sister expecting twins

hi all

just a quick one..

my sister is expecting twins next year any tips on prams, cots and stuff like that would be great




  • Many congrats to her.

    I agree with mel on that for the doubles.

  • Hi Melanie  congrats to your sister

    my advice would be to only buy what she really needs,

    things like moses baskets look nice but when your budgeting for two it can get out of hand with the exspence and i would say they are only needed if the babies are very small and the cot would seem huge

    mummy to little miracles Joshua and Shannon 2 1/2 born at 28weeks

  • Hi Rach,

    Congratulations to your sister and your whole family.  If they are anything like mine they are all  wetting themselves with excitement!  image

    Pram - I (after a lot of research) have opted for the Mountain Buggy Urban Double pram and have bought the double carrycot attachment for it.  I can't tell you if I've made the right choice yet as my little girls haven't arrived yet but I'll keep you  informed once we've used it.   If you want to know my reasons for choosing it and ruling out others I'm happy to tell you but I won't bore you with it otherwise.  

    Carseats - Maxi-Cosi with bases to stay in the car so that the seat just clicks on.  Not the cheapest option but gets excellent reviews for both safety and other features and saves messing around trying to strap both seats in everytime.

    Sleeping - Two cotbeds. One in our room and one in the nursery for now.  Hoping that they will be happy to share the one in our room for the first few months otherwise we're in trouble!    I haven't bothered with moses baskets but will buy some if they don't settle in their cot.

    Chairs -Two bouncy/ vibrating chairs in the hope that I might get a minute to myself (who am I kidding?!?!?!)

    Obviously she will also get two of everything else from other people.  The gifts are rolling in here which is lovely but it looks really freaky with two of everything around the place.

    Hope this is helpful.  


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