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hi, firstly, a very warm thank you to everyone who welcomed me and phoenix.

sorry i didn't reply, home got manic with the step-kids here for the hols, everyone at cinema now, thank god!

poor phoenix had jabs today and he is not a happy bunny. the heat is making him very clingy and he won't let me put him down, so i'm typing this with my left hand, so excuse any spelling mistakes.i think my arm my fall off soon he has draped himself over it with his head hanging backwards (his fav position, but boy does it make your shoulder go numb)

anyway--i thinking of buying a quinny buzz and wondered on eve's opinion. at the mo we have an altitude three-wheeler from mothercare, which is good,but i've found it is so big for monovering about in shops and i not sure if i will regret this purchase as well


  • Ask Nicola, I am sure that she will have an opinion, if not experience!!!!!!!!!!  image

    I don't even know what one looks like!!!! Sorry!!

  • Hi.

    I have a Quinny Buzz.. Leyla is really happy in it and i love it. I recommend the extra shopping basket for it though. Very easy to clean.. and very solid. I don't have a car and the roads are just dust and rocks where i live (Turkey) and i use mine for at least two hours a day.. had it for 15 months and still in perfect working order. Heavy when collapsed up and a pain to travel with is my only complaint but then i have a little buggy for bus journeys etc.

    Let me know if you do decide on one xx

  • I reccomend the petite star zia-just like the buzz but its cheaper and reclines!!and has shopping basket.We have a altitude 3wheeler and like you found it hard for shopping but dont get rid of it cos ours in invaluble for the bad weather and for walks in the park with the dog over that bumpy terrain.Coulnt do without the zia now its a very good buy cheapest place to buy is nursery value.com
  • thanks i will definately look at the petite star zia, i think a just want a quinny for the name!

    everywhere i go i'm staring at peoples buggies, even without Phe with me so i look like the mad woman who wants to steal their baby. the looks i'm getting is becoming embarrassing, even when i explain myself.

    I'm going to get one second hand whatever. my altitude was bought for me by my mum and i don't want to offend her by replacing it, and anyway it is really good for the heavy duty work, i live two miles out of town and i try and walk in occasionally and this three wheeler is brill for carrying everything back home.

  • yeh definitly,the small srtollers arnt much good for that. I get loads of people asking me "is that a quinny?" cos it looks just like one,it also won a PP award and mother and baby best buy. I know what you mean about being a pramaholic,im on the 3rd and isabelle is only one lol!! you alwys see someone with something better!!! also if u look at the petite star,I have the cranberry on which looks red in the brochure but is in fact pink!!fine if u have a girl and a hubby who dosnt mind pushing something so girly!!
  • Hi, I wouldn't get a buzz to replace your current one as its also quite wide at the back, yes the zia looks nice and much better than a zapp as I guess phoenix will still need to nap in it? I prefer four wheels though myself, would also recommend the luna as its lovely to push and get around the shops. I like mamas and papas....im selling a pramette and ziko at the mo though!
  • I gave my hubby hell for a buzz when they first came out ! I used it only for a short while,then it sat & gathered dust . I hated it ! Mega heavy,a nightmare to fold,the recline drove me mad.Shopping basket an extra cost-but only room enough for a little bit of shopping.Rain cover a very tight fit,& nowhere to store when removed in shops etc.Steering was heavy & the swivel front wheel had a mind of it's own ! Shall I go on !?!  Having had five children & a multitude of prams & buggys of almost every make imaginable,the quinny buzz had to be one of our worst ! Finally sold it through the local paper & blew the money on day's out with the kids !

  • lol!! I've sold all my buggies recently just bought a phil and teds yay!! It is nice, but im having problems with the front wheel not swivelling!! Its the nicest double i've had though, so im down to this and my ziko buggy for the car. Two pushchairs, i am doing well lol!
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