Any Thoughts on Icandy Cherry?

Im thinking of buying one secondhand as want a mum facing pushchair and once i've sold my pramette and Ziko I can afford one! But read mixed reviews...Can anyone help? Or can anyone recommend another pram with reversible seat unit...not bugaboo or anything silly money! As its for luka he's one already. Thanks!


  • I would desperately love the icandy pear, however Gareth hates it and I can't afford it anyway!!!
  • My mum suggested that i sell it but I love it too much! It's just so practical, the carrycot is great for bedtime sleeping for a few months and daytime in the living room until baby is about 6 months. It makes a fab pram, especially in the winter. Plus the car seat is fab and will last until he or she is 10 months at least.

    If I sell then I still need to get a sleeping solution and a car seat. 

    I would still need to find a substantial amount to get the pear!

  • i love the i candy cherry, i wanted it but would have had to wait ages for stock xx
  • Theres a pear on ebay caroline, worth keeping an eye on, its got a while to go but only £200 you never know...might be lucky?!
  • mutsy urban rider has reversable seat unit and can even be converted into a go cart when they are older, i had it in red, also has a chassis so was a dream to push. we got the full set up from diddyland, i think the web address is  when we got it we got the chassis, car seat, seat unit, change bag, footmuff etc, cost paul nearly £1000 but i think they go cheap on ebay
  • too expensive for me claire as was only looking to pay around £150, they go for quite a bit more s/hand. I've decided not to buy a mum facing now that Luka is 13months...i will save that if i ever have another baby!! For now i've bought another ziko frankie buggy!!
  • no mel, still the same one suits me, I LOVE it still!! xxx
  • im not that bad!!!
  • lol hmmmmmmmmmmm you defo need BA - Buggies Anonymous LOL
  • image  i liked the mutsy spider but i couldnt decide which colour so brought 2! one in purple and one in blue!
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