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Hi everyone.  I started a thread about these a little while ago as I wanted to know if they were any good before I bought some.  They are a bit pricey and many of you hadn't tried them so, I thought I'd feedback on what I found out.

Firstly, nowhere on any of the packaging or marketing blurb does it say that they only last around TWO MONTHS of constant wear and are not a one off buy.  You only find that out on the leaflet inside the box explaining how to use them.  Most disgruntled about that and I may yet write and complain.

The pros - the biggest pro is that they flatten your nipple so you don't look like a porn star in every slight breeze.  For that alone I would reccomend them to anyone who wants to go bra-less at any time regardless of breastfeeding or not even having any children.  Better than tape.  And because they are silicon clothes tend to stick to them and are less likely to slip and reveal more than you were intending so perfect for low cut tops / dresses.  They do stop leaks up to a point and I suspect this depends on the person.  I did leak a little and have one fall off as it was full of milk, thankfully at home so no embarrassment.

Cons - long list but won't stop me buying another pair.  They make you sweat especially in hotter weather, like now, and they will fall off and lose their stickiness thus causing you to abandon them or wash them and try and dry them on a non-lint cloth and then hope they don't fall off again.  If you are sweaty and then go for a swim say on holiday, they will fall off in the pool.  They will lose their stickiness during an average day of feeds and the removing them and replacing them that it requires.  Tip - if they are a bit damp put them on a bare knee, sticky side up while you feed to allow your body heat to dry them.  You can leak in them, I still have to hold the other breast to stop it leaking even with one on.  You are a bit of an odd shape with them on, you are the shape they decide, they do not conform to your shape.  Can look weird under a swimsuit / bikini top but this is actually out-weighed by not having enormous nipples sticking out!

So to sum up, a good buy notwithstanding the negatives and probably worth the money and def worth having a pair in your underwear draw for those strapless tops and dresses and braless days.


  • Nicolette,

    what a great review!!

    I remember your post about this on old pp and because of being a b/feeding peer counsellor i was interested in them so it's good to know how they worked out for a breastfeeding mother.

    Like you said, they still do sound a good buy despite the negatives.

    How are you asll anyway and how's little Catalina? It was lovely to see a pic of you all in PP, isn't Bon handsome?? xxx

  • Hi

     These are a find.  Wish i had them with my first.  I found it's all about correctly using them,  for me worth te buy!  If you think what

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