WANTED...Anyway up Cups

tried boots,supermarkets, babies rus, mothercare, EVERYWHERE...so now looking online, any suggestions. think im going mad as can't find them. Just the normal oldfashioned anyway up cups with the non-leak valve...help!


  • What sort of anyway up cup is it your looking for,is it from a certain range.
  • anything!! you know the classic ones they do in orange, green blue (not pink obviously!!) they are normally about £1.99
  • Yep i no the ones,try a company called PHP, perfectly happy people.


    I have the catalogue and they do do it 2.99. fer BF002

  • just what i want...but delivery is £4.99! makes the cups £10 for two! have to keep on searching, but thanks emma xxx
  • Oh dear, shall keep a look out up here as the independant baby shops might have them.

  • no they aren't mel, wish i'd have known that though as a few months ago i was desperately search for tommee tippee 'tip it up' cups!! As couldn't get them anywhere, it was the only thing luka would drink from as had a nice silicone spout which was soft like a bottle teat. he has finally progressed to anyway up cups (at 13months old) having just started guzzling juice after a year of trying to make him drink. So his tops and my floors are no longer drenched. he and tate seem to be drinking each others drinks though now as tate uses the anyway up cups too! It annoys me when something so simple and popular is so hard to find!!!
  • Thanks emma, if you see any for £1.99 then let me know as would happily pay for postage on that xxx
  • Ive had a nose on some sites and its says you can get them on ebay.
  • I think we all just no where to look at times,its the mummy instingt(sp)lolimage
  • I couldn't get into boots website earlier. That would be a fab website. my brother has set up website for me to do the pushchair reviews which I need to look into. Searching the unsearchable is also a v.good idea!
  • Yeah that a great idea.

    We could all have our own sections,lol

  • they have got them on the tesco website as well think my tesco still do them
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