Gorgeous Moses Basket!!

Hi Guys!

I'm new to all this, im pregnant with my first baby and its all very exciting!! In the hunt to find some gorgeous things for baby's room, i stumbled across www.scribbletree.co.uk and bought a Mop and Squeak Moses Basket - its absolutly stunning!!  Perfect for my little bundle of joy when he or she arrives!

I'll keep you posted if i find any other websites that are as good, and likewise let me know if you hear of anything.  Next on my hitlist is a pram so i'll be grateful of any ideas!



  • LOL as soon as i read that pram advice was needed i knew who we'd call!!!

    Welcome to ppi'm sarah mum to jd 7 months. Hope your pregnancy is going well so far and its lots of fun buying for a new baby so enjoy!

    Some websites i found are baby catalogue, bloming marvellous and jojo maman bebe. All have lots of nice things x

  • Hey Guys,

    There are so many gorgeous prams out there, how do you decide?!!

    Looked at those websites, thanks! Everywhere has such beautiful stuff, im having a great time deciding what i need to get!

    K x

  • Welcome to PP K!!!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!

    You have certainly come to the right place to ask about prams! Nicola and Melanie will soon have you sorted!!!!

  • Hi welcome to PP and congratulations on your pregnancy how exciting when are you due? As everyone says I LOVE prams and have a bit of an addiciton, as Mel has said you need to think of how you will be using the pram and test out as many as you can.

  • Welcome to PP and congrats on your pregnancy!!!

    I'm sure Nicola and Mel will have a great time helping you find a pram!!!!

  • Hi K

    Welcome to the site.

    Defo stumbled into the right place here,congrats on your pregnancy.

    Im Emma mum to Riley 3 1/2yrs

  • Hi K, congratulations on the pregnancy.

    Only been on the site for a couple of months and am ttc number 1. When I do eventually need pram advise though Nicola and Mel will be top of my contact list!!

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