubo product I was reviewing was the 3-Stand model which retails for £289. At £289 I wouldn't recommend that to other parents as I don't think the difference between that and a standard video monitor justifies the price. So I do believe their are better value products on the market.

    Taking into account the price I would still mention it to other parents to look into as an option (particularly the wall mounted option). Though I wouldn't recommend the subscription as I feel that's not providing value for money based on my time testing it. 
  • 1. What did you think of the Cubo Ai when it arrived and how easy was it to set up?

    The Cubo Ai came very well presented in a beautifully designed box. When I opened the box I could see how beautiful the design of the monitor was. This cute looking little monitor shaped like a little bird with a cute looking smiley face on it. 

    The monitor was easy to assemble we opted to have it free standing over the next to me crib, but there are other options aswell which maybe better suited to others. We didn't really need the instructions as it was very self explanatory although if you did need to revert to them they are easy to read and follow. We filled the little bag in the base with water to weight it down built the pole together and made sure the cable wire was threaded through. I would say it took minimal time to assemble. Setting up the app was also extremely straight forward linking it to the wifi and setting up the features took no time at all and I loved that I could set up my own profile. The App is also very easy to navigate and that's coming from a person who is terrible with technology. 

    2. How did you find using the Cubo Ai Smart Monitor and how did it affect your family life?

    This monitor has honestly given me such great piece of mind. The fact I can see my little boy on the screen at all times and the alerts you get if something is wrong or they are crying has literally lifted a weight of our shoulders. As parents you are always anxious especially when they are still so small but this really does give that reassurance we all need. 

    The monitor is so easy to use and you can change the settings really easily on the app so you can turn the night light on and off, Change the music, Temperature alert settings. My 4 year old has also really enjoyed being able to watch her brother in his crib on the app without her going in and waking him up which was happening frequently. 

    3. Which functions of the Cubo Ai did you mainly use – and what did you think of them? 

    There are so many lovely features on the monitor but we found the most useful ones as follows

    The night vision camera, It is so clear and you can see everything even watching the live feed you can see babies chest rise and fall. I love that I can check on here rather then going into the bedroom constantly to check although when I go to bed its not really needed but I imagine will be so reassuring when moving into there own room. 

    I love the audio you get on this monitor aswell. You can play white noise, lullabies and all sorts on this monitor through the app even my 4 year old asks me to put on twinkle twinkle as she loves it and says its so pretty to listen to :) 

    The alerts are amazing although we did find the cry alert on medium was a little over bearing as it kept going off even when we were well away from the monitor as it was so sensitive. This is easy rectified though in the settings by turning the sensitivity down. 

    The monitor also tells the temperature and sends alerts if its to hot/cold which is also a great feature although again just check what it is set at when you first start using it as we had to adjust ours as the temperatures were set wrong but again easily fixed. 

    There is a nightlight on the back of the monitor and although this is a great added bonus we didnt feel it was bright enough to achieve anything as it just emits a small glow which is a shame as it could work well as a night feeding light if it was just a little brighter. 

    There are many other features on this monitor that we havent got to fully test yet as baby is to young so doesnt roll or anything but I am so happy with this product and cant wait to see all these new alerts and features as baby grows giving me more piece of mind. 

    4. Would you recommend Cubo Ai Smart Monitor to other parents and carers with children the same age as yours?

    I would highly recommend this monitor to other parents and carers as it offers so much reassurance and helps prevent most of the anxiety us parents get with our babies. This monitor has so many features and will grow with your little one from birth upwards and I am so glad I will have this monitor when my little one moves into there own room as this can be the next biggest anxious stage and this monitor provides you will full live mode with such clear and precise pictures and monitoring that I already feel a lot calmer for that stage when it finally arrives. 

    This monitor is a fantastic addition to any home and is definitely the best gadget monitor I have ever come across with all its different features. Thank you Cubo Ai for giving parents such great piece of mind :) 

  • 1.What did you think of the Cubo Ai when it arrived and how easy was it to set up?

    Cubo Ai Plus certainly delivers as a luxury item. The packaging is modern and has the ‘feel’ of being at the higher end of the market. The instruction leaflet is really clear and easy to follow for even the most sleep deprived of parents! Well we managed it anyway! The app was quick and easy to load and register and linking it to the Wi-Fi was no trouble at all. The app itself is easy to navigate around and gives really good summaries on the functions. It has more functions than most cameras so this was a handy reminder when I find it hard to remember what day of the week it is never mind anything else! 

    2. How did you find using the Cubo Ai Smart Monitor and how did it affect your family life? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    So we have 2 3 month old twin boys and we had been toying with so many camera options. All the others required 2 cameras but because the Cubo Ai had such a wide angle lens I could pick up both twins each side of the bed! The cry detector if anything is too sensitive but gave me a lot of reassurance that if I popped away whilst they were sleeping to wash bottles (again) it very quickly told me if one had stirred awake and was upset! I always have my phone on me so to link up to the app with notifications was amazing and meant I didn’t have to carry around a monitor. Which frankly with twins you have no hand or pocket to spare! It also means that both myself and my husband can have the app thereby sharing responsibility seamlessly! Although this sounds ridiculous I was also super happy not to have another thing I have to charge - because I will forget to do this!! 

    The other thing I love is the choice of stand or cot arm. Right now I want the flexibility to move the monitor to where my babies are but in time when they no longer sleep literally anywhere in my house I can set it up in the nursery long term. The stand provides such a good view and is really sturdy. 

    3. Which functions of the Cubo Ai did you mainly use – and what did you think of them?

    We used the audio, visual notifications. So crying, face covered, baby removed from cot (thankfully only alerted when I removed baby from the cot myself otherwise this would have been quite the shock!).

    We also just used the camera in general just to look at them and check in! - brilliant when you have a babysitter and you just want to reassure yourself! 

    The picture quality is really clear. No pausing, refreshing lag at all. The sound is also clear. The fact you can rewind from live is genius and a lovely touch. Really easy to operate too. 

    4. Would you recommend Cubo Ai Smart Monitor to other parents and carers with children the same age as yours? 

    There is no getting round the price tag of the Cubo Ai compared to some other monitors out there. But I honestly think it is worth it. For us it had saved money as we can use it for both babies and it simply feels better and importantly safer than monitors we used for our older toddler. We can see how this will grow with the boys as they get older and their needs and monitoring requirements change. 

    It’s also one of the prettiest monitors out there! It feels like a more natural addition to the nursery aesthetic rather than one that sticks out like a technological sore thumb. 

    All in all if you can afford the investment it is totally worth it as we are completely sold with this premium product in every way. 

  • 1. What did you think of the Cubo Ai when it arrived and how easy was it to set up?

    The packaging was really very lovely and felt like a luxury high end product.  It’s a bigger box than your bog standard baby monitor but that is because of the stands etc that come with it.  The setup itself was quite straight forward and we even managed to set it up without using the instructions, however having a read through the instructions afterwards I feel that they would have been easy to follow during the setup process.  I like how you have different options for using the camera (which is in the shape of a cute bird which fits in lovely with a babies room); we opted for the stand with the camera over the cot giving a birdseye view of my toddler which was great.  I like the fact that the weight in the stand is a simple bag that you fill with water and thought this was a great design feature.  I hope to use the camera just sat on a set of drawers when my toddler transfers to a toddler bed soon to give me a wider angle of the room should he get out of bed at all. One of my concerns about this camera is that it is used over Wi-Fi, and the fact that no matter how secure your network is, the worry that someone may be able to “hack” in to the camera when it is in use and see your child…

    2. How did you find using the Cubo Ai Smart Monitor and how did it affect your family life? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    When I first opened the box and discovered there was no separate monitor, I was a little apprehensive. I was concerned by the fact I could only see him on my phone, which isn’t helpful if you’re using your phone for other things, it suddenly stopped working/Wi-Fi cut out, and also the draining of battery life etc. I found that I only ended up using the app for day time naps as I didn’t want to leave my phone on the app all night and i felt more comfortable having a monitor that I could just have by the bed and quickly look at throughout the night.  Having said that it does keep the sound on in the background when you’re not in the app which is useful but not if you have your phone on silent much of the time.  I found the app quick to load initially however I found if you went back into the app after being out of it for a period of time, it wouldn’t load the live camera function and I had to completely close down the app and reload for it to refresh and show in the app again.  This only happened with my phone and not my partners, so not sure if it’s down to the phone itself.  Mine is newer than my partners so not sure if it’s some big in the app on newer phones. I also like the fact that family members are able to use the app on their phone too at the same time.  This is useful as both myself and partner work from home so if one of us needs to pop out, the other can just open the app on their phone without the need for passing a monitor around. 

    3. Which functions of the Cubo Ai did you mainly use – and what did you think of them?

    I love that you can go back 18 hours and see things, and also record a video or take a snap shot.  This is great as you wouldn’t necessarily see everything that your baby/toddler does through the night.  I also like that the app sends you a notification telling you to “take a look at the cute pics” of your child that it has picked out from when you put them to bed.  I found the sleep analytics tool useful to see how much sleep my son was getting through the night, but found it a little bit buggy as it always said that the time take to get to sleep was from 0-1 minutes, which I know isn’t correct as he often takes half an hour or so to fall asleep when I first put him to bed. The app also sends you notifications if babies face is covered or they cry.  I found the face covered notifications a little annoying as it would just be if my son had his arm over his face or he was sleeping on his side/tummy and I ended up turning those notifications off.  I definitely think that part of the app would be very useful for a younger baby when they’re unable to pull things from their face/roll over etc however for a nearly 2 year old, I don’t think it’s as necessary.

    4. Would you recommend Cubo Ai Smart Monitor to other parents and carers with children the same age as yours? 

    I would recommend the Cubo Ai to other parents. It’s is very handy to have and has some great little features which other monitors don’t have (playback, snapshots, recording abilities, sleep analytics). It’s very smart looking and looks nice in the room and doesn’t feel at all obtrusive.  I like that you can use it in different ways (attached to the cot/wall, on the stand, or freestanding on a table/drawers).  I’m looking forward to being able to use it as my toddler moves to a toddler bed and being able to see the whole room.

  • Feedback Questions

    1. What did you think of the Cubo Ai when it arrived and how easy was it to set up?

    The Cubo Ai was packaged very nicely and had the feel of a premium product. The instructions for assembly were very clear, and the filled water base is a smart idea for ensuring the packaging is light for assembly. The only issue I had was the time it took to sync the camera with the app - I was having a very hard time scanning the QR code and it took longer than expected for the sync to take place. Clearer, written instructions and/or a written code system would've made it easier for this sync to happen and to set expectations about how long the process takes. At points, I wondered if I'd done something wrong.

    It was great to have lots of different options for how to set the Cubo Ai up, e.g. on a stand, fixed to cot, on a little table rest, etc. Our preference was the stand because it gives the best view of our baby in the crib. Once it was set up, the stand was perfectly sturdy and I wasn't worried at all about the camera falling out or the stand falling over. There's even an attachment between the stand and the crib/cot to ensure the camera can't be accidentally knocked over. However, our bedside crib isn't designed with appropriate spindles to tie the stand to, so it would've been better to have an alternative way to secure the stand too - currently ours could be knocked over and we worry about this a lot as we have a toddler running around too. [see the photo below for how we set the stand up].

    The extra long USB cable was also very handy, so that was a nice addition. All the equipment had a good quality feel to it, so I felt confident that the safety had been tested and that it was built to last. 

    2. How did you find using the Cubo Ai Smart Monitor and how did it affect your family life? (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon in the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).

    Firstly, the quality of the camera during day and night is very good. It gives a much better bird's eye view of the whole crib than our old monitor and it allows us to zoom in easily on the app too. Because it was app-based, it meant that we didn't have to "pass the monitor" around if my husband and I were in different parts of the house, which was also really handy. We were both signed into the app on our respective phones and shared all the features, functionality and information together. This isn't so important at the moment with our newborn, but I think will become much more useful once my husband is back at work and baby is a little older because right now we're mostly always together anyway.

    In other ways though, we really missed having a physical monitor to see and carry. Our old monitor (a Motorola MBP50) had light indicators for noise as well as the digital screen. This was especially useful in the evening time where we would have the visual indicator if baby was stirring a little but otherwise he was still asleep. On the app, we found that it only really triggered notifications when baby was actually crying, which made us panic a little about how long they'd been stirring/uncomfortable for before we were even aware. In the end, we found ourselves spending a lot more time watching the app than we would otherwise have done with a baby monitor. This had a negative effect on our quality of life / peace of mind because it was quite difficult to fully relax at any point.

    Because our baby is less than two weeks old, we are on really high alert at the moment and baby is mostly with us anyway. As such, it was difficult to fully utilise the monitor at this stage and I'm sure it will become more used as he grows older and we leave him upstairs for daytime naps, etc. too. For now though, the Cubo Ai and app are a perfectly good combination for monitoring baby, but I still have a leaning towards a physical monitor, especially at this age.

    3. Which functions of the Cubo Ai did you mainly use – and what did you think of them?

    There are some really advanced facial and body detection features built into the camera and app. For example, I would get an alert if baby's face was not visible to the camera - this would include if baby had rolled over on to their side or front, or if some object was obstructing their face. This gave really good extra piece of mind compared to traditional monitors which we wouldn't know this unless we were watching the screen. This would've been really valued by us when we had our first child and we were more anxious about what was going on at all times. This time round with our second baby, we're a lot more relaxed so it's more of a 'nice to have' than a 'must have'.

    The app also collects lots of analytics about how often baby is waking, how often I was picking him up to settle him, etc. which was quite interesting to look at but ultimately wasn't that useful to us given this was our second baby. Again, I think this would have been much more interesting and useful to us during our first baby as we were much more nervous about her development - this time round, we're generally less stressed or concerned about this, and know what we want to do and when. The analytics are helpful to validate, but don't really change much about what we're doing or our approach.

    As I use an Apple Watch, I really liked the alerts integration for notifications. It meant that I didn't have to feel anxious about carrying my phone around everywhere in the house. I think this is a feature that I will really value a lot over time because with our first baby, I used to get frustrated about the range of the monitor - it meant that, if I was gardening or doing something outside, I would be constantly worried that I might go out of range. Now I'm feeling more confident about doing that.


    4. Would you recommend Cubo Ai Smart Monitor to other parents and carers with children the same age as yours? 

    I would recommend the Cubo Ai as a really good choice for other parents, especially first time parents, who I think make the most of all the information, analytics, data and features more. If you've already got another baby and your time is stretched anyway, I think that a physical monitor can be more useful especially for things like the persistent visual indicator for sound. For a more experienced parent, that's quicker way of knowing your baby is doing just fine because you get a feel for what is a normal amount of sound / stirring vs. what is going to develop into waking and crying. Used in tandem with a digital screen, that has always worked really well for us.

    Caveat to the above is that I really believe we'll start to get more value out of some of the features once baby is old enough for them to be napping and sleeping in a room separately from us. At that point, we'll be less restricted about moving around the house separately without a physical monitor (e.g. because of smartphone and smartwatch notifications), and we'll also be less worried about wanting to hear sounds and stirring all the time at that point. Right now, I feel like using the Cubo Ai and app just encourages us to spend more time on our phones when we should actually be trying to get some rest or get other things done.

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    Thank you all so much for being part of this Cubo Ai Monitor/MadeForMums product test. We have loved reading your feedback and seeing your pictures. 

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